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The picture above is of the CURE hospital in Philippines. The doctors, nurses, technicians, cooks, cleaners, and administrators of CURE Philippines are dedicated to providing the highest quality medical and spiritual care to people who, without CURE, couldn't find it and couldn't afford it, just like Restlyn. To do that, we're inviting you to partner with us.

We need to raise approximately $2000 for every procedure we provide Restlyn and kids like her. When you give a gift through Restlyn's CUREkids profile, your contribution is designated to an exclusive country fund for CURE's work in Philippines, and those funds can only be used for operational expenses to treat patients in Philippines. Have more questions? Ask us.

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Restlyn's Story

“When I grow up, I want to be a nurse, a doctor, and a police woman, that’s all.” -Restlyn

Little Restlyn is the youngest of two children, who dreams to do a lot of things when she becomes an adult, but her dream job really is to become a nur… Read more

“When I grow up, I want to be a nurse, a doctor, and a police woman, that’s all.” -Restlyn

Little Restlyn is the youngest of two children, who dreams to do a lot of things when she becomes an adult, but her dream job really is to become a nurse just like her dad Restituto who works as a nurse aid overseas. Both Restlyn and her brother Restlie are under the care of their mom Evelyn. We can’t imagine how much her mama does on a daily basis, knowing Restlyn as a bouncy and active little girl, although not as hyperactive like her brother Restlie, who was a patient here at Tebow CURE a few months ago!

Restlyn is currently a first grader and her favorite thing to do in class is to write and draw. Outside school, Restlyn likes to play hide and seek with her best friend Yul-yul and climb anything that’s taller than her which is pretty much everything since she’s just only 3-feet tall. She’s fallen twice when she was 3 years old and landed on her arm. According to Evelyn, the injury wasn’t that bad so she listened to her neighbors advise to see a massage therapist for treatment. With much regret, Evelyn had hoped that because she brought her to a doctor after the past two accidents, Restlyn’s injury would’ve not been as bad. However, 3 years later, Restlyn fell from one of her climbing adventures again and got the same arm dislocated. Thankfully this time around, Evelyn decided to take Restlyn to the hospital and ended up here at Tebow CURE for her surgery.

Restlyn moves non-stop and it’s most likely because of all the sugar that she eats, she says her favorite thing to do is to eat mango ice cream! Restlyn is excited to be here for her surgery and we are pumped to spend more time with her as she heals. Please pray for Restlyn!

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Our little munchkin was trying to color this morning, but couldn’t get enough pressure by using crayons, so we switched to markers and they worked just fine. Restlyn’s feeling so much better, and tells us she slept well last night, because she doesn’t hurt anymore. Her feisty little attitude’s returned too! She and big brother Restlie were bickering in the playroom, we’re really not sure what about, but we think she won. She obviously thought so too, as she turned towards us afterwards and gave us a smug, victorious grin. So much cuteness! Thanks for your prayers for Restlyn, we’ll have a follow up for her next month! Photo of Restlyn


Sleep may be the only thing that will give Restlyn a break from moving so much. She was up early today roaming around the ward with her brother Restlie. As long as you keep Restlyn mobile if she wants to, there’s no problem there! She doesn’t have as much energy as usual though, so she gets tired real quick and as a result, has been resting all afternoon. Photo of Restlyn

2 days ago

Before Restlyn went into surgery today, Nurse Vivian gave her the pep talk- “Be brave and strong just like yesterday during the blood draw.” It was a much needed pep talk since the nurses in the ward weren’t able to put Restlyn’s IV line in, she has been strongly resisting, kicking and punching anyone involved! It happened in the OR too, but this time it was successful! Two pins and Restlyn’s elbow is intact. She now has a sling that may limit her activity all around, which is going to be hard for a super active little girl like her, so please pray for a quick recovery! Photo of Restlyn

2 days ago

Meet this little ball of energy named Restlyn! She’s done with her admission process which went so smoothly since she didn’t make a fuss when our lab technologist Che drew out blood from her. She loudly said, “I’m not scared!” It was mostly her pep talk to encourage herself to be brave. Even so, we are proud of her! While hanging in the playroom, Restlyn showed us her kitchen where she “cooked” fried chicken that’ll later be delivered to the patients in the ward she says. Hopefully that fried chicken won’t go bad since Restlyn won’t be eating tonight as preparation for her surgery tomorrow morning! Photo of Restlyn

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