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Janna's Story

“When I grow up, I want to be a police woman!” - Janna.

Janna and her twin sister Jea share a lot of things. They have the same mischievous grin and crazy energy level. They both love to climb on and tease their older brother Jasser, and… Read more

“When I grow up, I want to be a police woman!” - Janna.

Janna and her twin sister Jea share a lot of things. They have the same mischievous grin and crazy energy level. They both love to climb on and tease their older brother Jasser, and both protest loudly when he claims that he helps out with them. Unfortunately, they also share a physical problem, severely bowed legs. Mom Juliet noticed the problem when the girls began walking at about a year old, but the high cost of medical treatment kept the family from ever finding help. They were thrilled to find out that CURE could finally help heal Janna and Jea!

Most twins have the stereotype of one being “loud and outgoing”, the other bring “quiet and shy.” In this case, well, the stereotype holds. Janna is more quiet and serious, but don’t ever mistaken her for being shy! She is very chatty and bouncy just like her sister, but prefers quieter activities such as writing and studying. Jea also brags on Janna’s singing, saying she’s really good.

Janna is starting the 5th grade soon. She has a lot of friends at school, Kirby, Kimberly, Kyla, and Peter John, just to name a few. She and Jea also get along great, almost too great, which leads to a lot of playful trouble, but they have their own friends. Juliet’s biggest desire is for both girls to finish school, and it looks like they’re well on their way. One part of school that they’re missing out on is extracurricular activities. The girls are teased by some of the boys at school, so they don’t like to hang around when they don’t have to.

Juliet’s husband Joel recently stopped working due to a stroke, so the family is relying on his disability benefits for their income. Juliet stays at home, and even though she says financially it’s tough raising three kids, she loves having two girls. After having son Jasser, she prayed for a girl, and got more than she expected! Even if sometimes “they’re a bit naughty!” We think they just love to keep life interesting!

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Latest Updates

Oct 26, 2017

Janna, along with twin sister Jea, spent some time in physical therapy today learning some resistance stretches to build their cores, which will help them stand completely straight. It’s been over a year since their first surgery, and they’re still working hard on their healing. They’re a great reminder that our CUREkids need backing for a long time after they have surgery, so we thank you for your faithfulness in supporting and praying for these kids! Photo of Janna

Aug 24, 2017

Janna continues to show how good she's been doing and even has X-ray images to show as proof! All that to say, there's really no stopping her from moving! Janna and her twin sister Jea walked around the hospital today, looking out every window and peeking through every door that they saw! We are thankful for all of your support throughout her journey! Photo of Janna

Jul 13, 2017

Janna’s walking unassisted, just one month after surgery! Twin sister Jea is still using a walker, but Janna has set the bar high for her! Both girls are doing amazing, and reminded us today to take time out to play and make believe, no matter our ages! Photo of Janna

Jun 16, 2017

Not so angry Janna is playing Angry Birds! She’s trying to pass time while waiting for her discharge papers to get processed. She’s going home today and will finally be reunited with her twin sister after a full week! Photo of Janna

Jun 15, 2017

"I have a little headache," shares Janna with a huge smile on her face. It's better than having pain on her leg, which she hasn't complained about today. So we prayed and encouraged her about how much her legs have improved since the first time she came. Then, the conversation went on to talking about Princess Elsa, her favorite Frozen character. She says, "My sister and I love that movie!" Being in separate rooms, Janna misses seeing Jea, but we hope it will be soon that the twins get reunited again when they get discharged! Photo of Janna

Jun 14, 2017

Juliet was a busy mom today, tending to both Janna and Jea! And to complicate things, the girls were in different wards, just to eliminate any possible chance of a mix up. But, Janna didn’t need too much attention, she’s doing awesome today! She was sitting up, eating, watching TV, and told us that she’s hurting, but quickly added “it’s ok though!” We think one look at her straight legs and she knew that any pain she’s feeling right now is totally worth it! Photo of Janna

Jun 13, 2017

“Well, one of the twins has straight legs!” Dr. Shelley told Dr. Tim after she and Dr. Jun performed another surgery on Janna this morning. She and Jea are both back for surgery, and just like last time, she was up first. It took all hands on deck and a whole lot of equipment, but three bone cuts, two SIGN nails, and a lot of stitching later, and now Janna’s legs are almost perfectly straight! Photo of Janna

