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  • Age12
  • Conditiona limb deformity
  • Next Appointment 06/27/2019

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Kim's Story

“I pray that we will become rich and my hand and leg will be healed,” prays Kim.

Kim gets the special treatment in the family since he’s the youngest, almost kind of “spoiled”, as his mom Elvie would say. We think it’s Elvie’s … Read more

“I pray that we will become rich and my hand and leg will be healed,” prays Kim.

Kim gets the special treatment in the family since he’s the youngest, almost kind of “spoiled”, as his mom Elvie would say. We think it’s Elvie’s way of saying that Kim is really loved by his family and relatives. He appears really quiet at first but flashes a quick smile as he’s watching other people, eventually he warms up and becomes the ultimate playmate to any kid on the block! Some kids are surprised to see his deformity when they first see Kim’s half-leg and deformed hand, which he hides by wearing long pants despite the warm weather. But to those who have known him for awhile, they know that he’s quick in his thoughts and in his actions!

Born with a disability, Kim didn’t think that school was an option for him. It’s one of his ways to keep his bullies away. But even if some of his limbs didn’t grow normally, Kim excels in his mental capacity, learning how to read and write using basic computer skills that he’s continuously learning. But it won’t be long now until Kim starts going to school. After surgery, he will be fitted for a prosthetic that will allow him to walk and run like the other kids in school. But since he’s already smart and advanced in technology, it’s clear that he won’t have a hard time being a student in school!

Elvie hopes that Kim will get an education that’ll lead him to his future career. And we already know that God heard Kim’s prayers, granting his desire to heal his hand and leg. Although we can’t promise that we’d be the answer to his other prayer to become rich, we believe that the God who will bring healing to Kim will give him an abundant life that is worth living!

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Latest Updates

May 02, 2019

So almost three years ago to the day, Kim and his family had a visitor, another CURE patient named Klyde who wore a prosthetic. Kim had just undergone his first surgery, preparing his leg for his. She answered all their questions, and showed them how hers worked. Today in the playroom, Kim answered the same questions for some of the moms, especially John’s mom Charrilyn (in the purple and black shirt). John has a similar condition as Kim, and will receive his first prosthetic soon. Kim was here for a follow up, but being here gave him the opportunity to pass on his knowledge and experience! Photo of Kim

Mar 21, 2019

A box of bananas and mangoes came into our hospital with Kim today. It's their "thank you and the least they can do" for all that we've done to help him. He also brought in another patient from their hometown to get treated with clubfoot. We, in turn, sent him away with good news that his stump is healing really well and also with a couple of bandage packs with him! Hopefully, the swelling goes down in a month and he will be ready for his prosthesis fitting! Photo of Kim

Mar 14, 2019

“I still have pain, but it’s OK. I got this!” Kim told us right before he got up using crutches! It’s amazing to see how courageous he’s become. With his boldness, we know that he’s going to push through this recovery process until he’s ready to be fitted for a prosthesis. Kim adjusted to using crutches just fine and will be moving around with them for now as he heads home today. He’ll check in with us next week so we can see how his wound is healing!” Photo of Kim

Mar 13, 2019

"Can I have the exact same medicine like the last time?" Kim asked the nurses. Apparently the pain medicine that he took after his past procedure three years ago responded faster than the one he's currently taking. Kim's getting a little impatient for the medicine to respond but his dad gave him the analogy of a chili pepper––"you don't feel the spice right away after the bite, just like you don't feel the pain to go right away after taking the medicine." Thankfully, there's a playroom distraction for him and the rest of the boys in the ward as he waits for the medicine's full effect! Photo of Kim

Mar 12, 2019

Kim told us yesterday that he wasn’t nervous for surgery, since he’s been though it before. His leg bone was trimmed back so it no longer pushes on the base, which is the “quick” part. The time consuming step was stitching the area closed again. We have an amazing nursing staff in the operating room, including nurses Daphne and Ton Ton. The duo finished closing Kim’s leg so the doctors could proceed to their next cases, we’re thankful for such a strong team who is willing to do the hard tasks! Photo of Kim

