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The picture above is of the CURE hospital in Philippines. The doctors, nurses, technicians, cooks, cleaners, and administrators of CURE Philippines are dedicated to providing the highest quality medical and spiritual care to people who, without CURE, couldn't find it and couldn't afford it, just like Sittie. To do that, we're inviting you to partner with us.

We need to raise approximately $2000 for every procedure we provide Sittie and kids like her. When you give a gift through Sittie's CUREkids profile, your contribution is designated to an exclusive country fund for CURE's work in Philippines, and those funds can only be used for operational expenses to treat patients in Philippines. Have more questions? Ask us.

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Sittie's Story

“My dream is that Sitte will finish school, can live normally, and will no longer be shy because of her feet.” - Sittie’s mom Emmon.

Five years ago, a friend of a CURE staff member took a picture of an eight year old in a small village she wa… Read more

“My dream is that Sitte will finish school, can live normally, and will no longer be shy because of her feet.” - Sittie’s mom Emmon.

Five years ago, a friend of a CURE staff member took a picture of an eight year old in a small village she was teaching in. She hoped there would be help for the sweet little girl she met, but didn’t know where to ask. Now, that little girl has grown into a beautiful young lady named Sittie, and she will finally receiving treatment for her clubfeet. After visiting one of our mobile clinics in the very southernmost part of the country, Sittie and her family got the good news that help was available at last.

Sittie is in the 7th grade, and loves Math. She says it’s hard, but she likes the challenge. She has a lot of friends at school, despite being a bit shy. Her best friend is named Dezemierabi, which has a very cool ring to it! The girls like to get together and chat, and if they’re apart, they keep chatting through social media and texting, just like normal teenage girls. Sittie tells us one of the best qualities a friend can have is to be kind. Emmon’s favorite quality about Sittie is her kindness, which might explain her popularity!

After Sittie’s surgery, she’s looking forward to wearing “real” shoes, a first for her. Flip flops are currently her only option, even for school. The dress code technically doesn’t allow flip flops, but she says the guard makes an exception for her because he understands her condition. But, before long, she’ll no longer have an excuse, and we’re very excited for that!

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Latest Updates

Nov 13, 2015

After surgery Tuesday, the doctors put splits up the front of Sittie’s casts to relieve the pressure and swelling she was feeling. Over the past few days the splits widened to the point that her casts were offering no support, so today she got a fresh new pair. Her legs are pretty sore again from the switch, so she was resting this afternoon, sometimes healing is a two step forward one step back process. It can be frustrating, but Sittie’s maintained such an upbeat attitude, we’re so proud of her! Photo of Sittie

Nov 12, 2015

Sittie was able to smile today, she’s still sore but doing so much better than yesterday. She was texting her friends earlier, hanging out with her new stuffed bear, and with the exception of her elevated, casted legs, she looked like a normal teenager. Her uncle was here visiting, giving Emmon some well deserved rest. We found Emmon sleeping in a chair earlier in a way that convinces us that Sittie inherited her unique sleeping style! Fortunately, they’ll both be sleeping in their own beds soon, Sittie’s headed home in the next few days! Photo of Sittie

Nov 11, 2015

The fact that Sittie’s been sound asleep in this position for a while tells us that as crazy as it looks, she’s comfortable. We know that pain relief comes in many forms, and we’re happy she’s found a way that works for her! She’s pretty sore, but after seeing how much bone was removed from her ankles yesterday, it’s totally understandable. We’re praying for quick and total pain relief for this sweet girl, please join us! Photo of Sittie

Nov 10, 2015

Emmon and Sittie were both still very nervous this morning, but they handled it like champs! Sittie’s cooperation allowed her to go to sleep quickly, and get her surgery over with. Even when she woke up, she was calm, and had a big grin on her face, the look of pure relief! While she was sleeping, Dr. Reyes and Dr. Dimples opened both ankles, and pounded out some pretty major chunks of bone, allowing her feet to pivot and sit straight. One step closer to cute shoes and an easier life for Sittie, thanks for all your prayers! Photo of Sittie

Nov 09, 2015

Sittie and Emmon arrived at CURE today with a busload of patients from the same area, what a party! Some of their neighbors were very concerned about her going in for surgery, until they met Lezill, a recent CURE patient who had her clubfeet corrected. Lezill gave her testimony, and calmed their concerns. Sittie’s dad is staying at home with her two younger sisters, and Emmon is admittedly very nervous, but nurse Hannah answered a lot of questions for them earlier. Please pray for Sittie and Emmon as she has surgery tomorrow! Photo of Sittie

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