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Joellianne's Story

“We almost gave up hope, but then we heard about Tebow CURE, and we hope this is the answer to our prayer for the last 2 years.” - Joellianne’s dad Timmy.

Timmy and Juvy, Joellianne’s mom, tell us that the search for her healing has … Read more

“We almost gave up hope, but then we heard about Tebow CURE, and we hope this is the answer to our prayer for the last 2 years.” - Joellianne’s dad Timmy.

Timmy and Juvy, Joellianne’s mom, tell us that the search for her healing has been expensive and exhausting. She has a dislocated hip, which they were told is very rare, and if the local doctors were able to operate, it would cost approximately $7500. They also tried 4 different massage therapists, traveling as far as 2 hours away for a therapist who specialized in her kind of disability. The biggest challenge of raising Joellianne has been trying to find help.

Joellianne is in school already, and she is occasionally bullied. But, the majority of the teasing comes from her cousins. Her older brother, 6 year old Jovan, is very close to her, and the two have a super cute bond, with a lot of inside jokes that send them into fits of giggles. Juvy taught Joellianne to pray for her healing, and she prays daily. She tells kids that tease her, “It’s OK, Jesus will heal me!”

The family used to volunteer for Compassion International, which is where they first heard about CURE. They didn’t know that while they were helping other kids in need, their need would be met too! Joellianne wants to be a model, and already works on her “model walk!” She is very confident and self assured for a three year old, and has no problems performing in front of a crowd. She is also looking forward to being able to dance, and we’re looking forward to following her journey in healing!

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Latest Updates

Aug 28, 2015

As promised, we're able to put together a short clip of Joellianne. Click on the link to see Joellianne walk after getting her cast off!

Aug 14, 2015

Joellianne came in for her last cast removal, and she sure made herself known! We could hear her screaming and squealing at the top of her lungs, so we’re pretty sure everyone was awake this morning. Oh and did we mention that this all happened before she was even called to see the doctor? She freaked out because the nurses, doctors, and even the playroom reminded her of the pain of recovery when she was here the last time. Miss Joellianne was traumatized! But we thank God, because at the end of the cast removal, her fear was all gone when she realized it did not hurt at all. Then, she went straight to physical therapy and immediately started walking between the bars, then transitioned to a walker, and then was balancing by herself with minimal help! We will upload a video of her walking when we get a chance. Today was quite an eventful day for Jollianne and we are glad to see so much physical improvement post-surgery. Thank you for being alongside her in this journey! Photo of Joellianne

Jul 08, 2015

Joelliane had a chance to practice her “modeling walk” a bit this morning in physical therapy, even with casts still on her legs she can start walking a bit. She was discharged late this morning, but not before listening to her Get Well messages. We’ll see her in August for her last cast removal! Photo of Joellianne

Jul 07, 2015

“God’s been blessing us, these DDH’s have been turning out great!” was Dr. Mead’s professional assesment this morning after getting a look at Joellianne’s hip. She came into the operating room in tears, driven by memories of her last trip. An X-ray showed that everything is where is should be, and now she is in a smaller cast for the next few weeks, but she’ll have more movement and mobility. Maybe enough that she can visit the playroom soon, she was crying after surgery because she wanted to go play, like right now! A good sign that she’s doing well! Photo of Joellianne

Jul 06, 2015

Our little princess Joellianne is back, with a cute new haircut! Tomorrow she gets to unload that heavy spica cast, and replace it with a smaller lighter one that will allow her to move her hips, hooray! She will also have the hardware taken out of her hip that held everything together as she healed. Joellianne told mom Juvy that she was happy to see our Kid’s Mentor, Cyra, but she wasn’t very happy to see the nurses! Hopefully her opinion will change after a successful “mini-surgery” tomorrow, please be praying for a quick, easy procedure! Photo of Joellianne

May 15, 2015

Even being cute gets tiring after a while! Joellianne was in a pretty grouchy mood today. Not hurting, just ready to go home. She was “cooking” in the playroom’s kitchen earlier, and gave us a tolerant half smile, which cracked us all up! The good news is she will be discharged this afternoon, and the family will make the long trek back home tomorrow. Thanks for your prayers for this great family, we will be following their progress over the next few months! Photo of Joellianne

May 14, 2015

Oh, this silly girl! Joellianne was sitting in Juvy’s lap earlier, so happy to be out of bed. She was having a blast blowing bubbles and making goofy faces. She also recited four (yes, FOUR!) scripture verses for us, wow! She knows John 3:16, Psalms 23:1, Jeremiah 29:11, and Philippians 4:13. We were all amazed! It’s exciting to see her love for the Lord at such a young age! Photo of Joellianne

May 13, 2015

She didn’t sleep well last night, but it wasn’t because of pain. Juvy tells us Joellianne was up until 1:30, playing and talking and wanting to get up and walk! It’s so great that her pain levels are low, but not so great that she was up partying all night! She was making up some time this afternoon though, snoozing away when we visited. Jovan’s been camped out in the playroom, having an awesome time! Thanks for your continued prayers! Photo of Joellianne

May 12, 2015

Joellianne was the first surgery of the morning, and it was one of the smoother hip surgeries we’ve seen lately! Not saying it was easy, hips never are unfortunately. The doctors needed to cut a small section from her leg bone in order to move her femur into the hip socket where it belongs. But, the procedure went quicker than normal. Pins will hold her leg in place while it heals. Joellianne is in the dreaded spica cast (aka the “pants cast”) for the next several weeks, please pray for her, not fun for an active kid, but the payoff will be awesome! Photo of Joellianne

May 11, 2015

Joellianne, Timmy, Juvy and Jovan all made the nine hour trek to CURE last night from their home in northern Mindanao, and arrived early this morning. Timmy, who works at a national pizza chain, was fortunate to be able to take time off to help out while Joellianne is in the hospital. We discovered that Joellianne spontaneously explodes into giggles, which is completely contagious. She also recited John 3:16 for us, start to finish! Not bad for any kid, especially a 3-year-old! She and Jovan spent some time coloring together, and we’re really looking forward to spending the week with these two! Photo of Joellianne

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