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  • Age4
  • Conditiona limb deformity
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Jean's Story

“My hope and dream for Jean is to be able to finish school and become a better person.”- Jean’s mom Analina.

Being Analina’s youngest child of four, Jean is an adorable and care-free kind of little girl. Once you get in touch with… Read more

“My hope and dream for Jean is to be able to finish school and become a better person.”- Jean’s mom Analina.

Being Analina’s youngest child of four, Jean is an adorable and care-free kind of little girl. Once you get in touch with Jean’s playful side, she gives out her giggles and adorable babble noises freely since she’s still in the speech development stage. Analina says Jean gets a little sassy at times and makes sure that whatever Jean wants is made known, but Jean also loves to cuddle with her mama, which makes Analina forget all of Jean’s stubborn character.

The cause still remains unknown on why her disorder exists, but Jean was born with amniotic band syndrome. After Analina delivered Jean at a local hospital, they were told to come back to see what the doctors could do for the amniotic band. But since they didn’t have enough money to travel or even pay for other clinic visits, Jean wasn’t able to visit the doctor again until her foot started swelling and had developed an infection inside. Jean initially had surgery on her right foot at another hospital, but the procedure wasn’t enough to stop the swelling. And being concerned about her child’s situation, Analina took Jean back to the same hospital where they were referred to come see us here at Tebow CURE.

With Jean’s dad, Joel, working as a coconut tree climber (sounds cool and dangerous at the same time) and Analina staying at home and taking care of all the kids, they hope for our prayers and support for Jean’s surgery. We’re glad that Jean and Analina are here with us and we are excited to see what God has in store for this family!

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Latest Updates

Jun 09, 2016

Jean has been officially released! Her foot has gone down to normal size except for recently when she fell that caused a bit of swelling. Dr. Jun gave her compression socks that will help the swelling go down, but other than that, she’s doing OK! Although we’re not sure if she can forgive Dr. Jun from trying to sneak a bite from her rice cake, we made sure that she’s welcome to come back in case something else comes up! Thank you so much for praying for our precious Jean! Photo of Jean

May 05, 2016

We somehow missed Jean when she came in a couple months ago to get her bandages off, and it almost happened again this time! So we apologize for leaving you hanging, but thankfully, we caught them when they slipped out of the clinic room today! Jean’s foot has been doing well and the swelling has gone down a whole lot since her surgery. We’ll keep an eye on her and her progress when she checks in again and we’ll definitely try not to miss out on her update next time! Photo of Jean

Jan 14, 2016

Jean was making us all laugh this morning with her enthusiastic approach to popping bubbles, it was a full body effort. We got to see her smile return, one more time before going home this afternoon! We’ll see her back in about three weeks, and will update you all then, thanks for following Jean’s progress! Photo of Jean

Jan 13, 2016

Jean wasn’t full of smiles today, but she wasn’t crying either, we’ll take it! She was playing with a toy truck, spinning the wheels with her bandaged hand, so that’s a good sign her pain levels are low. She was a bit fussy and wanted the cast off of her foot last night, it’s really hard and confusing for a one year old to process what’s going on. So all that said, she’s doing fine. Please keep her in your prayers, that she continues her rapid improvement! Photo of Jean

Jan 12, 2016

This morning, Dr. Tim and Dr. Jun cut a zig zag pattern to release Jean’s amniotic band, then placed a tourniquet on her leg to drain some of the fluid that had built up over time. Dr. Tim says her foot should return to normal size over time, now that the fluids in her body can properly circulate, and not get “stuck” under the band. Since her hand is so tiny, they made shallow incisions that will give her three fingers to grip with, and as she gets older, they might be able to deepen them a bit. But, if too much is done too soon, the skin can die. So far, she’s off to a good start! Photo of Jean

Jan 11, 2016

Our Kid’s Mentor, Cyra, is wearing a lot of hats this month! She is also a registered nurse, and while we’re short handed, she’s filling in on the ward floor. But, her playful mood hasn’t been deterred at all! She blew bubbles for Jean earlier, who absolutely loved them! Jean is settling in well, giving high 5’s and lots of smiles to the staff, not at all phased by her new surroundings. Photo of Jean

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