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  • Age10
  • Conditiona limb deformity
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Neil's Story

“I want my feet to become flat, so I can play basketball and dance!” desires Neil.

While showing his 2nd-grader dance moves, Neil tells us that “I am getting this surgery so I can practice the dance moves and join other activities at s… Read more

“I want my feet to become flat, so I can play basketball and dance!” desires Neil.

While showing his 2nd-grader dance moves, Neil tells us that “I am getting this surgery so I can practice the dance moves and join other activities at school and attend camps through boy scouts.” He’s very sociable and we don’t doubt that he makes a lot of friends in school. He spends a lot of time with his good friend, Yela, who is also his neighbor. He admits that “Yela and I cause trouble, but that’s because we just love to play and run!”

Despite walking on his tiptoes due to tight achilles tendons, Neil is still able to move around. He says, “I can run… really fast!” but confesses that “It is really hard to put my feet flat on the ground. It makes it challenging to go up the stairs. I need to get my mom to help me walk up the stairs all the time.” It is our desire to help Neil move on his own and not need any assistance by providing physical healing. At the same time, we are excited that we get to share the love of Jesus as he goes through healing!

For now, playing with a race car, watching boxing games and keeping up with his puppet shows on TV are on top of Neil’s priority list. We are praying that he gets to enjoy his childhood fully without disability!

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Latest Updates

Jul 28, 2017

Neil cleverly tried reverse psychology on his gaming partners at clinic, wearing a snail hat as if to say, “Don’t worry about me….I’m slow!” He wasn’t slow in their racing game, nor is he slow on his feet! He’s walking well, but still needs to keep stretching his muscles to achieve full flexibility. He’s getting there and we’re so proud of his progress! Unless other issues arise, we won't get to see this smile until next year, but long periods between follow ups mean things are going well! Photo of Neil

Jan 20, 2017

We were missing Neil’s sweet smile today, he was pretty nervous coming in for his follow up. He did great during his cast removal, and clenched his teeth through his first physical therapy session. His ankles were stiff and really sore, but he fought through the pain. When it was all over, he got a well deserved High 5 from Alex. We’re so proud of him for rising above and working through the pain! Photo of Neil

Dec 08, 2016

Neil's corner was the hang out place to be today as the staff from physical therapy, nursing, and spiritual departments came to make sure that Neil is set and ready to go. Oh yes, he's headed home today, and we're sad to let him go so soon especially when he just wants to "play bubbles all the time!" But no worries, he's coming back in a few weeks and hopefully will get his casts taken off! We'll see him early next year! Photo of Neil

Dec 07, 2016

Even though Neil’s super cool personality makes him fun to chat with, we were happy to see him sleeping peacefully today. He’s still having some pain, so we let him rest, but we’re hoping tomorrow he’ll be up for some more hang out time! Photo of Neil

Dec 06, 2016

Neil’s surgery was minor enough that he didn’t even need to enter the operating room. The staff was able to get him hooked up in the recovery area. Dr. Jun poked three small holes in each of Neil’s achilles tendons, and that gave the tendons enough stretch to lay flat. Neil woke up saying he was OK, but dizzy. Part of that is from the anesthesia, and part of it is just his brain trying to take in what’s happening! Please keep the prayers coming, we’re sure he’ll be back to normal in no time! Photo of Neil

Dec 05, 2016

Neil wasted no time getting comfortable in the playroom this morning! He put a puzzle together, only to discover a piece was missing, but it didn’t dampen his spirits. He’s been all smiles all day, we’re hoping the same will be said tomorrow when he has his surgery, please be praying! Photo of Neil

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