Mar 11, 2019

“He’s a young man now!” Kim’s dad laughed as we worked overtime to get him to look up from his phone. Part of becoming a young man is growing physically, which in Kim’s case, means that his leg bone is pushing on the bottom of his leg, making it painful to wear his prosthetic. He has been out of school for a few months because of this issue, but school’s out for the Summer, allowing him to have surgery. Hopefully he’ll be healed by the time school starts again, and we’re happy to help get him back into the classroom! Photo of Kim

Jan 10, 2019

We can’t believe it’s been almost three years since Kim stopped by! We almost didn’t recognize him today during our sweet reunion. He’s in 1st grade and loves going to school. The first time he came, kids bullied him to the point that he didn’t want to go to school at all. He’s grown taller, which means it’s about time for a stump revision. Kim will come back for another surgery, so he can have another prosthesis that will fit perfectly! Because of your continuous support to Tebow CURE, we are able to offer sustainable help to kids like Kim! Photo of Kim

Aug 04, 2016

Look who's standing up high and tall?!? After patiently waiting for a couple months, Kim finally got fitted for his prosthesis and he's walking in it like a pro! He showed us how to wrap the stump after putting his leg on and we were all just excited to see him move so independently. And since his fingers had been separated through surgery, Kim can now grab more things than he's ever done before! Plus, there's one more- the tendon transfer procedure that was performed to fix his clubfoot was a success and Kim is now clubfoot free! We witnessed so much evidence of God's healing hands during Kim's visit today! Thank you for partnering with us in prayer throughout this process! Photo of Kim

Jun 10, 2016

Lots of good news to share today about Kim's healing! One, Kim is now able to move his hand slowly but surely, although he wasn't comfortable about letting anyone take the bandage off, so we put his dad to work. Two, his final cast came off which required him to wear an AFO brace to keep the healed foot in the right place. And finally, the amputated leg is healing well but not healed enough to go and get it fitted for a prosthesis just yet. He's getting there though, and just needs to be patient for a few weeks more! Photo of Kim

May 19, 2016

“Are you almost done?!?!” Kim whimpered as Dr. Reyes replaced the cast on his foot. He has been one tough cookie, but having 75% of your limbs tinkered with in one day is draining. His hand had a few small signs of infection, but nothing a good wash up won’t solve. He can now start learning to “pinch” things, where before he had basically no use of that hand. He’ll wear the cast on his clubfoot for one more month, and then he’ll have that off too. Photo of Kim

May 02, 2016

Thanks for praying for Kim! He stayed over the weekend since he was still in a lot of pain. But we thank God that the pain went down and he was ready to go home! We'll catch him when he gets back for a follow-up, but until then, please keep him in your prayers!

Apr 29, 2016

We’re really feeling for Kim today. He was handling everything OK yesterday, but today has been rough. His amputation spot is really tender, and he and his parents are trying everything to distract him from the pain. We read a Get Well letter that arrived for Kim, which helped for a few minutes, but he still needs a lot of prayers! Photo of Kim

Apr 28, 2016

Kim and his family had a perfectly timed visitor today! Klyde, a past CURE patient who has always worn a prosthesis, happened to be here visiting another patient who is a friend of hers. Klyde spent some time with Kim’s family, showing them how her prosthesis worked, and told about all the things she can do because of it. It was incredibly sweet watching her patiently answer all of their questions, letting them know it would all be OK. Kim is sore today, but he had a lot done, and can use a lot of prayer! Photo of Kim

Apr 27, 2016

There was a crowd of medical staff assisting and watching Kim's surgery. He went through a tendon transfer on the left leg and an amputation on the right. The procedure on his left hand was quite complicated where we got to separate some fingers so he can use his hand to grab things. All the procedures combined took a long time just as expected. But now that's all over, Kim is back in the ward resting! Photo of Kim

Apr 26, 2016

Kim is at Tebow CURE! He’s a little nervous about having surgery but mostly excited because this has been an answer to his prayers! He got settled in after admission and Nurse Rejoice took care of his vitals, making sure that everything is OK! After all that was done, Kim went up to the playroom and forgot all the nerves about tomorrow’s surgery while playing ball! So while he’s up having fun, please be playing for Kim as he gets ready for his procedure in the morning! Photo of Kim

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