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  • Age19
  • Conditionclubfoot
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Crichelle Mae's Story

“I like to dance. It gives me that exhilarating feeling when I am dancing for God. At church, I dance with the tambourine,” says Crichelle.

At second grade, Crichelle already went through casting when she was diagnosed with partial clubf… Read more

“I like to dance. It gives me that exhilarating feeling when I am dancing for God. At church, I dance with the tambourine,” says Crichelle.

At second grade, Crichelle already went through casting when she was diagnosed with partial clubfoot. Unfortunately, casting wasn’t enough and Crichelle needs to go through surgery, so her foot will become fully straight! With her passion for dance, Crichelle looks forward to gracefully dance again with both feet straight when she’s fully healed!

“I’m about to be in senior high and I am excited especially because I have a lot of friends! English is my favorite subject and hopefully I'll become a teacher when I grow up. Recently though, my friends and I want to start a business so I want to manage that and help out on the marketing side too. Through teamwork, I think we can do it!”

So full of excitement and dreams about life, Chrichelle continues to live life with hope as she looks forward to doing all of it clubfoot-free!

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Latest Updates

Jun 16, 2017

Crichelle skipped back to see us recently to get her cast removed. Her sweet smile is still present, which was good to see, but because of timing, we didn’t get to chat about her summer adventures yet.We hope to see her again in September during the follow-up so we can catch up properly! Photo of Crichelle Mae

May 05, 2017

When we entered the ward this morning, we were surprised to see Crichelle’s name erased from the big whiteboard! She was able to skip out early, she’s doing so well. We’ll see her back in mid June, we’re interested to hear about the adventures she’s certain to have, even while in a cast!

May 04, 2017

“It hurts, but I’m OK!” Crichelle confidently declared with a cute giggle this morning. Looking at that big smile, we wouldn’t have guessed she was in any pain at all! She’s being a great sport, and is ecstatic to be done with surgery! Photo of Crichelle Mae

May 03, 2017

"I'm nervous," Crichelle tells us while she's being transported into the OR, but at least it didn't take long for her to get right into surgery. "We were supposed to do an osteotomy on her the last time we saw her, but something happened somewhere in between, her foot doesn't look like it needs that much work anymore. But we'll fix the way she walks on her tip toes!" said Dr. Jun. The tendon and fascia release happened so quick and Dr. Jun didn't waste any time, he wrapped Crichelle's foot in a cast to seal the deal! Photo of Crichelle Mae

May 02, 2017

Crichelle’s favorite subject is English and she’s happy to know that she has English books to read while here at the hospital! She loves reading inspirational books and got to pick one that will keep her occupied while waiting for surgery tomorrow! Photo of Crichelle Mae

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