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  • Age10
  • Conditiona limb deformity
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Antonio's Story

“I hope my child becomes independent and pursues his desire of becoming an athlete.” - Antonio’s mom, Maritess.

Antonio Gregorio is named after his dad and grandfather but he goes by a sweet nickname, Orio. Yes, pronounced just like th… Read more

“I hope my child becomes independent and pursues his desire of becoming an athlete.” - Antonio’s mom, Maritess.

Antonio Gregorio is named after his dad and grandfather but he goes by a sweet nickname, Orio. Yes, pronounced just like the cookie! He likes basketball and someday wants to be like Lebron James. On top of his interest in sports, Orio enjoys the music field, and loves to sing and dance. His shortened achilles tendon doesn’t stop him when he hits the dance floor!

According to Orio’s mom, this talented boy has come a long way. Orio was born prematurely and the doctors told his parents that he would not live past five days. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and developmental delays. He has obviously outlived their expectations and now he is about to have tendon release surgery. The past five years have not been easy for Orio and his parents. At a young age, Orio has gone through surgeries on both eyes and has been going through physical and occupational therapy since he was a baby. Unfortunately, Orio was not able to keep up with therapy this past year because his mom suffered and survived a heart attack. The physical therapy was proving unsuccessful anyways, so the therapist recommended coming to CURE. Orio and his parents have suffered through several physical problems and they are hoping that this is the final surgery that Orio has to go through.

We are hopeful that God will continue to bring healing in Orio’s life. Please keep him in your prayers!

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Latest Updates

Aug 28, 2015

Look who showed up today! Orio is back and even more active without a heavy cast on! He seems to be adjusting pretty well with the brace just by looking at the way he walks. We thank God that his foot is now fully touching the ground, but he definitely still needs to work on some exercises to get used to a new way of walking. Right now, he's compensating between the usual tip toeing to normal walking. It's going to take some time, but we are excited to see that he's continuously healing. Photo of Antonio

Aug 14, 2015

Orio is back! We missed his cheerful spirit - literally! He was cheering for the basketball teams in the playroom, while the other clinic kids were using the PlayStation. But our cheerful spirit guy turned into an all-star screaming champ when he went in the clinic room to take his cast off. His dad needed to hold him down and his mom had to assist Dr. Reyes, to keep his foot from flinging in the air. Thankfully the cast is finally off, and after washing his foot, Orio was back to his normal self and on his way to physical therapy! Photo of Antonio

Jul 16, 2015

We have a treat for you guys today! We captured a clip of Orio being... Orio! He didn't want to change into his regular clothes, apparently the hospital gown is more comfortable. Orio was all over the hospital today. We found him chilling at the nurse's station, upstairs in the playroom with kids coming in for clinic, and talking to other patients. He is making the most out of his time with us because he gets discharged today. We just love this boy and we're absolutely going to miss him! Check out his singing skills at

Jul 15, 2015

Orio slept through the morning today which we think was the result of the medicine that he took yesterday. After surgery, his personality took a turn and he threw a fit every time a nurse came in to check his vital stats. He immediately assumes that they have needles! Yikes! Thankfully, he is recovering well and it looks like his discharge is scheduled for tomorrow. Orio is excited to go home. We found him playing in the ward today and we were happy to see him smile for the camera! Photo of Antonio

Jul 14, 2015

Orio woke up in a great mood today and gave us hi-fives to start the day! He seemed carefree about his procedure and went into the operating room first thing in the morning. The surgery went well and he was quickly out of theater. We went to see him in his room to see how he was doing and he was already making funny faces. We love seeing him back at his goofy ways post-surgery! Photo of Antonio

Jul 13, 2015

"Oh my gosh, I love it!" Orio was a little shy with our initial interaction but he warmed up eventually and could not stop saying that quote. Orio is a very active kid and keeps up with sports. He sang a couple of songs while we hung out with him and showed us some of his favorite dance moves from a famous noontime TV show. Stay tuned and hopefully we will be able to capture some of these moments! Photo of Antonio

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