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Jocy's Story

“I’m excited for surgery. The very first thing I want to do [after surgery] is go to school!” - Jocy.

When you first meet Jocy, she’s a girl of few words, quiet and shy, but when she does warm up, she has no problem speaking her mind… Read more

“I’m excited for surgery. The very first thing I want to do [after surgery] is go to school!” - Jocy.

When you first meet Jocy, she’s a girl of few words, quiet and shy, but when she does warm up, she has no problem speaking her mind! Jocy and her family live about four hours inland from Davao, and the difference is just far enough to put them in a region that speaks Ilonggo, a slightly different dialect than what is spoken here. Dad Joean is a corn farmer, and mom Judith stays at home with Jocy and her two older sisters. Jocy’s aunt Jen lives nearby, and is very close to the family as well.

When Jocy was just 19 months old, a tragic accident changed her life, and the lives of her entire family. One of her sisters was playing with a piece of burning firewood, and placed it near a pillow on the bed. The flame quickly spread to the bed and the mosquito net above, which then spread to the rest of the house, burning it to the ground. The sister escaped with minor burns, but unfortunately Jocy didn’t get out before suffering severe burns to her arms and back. The family rushed her to the doctor, but all the local clinic could do was apply ointment to the burns. Without proper treatment, her burned skin contracted as it healed, and now her arms and hands are severely deformed.

But, despite the deformities, Jocy has found a way to make the best of her situation. She loves to play at home, and is even strong enough to push tires around the yard, one of her favorite activities. She also loves her stuffed animals and loves playing with her sisters, who affectionately call her “baby”. Judith tells us that they never tease her about her arms, saying with a smile, “they know better.” Instead, when that feisty side comes out, Jocy is the one who antagonizes them! We wish we could tell you that everyone follows her sisters’ example and doesn’t tease her, but other kids call her “kuing”, which means “crablike”, due to the permanently bent shape of her arms. Instead of getting upset, she just retorts, “It’s OK, I’m having surgery soon!”

Although she has learned to adapt in remarkable ways, there are still striking limitations in Jocy’s otherwise full life. She struggles with simple tasks like dressing herself and writing, which is the main reason she’s unable to attend school. She would also love to ride a bike, but all this finishes second to her deep desire to go to school.

For the past three years, the family has just accepted that Jocy might never go to school, and might never ride a bike. They had no other hope for her healing until a neighbor told them about CURE. That connection was the link that will change Jocy’s future. We’re looking forward to seeing her go to school, where she’ll no doubt be a future leader!

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Latest Updates

Apr 19, 2017

Since she was doing so well, we haven't heard from Jocy in a while until she and her sister Kaziah dropped by to hang out with Switchfoot, one of our partners who helps support our CURE hospitals. Our doctors took that opportunity to get her arms checked for a follow-up, which was so timely since the keloid scars that formed when Jocy's healing is causing her right arm to contract again. It looks like she's scheduled again for a release, but the next process will not be as extensive as the last one. We'll keep you posted when she comes back! Photo of Jocy

Aug 25, 2016

Dr. “Pastor” Jun was overcome this afternoon while looking at Jocy’s healed arms. “Praise God for this…” was all his shaky voice could manage after he let out a huge sigh. Today’s visit was bittersweet, we’re all so happy to see Jocy healed, but it also means we won’t see her for a while. We’ll miss her intense, serious gaze, and her fun fashion sense! But, we couldn’t be happier to see her healed and able to live life like a normal girl. Thanks for all your prayers for Jocy, you all have been a huge part of her journey! Photo of Jocy

Jul 29, 2016

Jocy has a great routine going during her follow ups! She comes, cries in anticipation, Dr. “Pastor” Jun tries to comfort her, she still cries, and once her dressings are removed, she’s fine and happy! We wish we could omit the crying part, but at least we know that it’s short lived. Her arms are looking so good, they’re healing well, with no sign of infection. She played in the physical therapy room afterward, shoveling sand and working a puzzle. More achievements unlocked! After not using those muscles for years, her strength and dexterity are truly miraculous. Our God heals! Photo of Jocy

