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Jea's Story

“After having a son, I was so excited to have twin girls!” - Jea’s mom Juliet.

Juliet was “doubly blessed” after having son Jasser when she gave birth to Jea and her twin sister Janna. But, the family has been faced with twice the … Read more

“After having a son, I was so excited to have twin girls!” - Jea’s mom Juliet.

Juliet was “doubly blessed” after having son Jasser when she gave birth to Jea and her twin sister Janna. But, the family has been faced with twice the challenges when both girls developed bowed legs. Juliet first noticed it when the girls were about a year old and started walking, and it progressively worsened. Financial constraints prevented the family from ever seeking help, until they heard about CURE.

While Jea and Janna are nearly identical on the outside, their personalities, like a lot of twins, are quite different. Jea is confident and outgoing, what most would call the “loud one” of the duo. Janna says something she loves about Jea is that “she’s really good in drawing.” Jea likes drawing animals, and after school she likes to play, especially on her computer tablet. She has a plethora of friends, including her best friends Kyla and Eileen, but she says it’s a secret as to why they’re BFFs.

Juliet’s biggest dream for both girls is for them to finish school. Jea will start the 5th grade soon, and while she likes going, Juliet hasn’t allowed the girls to attend extracurricular activities because other kids tease them. The teasing comes mainly from the boys, and it’s hurtful, so they just stay around people who care about them. Juliet says that once they are healed, they can start attending more events outside of school.

We imagine raising twins is difficult, and Juliet admits it comes with challenges, but she loves it. Husband Joel had a stroke and is currently not working, so the family relies on his disability benefits. The financial strain is hard, but they make it work. Juliet stays at home, keeping up with her mischievous girls and is a full time job in itself!

When Jea grows up, she wants to be a nurse. Here’s hoping she learns some tips while at CURE, and that she doesn’t give our nurses too hard of a time! It’ll be an adventure having these girls around!

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Latest Updates

Oct 26, 2017

You may wonder how we can tell the twins, Jea and Janna, apart. Well, this face usually gives it away. Both girls are incredibly fun and goofy, but Jea’s almost always the first one to bring out the silly faces! Jea’s legs are completely straight, but when she stands, her legs still appear slightly bowed. She and Janna spent some time in physical therapy to learn some stretches to strengthen their core, hips, and upper legs, which is where the weakness is happening. This is yet another task for them to work on over the next few months! Photo of Jea

Aug 24, 2017

Jea and her signature "peace signs" are back as she continues to surprise us with much improvement in her healing! She's walking without assistance but needs to continue exercising, which will not be a problem since she's moving non-stop! Jea and her sister Janna have really been through a lot, but they continue to stay strong as they keep going toward being fully healed! Photo of Jea

Jul 13, 2017

Jea’s using a walker to get around, and tells us she’s having some pain, but her surgery was just one month ago today, so that’s expected! The fact that she’s walking at all is remarkable, but she and twin sister Janna are truly remarkable girls. The pair spent most of the morning in the playroom, even after they were done with their checkups! We'll see both girls in a few months, and hope to show you all the "final" after pictures! Photo of Jea

Jun 16, 2017

Jea’s sass was in full force today when she told Nurse Jhun to “hurry up!” as her dressing was getting changed. She promised that she’ll clean it though while she’s at home since she’s getting discharged soon. Thank you for keeping Jea in your prayers! Photo of Jea

Jun 15, 2017

After a few minutes of chit chat today, Jea looked at our camera and said in perfect English, with some added perfect sass, “Well, get on with it!” She was ready to give us another classic “Jea Pose”, then asked again where Ella was. She’ll be going home soon, where she and Janna will be reunited to keep each other company as they heal. Photo of Jea

Jun 14, 2017

Dr. Cruz obviously struck the right nerve yesterday before surgery, because Jea was back to her lively self today! There’s a little pain, but her biggest complaint was she was bored, and asked us to go find Children’s Mentor Ella to provide some entertainment. But until she arrived, she self entertained by giving us her trademark “wacky” poses. Photo of Jea

Jun 13, 2017

It was a long day in the operating room, and Jea was the last to go in. The day was almost over by the time she came down, so we’ll give you more details tomorrow! But here’s the first step, Dr. Cruz and Nurse Chris teamed up to make sure that Jea’s surgery will go completely unnoticed by her, giving her a nerve block and anesthesia. Please be praying for both girls as they’re recovering from surgery! Photo of Jea