Jan 20, 2017

In response to the Miss Universe contestants being in town and right next to the mall close to the hospital, Janna (in blue) and Jea (in black) wave to their supporters as they push through physical therapy. They will continue to strengthen the muscles around their bones to help correct the bowed structure in time. Their PT catwalk was also their way to practice as they walk on the red carpet next month. Janna and Jea will be part of our Night to Shine event as we celebrate God's love for people with special needs! Photo of Janna

Oct 27, 2016

Okay, if you follow Janna and her twin sister Jea's updates, it could be confusing because they look completely alike but have completely different personalities. This time though, they also got the same news that they won't be needing another surgery soon and will continue to be under observation until early next year. The hope is to see the bottom part of her legs correct themselves as she grows. So please be praying and we'll touch base again early next year! Photo of Janna

Oct 20, 2016

It looks like Janna has recovered well as we saw her walk around the hospital without any assistive device. This only means she's ready for another surgery, which is no surprise to her. Janna had a severe case of bowed legs and wasn't able to be fixed by one procedure alone, so this is the next step to getting those straight legs. Dr. Badjun kept a picture to share with Dr. Tim as he comes back from the States to perform her surgery soon! Photo of Janna

Aug 18, 2016

Janna got to be first up again for her cast removal today, but now she’s done! She didn’t waste any time getting on her feet and walking in PT, sharing the bars with twin sister Jea. It got a little competitive, which might help them recover even faster. There is still some bend to both girls’ legs, but some physical therapy will help with that. We’ll keep an eye on them in the coming months, and will see them back in October. Photo of Janna

Jul 08, 2016

“Does it hurt? Wow, it’s straight!” twin sister Jea exclaimed as she watched Janna’s casts come off. Janna got to go first, so Jea got see the whole process before it was her turn. Janna was happiest to have her casts off because her legs itched really bad! But, it was only short lived, she got a new set that only go to her ankles, so she can work on standing and walking. And yes, her legs are looking really straight! Photo of Janna

Jun 03, 2016

We were happy to get our twins fix today when Janna and Jea came in to liven things up! They teased older brother Jasser while they waited for their x-rays, then slowed down long enough to watch some TV. And, they still had smiles even when they found out they still need to wait one more month to have their casts removed. Their bones are growing back great, but Dr. Reyes wants to see just a little more progress. By then we’ll need another visit from them too, and we’re already looking forward to it! Photo of Janna

May 02, 2016

Janna was discharged over the weekend, and will continue to rest and recover at home. Please be praying for her, and also for mom Juliet, who will be juggling two girls in casts for the next several weeks! Pray for grace and provision, and that God will give her more than she needs. We'll see both girls back in the beginning of June!

Apr 29, 2016

Twins are used to doing a lot together, but we’re not sure if Janna ever expected to be side by side with her sister on this kind of journey! Both Jea (left) and Janna (right) had cast changes today, and looked super cute lying side by side afterwards. They’ll spend the rest of today relaxing, and will head home soon. Photo of Janna

Apr 28, 2016

We almost had to pull a classic twin switcheroo to get an update picture of Janna today! She slept almost all day, so we joked that we should substitute a picture of Jea instead. Fortunately, Janna finally woke up, and was full of smiles, so here she is, we promise it’s her! She’s not quite ready to get up and move around, so she was playing on her cell phone earlier to pass the time. Photo of Janna

Apr 27, 2016

Janna drew the short straw this morning, so she got to be the practice surgery for her sister Jea’s later in the day! That was the joke in the operating room, but in all reality, both Dr. Jun and Dr. Tim have had more practice than they’ll ever need. The pair of doctors put several cuts in Janna’s tibias in order to straighten her crooked bones, and now both legs are straight! The first thing Janna did when she awoke from surgery was to peek under her sheet at her legs, followed by a huge cheesy grin. We think she’s happy with the result! Photo of Janna

Apr 25, 2016

Janna, in yellow, and Jea had a fun time taking pictures with us this afternoon in the hospital lobby, they drew quite a crowd, but they were unfazed. It’s nothing new for them, they attract attention no matter where they go, and that won’t change once they heal. Their personalities just draw people to them, they are too fun! Janna’s surgery is tomorrow, please be praying for both girls! Photo of Janna

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