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  • Age14
  • Conditiona limb deformity
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Mar Jhon's Story

“Mar Jhon doesn’t like to go to school, because the kids make fun of him, and he always gets into trouble because he fights back.” - Mar John’s mom Julieta.

Mar Jhon is the second oldest of 4 siblings. His dad, Mario, works in sand … Read more

“Mar Jhon doesn’t like to go to school, because the kids make fun of him, and he always gets into trouble because he fights back.” - Mar John’s mom Julieta.

Mar Jhon is the second oldest of 4 siblings. His dad, Mario, works in sand and gravel, and Julieta stays at home with the kids. The family lives just a bit north of Davao, and are happy that Mar Jhon finally has a solution for his disability. The tendon in his right foot is extremely tight, making it impossible for him to walk flat footed.

Mar Jhon is going into the 4th grade this school year, and openly admits he doesn’t really like school. It’s hard to go somewhere when kids constantly make fun of you. Because of this, he’s pretty shy, and doesn’t know what he wants to do when he grows up. We think he just tries to survive day to day right now. Hopefully, he will find a new confidence when he undergoes surgery and recovery, and he will find a new love for school and life!

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Latest Updates

Jun 26, 2015

Mar Jhon was his quiet but smiley self today, he always brings such a calming presence with him. His ankle was very sore during his cast change though, and he had a few moments of warranted tears. But in typical Mar Jhon style, it was short lived and he calmed down quickly. He will be in his second cast for a few more weeks, but he can start walking on this one! Progress rocks! Photo of Mar Jhon

May 15, 2015

Mar Jhon is finally pain free today, yay! He was working on a puzzle earlier, still staying very quiet, but comfortable. He received three Get Well messages from girls in the United States who are his age, and one said he was very handsome. That induced a big, shy grin! He gets to go home today, hopefully he can continue to rest over the weekend. Thanks for your continued prayers for Mar Jhon, we will keep you all up to date on him! Photo of Mar Jhon

May 14, 2015

Mar Jhon has been sleeping most of the day, which is a good thing, because it means he’s comfortable enough to rest. We’re looking forward to seeing his glowing smile return though, it’s been a few days since it’s made an appearance! He was complaining of a tight feeling in his cast last night, so the doctors split it up the middle to relieve the pressure. Please keep praying for Mar Jhon, we’re anxious to see his smile again! Photo of Mar Jhon

May 13, 2015

Mar Jhon was spending the afternoon watching cartoons, trying to distract himself from his pain. He’s pretty sore, but it’s to be expected. He was super content to have Julieta by his side, and she was happy to be there comforting him. Please pray that Mar Jhon’s pain lessens soon, so he can get some rest! Photo of Mar Jhon

May 12, 2015

We were surprised to see a big smile on Mar Jhon’s face when he entered the operating theater this morning! He changed his tune a bit when it was time to actually start, but that’s normal. We were hoping for a quick tendon lengthening, a procedure that takes just minutes, but his foot needed some bone work done in order for it to be a complete success. A bit more work now will make life for Mar Jhon so much easier later. Please pray for a quick recovery for Mar Jhon! Photo of Mar Jhon

May 12, 2015

Mar Jhon arrived at CURE this morning with Julieta. He was very shy at the beginning, and covered his face with his pillow whenever we tried to talk to him. We think he’s still confused as to why anyone would want to hang out with him. This afternoon though, he started playing with some of the other kids, started talking more, and even gave us a few smiles! We’re hoping he’s feeling comfortable here at CURE! Please pray for Mar Jhon’s surgery tomorrow! Photo of Mar Jhon

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