Jan 20, 2017

There are still some concerns as to why Jea (in black) and her twin sister (in blue) Janna's legs still look bowed. So Dr. Jun had to show them the X-ray that the bones are straight, but since they have lived with bowed legs for so long, the muscles and tendons around are not used to it yet. We're still hoping to correct that through PT as they strengthen their leg muscles. But of course, what's a PT sessions with these two without their silly shenanigans, right? We'll keep track on their progress and will keep you posted! Photo of Jea

Oct 27, 2016

We're not sure if Jea was ecstatic to see Dr. Tim again or just really giddy to finally get a hold of a sucker. But we think it's because she won't actually need to have surgery again! At least not for now, the bend is mostly at the bottom part of her leg which will most likely correct itself as she continues to grow. We'll observe for a couple months and decide early next year if we still need to push through another procedure! Photo of Jea

Oct 20, 2016

Here's Jea and her signature peace sign pose! Although it's not new to her, she's looking all happy for a girl receiving the news that she's coming back for another surgery. It's because this is another step to take to get her legs straight. There's definitely some improvement since the last time she came, but she's not done yet! Jea and her twin Janna will be back soon to be admitted for surgery, so please be praying as they start preparing! Photo of Jea

Aug 18, 2016

Jea was showing us her best supermodel walk down in PT this afternoon, always showing off her silly side! It usually takes kids a while to muster up the courage to walk on their new legs, but neither girl wanted to waste any time getting on their feet. Both girls still have some bend, but it should continue to correct over time, progress is always slow and steady. We’ll see them back in October, and will update you all then! Photo of Jea

Jul 08, 2016

In typical fashion, Jea chatted almost nonstop while Nurse Jun removed her cast. After watching twin sister Janna have her casts removed, Jea knew what to expect and was totally chill about the whole thing. Her legs are looking incredibly straight, but we still want to give her some stability while she starts standing and taking steps, so she got another set of shorter casts. We’ll see the pair back soon for their final cast removal! Photo of Jea

Jun 03, 2016

We got to see the wonder twins today! Jea and Janna came in for their follow up appointment, and although their x-rays showed that it’s too soon to take their casts off, we were happy to get a dose of their energy! While they waited for their x-ray results, Jea and Janna “danced” around in their wheelchairs, not even casts can keep them down. We’ll see them the first week in July, when hopefully they will be ready to lose their casts! Photo of Jea

May 02, 2016

It was a little quieter this morning in the ward without Jea here to liven things up! She and Janna were discharged over the weekend, and will no doubt find some fun ways to occupy themselves as they continue to heal at home. They are definitely creative when it comes to figuring out ways to have fun! Thanks for your continued prayers!

Apr 29, 2016

Jea was down in the recovery area first thing this morning getting a fresh new set of casts. We’re not used to seeing this girl so quiet! She was under some sedation, so while she appeared awake, she was off in Lala Land. We got a quick look at her legs while her casts were off, and she’s looking great, thanks for all the prayers! Photo of Jea

Apr 28, 2016

Jea had the full attention of both of our physical therapists this morning, Chin and Alex. She can’t do much yet, but they were able to get her into a sitting position for a while. She is doing so incredible, she’s sore but not complaining much at all. It’s not fun being stuck in bed, but she’s making the best of it! Photo of Jea

Apr 27, 2016

Jea came into the operating room with a big grin, and waved at her sister Janna in the recovery area as she passed through. Janna was fast asleep, but that didn’t stop her from saying hi. Dr. Tim made sure to do almost exactly the same procedure on both girls, joking that he didn’t want any competition as to whose turned out better. Jea’s all done and in recovery now, so far both girls are handling their post op time extremely well, please pray that their recovery continues this smoothly! Photo of Jea

Apr 25, 2016

This is the essence of Jea! We were taking “before” pictures of her, and this is her natural pose, ready for the runway! Her temperature was up just a touch this afternoon, so the nurses are monitoring her this evening. Please be praying that everything is clear before surgery tomorrow. And please be praying for her sister Janna, who also has surgery tomorrow! Photo of Jea

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