Jul 08, 2016

Achievement Unlocked: Coloring and Drawing! Jocy has rediscovered this skill using her freed arms, and she’s taking it on head first. We joked that she might not even need physical therapy, no challenge seems to stand in her way. Jocy goes home today, but we’ll see her back in a few weeks for a dressing change, please pray against any more infection. Photo of Jocy

Jul 07, 2016

“Everyone in our town keeps asking us, “Is that the girl whose arms were stuck?”” Judith told us earlier today. Jocy is getting a lot of attention already, and she’s not even completely healed yet! We think she’ll have quite the testimony to share as she gets older. Judith also told us that Jocy’s crying has stopped, she slept great last night and isn’t in pain. Now that the scary anticipation has passed, yet again, she is all smiles! Photo of Jocy

Jul 06, 2016

Our tough little cookie woke up crying and fussed until surgery time, remembering how sore she was after her last surgery. Yesterday, Dr. Jun and Judith discussed releasing the little toe on her right foot, which also had a small burn contracture. So, Dr. Jun released her toe so it will lay flat, and cleaned up both arms to be on the safe side. Please pray that her infection goes away quickly and stays away! Photo of Jocy

Jul 05, 2016

We love seeing sweet Jocy, we just wish it was outside the walls of the hospital. She is having some swelling on her left arm which can be a sign of infection, so she was admitted today and we’ll take a look tomorrow under anesthesia. Her roommate was crying while having her blood drawn, and it upset Jocy so much, she started crying too! Luckily, CURE U volunteer Caitlin came to the rescue with some stickers, which was enough to distract her and bring her back to her calm, chill self. Photo of Jocy

Jun 30, 2016

This girl is amazing. Simple as that. Jocy came in for a dressing change today, a task that is usually met with a ton of tears and whimpers. Dr. Jun, or as Jocy calls him, “Pastor Jun” (which is pretty close to the truth!) was extra gentle and took his time to keep her calm and happy. Jocy stayed quiet during the entire process, staring in awe at her arm as her new skin was revealed. It’s discolored for now, which is normal, but there is no infection, and all of the grafts are taking well, a huge praise for our healing Father! We’ll see her again in three weeks, and we’ll show you how it’s looking then. Photo of Jocy

Jun 17, 2016

Look who was peeking out from her pillows today! Jocy had a dressing change this morning, which usually causes some soreness, but she keeps reminding us of what a tough cookie she is. She repositioned herself so she was on her back, then showed us how she can now lift both arms. High fives are just around the corner! She’s done so well that she gets to go home today, and we’ll see her back in a few weeks for a dressing change. Photo of Jocy

Jun 16, 2016

We found Jocy swallowed by a pile of pillows this morning, snoozing peacefully. We decided to let her stay that way, but we’re told that when she was awake, she’s been complaining of being itchy, which is totally normal. And, she’s been talking to her sisters on the phone telling them, “My arms are straight!” Lots of excitement for this family! Photo of Jocy

Jun 15, 2016

Jocy was watching “Inside Out” this morning, but fell asleep. As she snoozed away, Judith watched her, and we can’t blame her, she’s one of the cutest little sleepers there is! And, it’s a great sign that she’s comfortable. And by the way, check out those straight arms! We hope Jocy’s crew of emotions doesn’t make too many blue “bad” memories while she's here, because we know that countless yellow “joyful” ones are soon to come! Photo of Jocy

Jun 14, 2016

“See you after lunch!” Dr. Tim semi-jokingly told Dr. Jun as the two headed into separate operating rooms this morning. Dr. Tim had the job of tackling Jocy’s complex surgery, which we knew would take most of the day. Dr. Jun finished well ahead, and joined Dr. Tim in the unenviable task of cutting, managing skin grafts, inserting pins, and a whole lot of stitching. It’s been a long day for everyone, but seeing the doctors gently lift Jocy’s arms in victory at the end of surgery has made it so worth it! Photo of Jocy

Jun 13, 2016

This sweet little gal arrived today and was getting acquainted with the playroom thanks to Ella, our Children's Mentor. After watching some Veggie Tales, she got settled into the ward, and now her family is preparing for tomorrow's operation! Prayers appreciated! Photo of Jocy

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