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Precious's Story

“Dear Jesus, please fix my feet so I can walk,” prays Precious.

And all the ladies say, “awww…” Just look at that adorable face! Okay, men, you can say that too. But Precious' parents couldn’t think of a better name for their fir… Read more

“Dear Jesus, please fix my feet so I can walk,” prays Precious.

And all the ladies say, “awww…” Just look at that adorable face! Okay, men, you can say that too. But Precious' parents couldn’t think of a better name for their first child! She’s such a sweet little girl who talks like an adult! She doesn’t hesitate to let her parents know what she wants. She says, “I want to be able to go to school, walk, wear high heels, and run!” And let’s not forget her ultimate desire to wear a pair of sandals with Frozen characters! She talks a lot and knows a lot of words for a toddler!

Precious was born with a tight achilles tendon on both feet, but she moves non-stop and walks steady while holding onto something. Christopher says, “Precious made us a family” and both him and Maricel are thankful to have a daughter like her. They really worked hard to get her feet fixed, even when it took months of costly physical therapy sessions and herbal doctor visits to other cities. Feeling frustrated with the results of everything that they tried to do, Christopher was relieved with one Google search about Precious’ disability when the Tebow CURE Hospital appeared to be the solution to their situation.

Maricel wants Precious to be able to go to school and not be bullied by the way she walks. We want the same thing for her too, which is why we’re thankful that God used us as the answer to Precious' prayers. Precious will start her healing journey here at CURE and we’re praying for God’s healing hand on her procedure!

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Latest Updates

Jan 11, 2018

Precious and a bright pink glittery ball gown. Can you think of a better combination?! Precious came for a follow up today, and got to pick out a dress from She paraded around the playroom, posed like there was no tomorrow, and told us she was practicing for Miss Universe, even though “I’m still just a kid”, meaning she has years to prepare. She’s still walking with a limp, but the course of action is the same as a few months ago, keep stretching and have her focus on how she’s walking to retrain her brain. But we think there might a little magic in that gown, she seemed to have a little more spring in her step while wearing it! Photo of Precious

Aug 11, 2017

It's always sweet to be reunited with old friends! Precious took our "orders" and "washed" dishes while waiting for clinic. Although Precious is walking better, there's still some stiffness in her legs that needs to be constantly stretched so she can reach her goal of being able to walk straight and upright. Now, there might be a chance that she'll have surgery again because of the constant tightness in her lower limbs, but we don't expect that procedure to happen for about five years from now. But despite her unsteady gait, she's still unstoppable and shows us that she can be all over the place!

Mar 09, 2017

Precious was back for a follow up, and guess what…she’s walking! Like, really, legitimately walking! She’s still a bit wobbly, but we’re blown away by her progress. We’re so incredibly proud of her! We had some high school students from the local international school visiting today, and she and Han Do hit it off. She’s still a little nervous around Candy, but Han Do did his best to establish a friendship between the two! YouTube link:

Dec 15, 2016

Miss Sassy Pants was back for her cast removal! She was in the playroom with one of the hospital’s dolls, whom she previously named “Baby Ambot”, which means “I don’t know”. When we got down to take her picture, she kept saying with a wry grin, “no, no, no!” but finally succumbed to our charm and flashed us her cute grin. She’ll continue with physical therapy, we’re hoping that this most recent surgery will make it easier for her. Photo of Precious

Nov 17, 2016

So many sweet smiles from Precious this week! She got a little emotional when Nurse Nadine came to check her bandages, but they’re nice and clean, so she didn’t need to have them replaced. She gave her ponies a huge hug out of relief. Nadine packed up some extra bandages for her to take home, and she’s headed that way now! We’ll see her back next month, when she’ll resume working towards her goal of walking unassisted, let’s keep cheering Precious on! Photo of Precious

Nov 16, 2016

"Are these all my stickers?" screamed Precious out of excitement. We think that we don't need to explain how happy she was just by that huge grin. Thanks to stickers, candy, and crayons, all is well with Precious and she's ready to go home soon! Photo of Precious

Nov 15, 2016

Well wouldn’t you know it…Precious looks adorable when she’s sleeping too! She was the first surgery up this morning, and by the time we got to her she was done and sleeping peacefully under a big heated “marshmallow” blanket. The doctors loosened the tendons in her knees and hips this time around, which unfortunately came with a bigger cast. But, it’ll be short lived and worth it when she’s running in the future! Photo of Precious

Nov 14, 2016

Precious is back! She wouldn't give us her trademark duck lips and peace sign pose, apparently that's soooo six months ago. Ella brought her some coloring supplies, and she preferred to pose with the box or crayons instead. No matter how she poses, she's just too adorable! She'll have another small surgery tomorrow to loosen her tight tendons a little more, which will get her closer to walking on her own. Please be praying! Photo of Precious

Oct 27, 2016

Precious has had a lot of improvement since we last saw her. We were excited to see her back as she chatters away in the playroom. However, she hasn't reached her goal to walking without completely being thrown off balance yet. We found out that her achilles tendons are not the only ones that need lengthening, but the tendons on her hips and knees need it as well. She's coming back next month for her scheduled surgery and we pray that this will completely get her to her goal! Photo of Precious

Jul 21, 2016

Well, look who got her fancy shoes as promised! Precious is walking great while hanging onto something, but her legs slowly “shrink” as she gets tired. Physical Therapist Chin encouraged her to stand independently and count to ten to work on her balance and strength. She impressed us by counting to ten all by herself, in English even! We’ll check back in with her in a few months to see how she doing! Photo of Precious

May 26, 2016

With her hair braided just like she wanted, Precious is back for a follow-up! The process of removing her casts was a little nerve wracking for her, which you would understand why if you heard the loud sound that goes off once the cast cutter gets switched on. Precious' little feet are so much lighter now that the casts are off though and then she was ready to go home! But before she "peaced out" of the hospital, she spent time in physical therapy playing with blocks while standing on her feet. Since she's young and playful, we think that she won't have a problem moving around at home at all, but we ask that you continue to pray for her as she learns how to stand and walk without losing her balance! Photo of Precious

Apr 21, 2016

Precious was having a bit of a fit in the playroom earlier, because Maricel was braiding her hair. Scratch that…Precious was having a fit because she WANTED Maricel to braid her hair, and even once she started, the tears continued without explanation. Just a reminder that toddlers are the same, no matter where they are in the world! A while after Maricel was done and all was right in the world again, Precious listened to some stories with Ella, then headed home since she’s been discharged. We’ll see her again in a few weeks! Photo of Precious

Apr 20, 2016

We know it's a smooth procedure when Dr. Tim hums tunes as he works through a surgery. He started with Precious' right foot and then went on to the left one. Since achilles tendon release is a quick process, it took longer to put Precious under anesthesia compared to the release itself. Maricel waited behind the curtain and was able to see Precious right after her surgery! Now, all of that is behind her and Precious is one step closer to buying her new pair of Frozen sandals! Photo of Precious

Apr 19, 2016

Oh how cute! We think Precious got tired of us asking if we could take a picture of her and she finally gave us a good one with a duck face and peace sign to get it over with. After that, she quickly jumped right back into playing and “cooking” in the playroom. She’s really excited to be here, not just to play, but also get surgery so she can finally buy a new pair of Frozen sandals! Precious is scheduled to go into surgery tomorrow and we ask that you cover her with prayers! Photo of Precious

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