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  • Age18
  • Conditiona broken bone
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CURE in Philippines

The picture above is of CURE in Philippines. Everyone who serves with CURE in Philippines, from medical professionals to office staff, are dedicated to providing the highest quality medical and spiritual care to people who, without CURE, couldn't find it and couldn't afford it, just like CJ. To do that, we're inviting you to partner with us.

We need to raise approximately $1000 to treat children like CJ. When you give a gift through CJ's CUREkids profile, your contribution will help us continue our work in countries like Philippines. Have more questions? Ask us.

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CJ's Story

“I want CJ to be healed and finish school, but I really want him to stop being bullied.” - CJ’s mom Marissa.

Christian John, or CJ for short, had an abrupt change to his normal childhood when his family was in a hit and run car acciden… Read more

“I want CJ to be healed and finish school, but I really want him to stop being bullied.” - CJ’s mom Marissa.

Christian John, or CJ for short, had an abrupt change to his normal childhood when his family was in a hit and run car accident while on vacation in 2011. CJ first had a cast on his broken left leg, then surgery, but it’s still significantly deformed. He can’t straighten his leg all the way, but despite all this, he doesn’t suffer from pain, and can walk, run, and play his favorite sport, basketball.

Although he doesn’t experience physical pain, CJ suffers from a lot of emotional pain when other kids bully him. He’s very quiet about it, but Marissa tells us that when he sees a kid who bullies him days later, after the frustration has had time to build, he will be aggressive back. She has told him countless times it’s not OK, but CJ still has a hard time not feeling anger towards the kids that hurt him. Despite the social issues, CJ excels in school. He loves math, and wants to be an engineer someday so he can work alongside his dad, Delfin, who is an electrical engineer.

CJ is sponsored by Compassion, and they are helping with some of the costs of his treatment. The family lives several hours north of Davao. It was a long trip to get here, but they are very excited that CJ will finally have his leg corrected properly. We’re excited for him too!

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Latest Updates

Feb 04, 2016

If you’ve been following CJ, you know he’s a quiet, mellow kid, so much so that we forgot what physical condition he had before surgery! Everything looked so straight and healed, he looks like every other kid. Which is absolutely awesome. By the way, it was his knee that we operated on, and he’s walking with no issues at all. You might also remember that he’s camera shy, but he was so happy with today’s check up that he gave us a smile without any extra bribes! We’ll see him back one more time in about six months for a final check, but he’s about done. Those slam dunks are just around the corner! Photo of CJ

Aug 27, 2015

CJ, quiet as always, had his second and final cast removed today, his leg looks straight and an x-ray confirmed that everything has healed perfectly. He was so happy that he even smiled for a picture today, he has a pretty awesome grin, we're glad he decided to share it! Dr. Tim wants to see him back in 6 weeks, and he told CJ that small steps were fine, stretching is great, but no slam dunks quite yet! We hope his surgery was sucessful enough to allow slam dunks in the future, thanks for all your prayers for CJs healing! Photo of CJ

Jul 30, 2015

CJ had his big long cast removed today, and it was replaced with one that goes from his shin to his thigh, allowing him to work on walking. He was his normal chill self, but willingly let us take his picture, which is progress! He’ll be back in about a month, thanks for all the continued prayers for CJ! Photo of CJ

Jun 26, 2015

CJ will be discharged this afternoon, but isn’t going home quite yet. He has a follow up next week, and since home is several hours away, he and Marissa will stay at a nearby hospital that is equipped to lodge long term patients. He was happy to put on “normal clothes” today, and was hanging out in the playroom again. We weren’t able to sneak up on him like yesterday for a pic, so we told him to just ignore us, and he happily obliged. He is definitely on his way to being a normal teenager, which we’re so glad to see! Photo of CJ

Jun 25, 2015

CJ was feeling well enough to venture up to the playroom today, and has been hanging out there all afternoon. He spent some time playing basketball on the PS3, soon he’ll be playing for real! We we were able to sneak a picture of him, so hopefully he won’t charge us for this one! He’ll be going home soon, thanks for the prayers! Photo of CJ

Jun 24, 2015

“I have to pay CJ to take his picture, he doesn’t like it!” Marissa laughed as CJ patiently tolerated our camera clicks this afternoon. It’s something we agree on, we told him that most of us prefer to be behind the camera as well, which he smiled about. We’re still awaiting our bill from him though. CJ was bundled under his covers watching a movie, it’s a chilly 77 degrees today and rainy, which makes it feel about 27 degrees! We’re happy for the relief though, it’s helping our patients, CJ included, feel much more comfortable. Photo of CJ

Jun 23, 2015

CJ’s surgery was long and difficult, but it’s done, and his leg already looks so much better! He had a few screws in his knees from the previous operation, which our doctors removed. In this case, bigger was better, so they put a longer plate in after cutting out some large sections of bone, and screwed it in place with some crazy long screws. Since his knee has been damaged for so long, they also drilled a small hole in the growth plate on his left knee, so it will slow the growth and allow his right leg to catch up. CJ is the only boy in the hospital this week, so he has the ward to himself! Hopefully it will allow him plenty of quiet to rest and recover, thanks for your prayers! Photo of CJ

Jun 22, 2015

CJ has been very quiet since arriving this morning, but he and Marissa had a long journey to get here. He spent a chunk of the day hanging out in bed, until we encouraged him to come upstairs to the playroom, where he watched part of The Jesus Film with some of the parents. The weather today is cold (by Philippines standards!) and cloudy, so no one’s really in the mood to do much of anything active, CJ included! Just a day to hang out! CJ’s surgery is in the morning, please be praying with us! Photo of CJ

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