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Janus's Story

“I have big dreams for Janus, and I try my best daily to be able to support him and someday be able to send him to school,” shares Janus’ dad, Francisco.

Janus has been a huge help to his dad Francisco’s family of eight. He’s the t… Read more

“I have big dreams for Janus, and I try my best daily to be able to support him and someday be able to send him to school,” shares Janus’ dad, Francisco.

Janus has been a huge help to his dad Francisco’s family of eight. He’s the third out of six siblings and they all contribute to make ends meet by working little side jobs in catering and assisting friends and relatives. Francisco works in a farm while his wife Inday takes care of the rest of the kids at home. It’s true that life has been rough financially for their big family, which is why Janus hasn’t been in school yet. He’s “too shy” to share what he wants to do someday, but he’s reminded that the God that we serve hears his heart’s desires and can do anything that Janus may deem impossible. In fact, God had already shown Janus an example of what that looks like.

A few weeks ago, Janus was involved in a hit and run incident. As he crossed the street on the way home from his relative’s house, a motorcycle hit him, leaving Janus with a broken knee in the middle of the road. Out of shock, Janus got up and ran back to his house! But the situation didn’t get any better. The local hospital didn’t have the supplies needed to treat him, so he waited a couple of days to go to another city where they found out that they couldn’t afford to get him through surgery. “We were worried about my child’s situation. So we asked for help from a government agency who recommended us to Tebow CURE. I can’t be more thankful to know that we will finally get the help that we need!” exclaims Francisco. Well, look at God showing Janus an example that he truly hears Janus’ desires.

“I’d like to be able to play basketball again,”says Janus when we asked him what would be the first thing that he’d like to do when his knee gets fixed. We are honored to be a channel of healing for Janus' knee and we pray that he continues to see God’s love towards him and his family through his healing!

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Latest Updates

Oct 19, 2017

“It looks so much better than I expected!” Dr. Shelley admitted as she cleaned Janus’ surgical incision this morning. Since his hardware removal was such a hassle last week, it was a relief to see his knee is healing well. We’d like to see him back in a week, though, just to be sure everything’s still looking good and is infection free. It’s been a long road for Janus, but please continue to keep him and all our long-term CUREkids in your prayers! Photo of Janus

Oct 11, 2017

It has been a relaxing morning for Janus. He had a huge smile on his face as he waited for the decision to be made whether he gets to go home or not. Nevertheless, he was ready. Once his transportation was in order, he stood up and left the room empty. We will miss him for sure! It was good to hang out with him even for a little time, and we look forward to see him back for a follow-up! Photo of Janus

Oct 10, 2017

Janus was back with us today! It was just to have the wire hardware removed from his knee, since he’s all healed up. Sounds simple enough, but as Dr. Shelley told us, “It’s one of my least favorite procedures.” Hardware removal can be deceptively difficult if the metal pieces are being stubborn, In Janus’ case, the difficulty was compounded by a broken x-ray machine in the operating room! Dr. Shelley was able to navigate by way of Janus’ previous x-rays, and was successful in the end. Thanks for being by Janus’ side through this long journey! Photo of Janus

Mar 30, 2017

Janus was doing so well, we didn't get to see him back until today. He's not back in school yet, but the mentor inside Dr. Jun couldn't help but encourage Janus and his potential. He's doing great and just needs to keep stretching his legs, so he can extend fully. We'll see him back in a few months and check up on his progress, hopefully going to school is part of it! Photo of Janus

Sep 15, 2016

Another rough day for Janus today when we saw that his wounds opened up and have to be stitched back so it can heal well. Dr. Dimples got the needles out and put Janus under anesthesia to ease some pain during the process. It wasn't easy, but Janus got through it. We hope that things are much better when he comes back next week! Photo of Janus

Sep 09, 2016

Janus got to see what's currently holding his knee together. He was amazed to know how that works. However, there's some infection in that area, which is why Dr. Jun stressed the importance of getting it dressed regularly. Once the dressing change was done, which was quite painful for Janus, he had his freedom again and was sent back home! We'll see him again next week just to make sure that his wounds stay clean! Photo of Janus

Aug 26, 2016

Janus teamed up with Adrian again today, and made some big strides towards being mobile. His leg brace is supportive enough that he can walk without crutches as long as he’s comfortable. He was happier than yesterday, experiencing a little more freedom. And speaking of freedom, he’s out of here! Janus headed home today, and we’ll see him in just a few weeks to check his progress. Photo of Janus

Aug 25, 2016

It’s harder than it looks! Janus was working overtime to master his crutches today in physical therapy. Chin and our PT Intern Adrian were giving him pointers, but he was frustrated. A lot of emotions stem from the entire situation, Janus was living a normal teenage life until the accident that he had no control over. But, he’s moving forward with a positive attitude, and dad Francisco reiterated today how grateful they are for Janus’ surgery. Photo of Janus

Aug 24, 2016

If Janus were nervous going into the OR, he sure didn't look like it! He carried a huge smile on his face and seemed at peace to have his procedure. It didn't take too long for him to fall asleep and Dr. Jun dove right into fixing his knee. Janus' patella broke into pieces and had to be put together with pins and wires, which will stay there for 6-8 months as it heals. Thanks for praying! Janus' surgery was a success and we look forward to following his recovery! Photo of Janus

Aug 23, 2016

Janus sits in the lobby as the Spiritual Ministry Team heads up the patient orientation. This will help him understand what he's about to go through at the hospital and what he needs to do after surgery. We understand that not knowing what to do could cause a lot of anxiety to our patients, so we hope that this process will help calm Janus' nerves down before surgery tomorrow! Photo of Janus

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