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  • Age7
  • Conditiona limb deformity
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Kadidja's Story

“When she was born this way, I thanked God anyway," shares Kadidja's mother, Fatouma.

"I knew since God let this happen to her, He would help fix it.” Kadidja was born with a nearly identical deformity in both hands. She was born with e… Read more

“When she was born this way, I thanked God anyway," shares Kadidja's mother, Fatouma.

"I knew since God let this happen to her, He would help fix it.” Kadidja was born with a nearly identical deformity in both hands. She was born with extra fingers on each hand—all of which were fused together, with thumbs that were not even developed. But given her scenario, Kadidja still exudes energy and joy. “If people talk badly about her, I don’t hear it,” adds Fatouma. “She can do a lot, even hold a pencil and write.”

Fatouma has yet to put Kadidja in school. Kadidja is growing fast, but hasn’t had the opportunity to develop her intelligence in the classroom. “But after she is healed she will start,” hopes Fatouma.

This isn’t Kadidja’s first surgery. A few years back, a specialist from the UK came to Niger and corrected her right hand, separating her fingers and reconstructed a thumb. It was a very complex surgery and it's not perfect. However, it’s much better than before. Due to financial constraints, Kadidja never got the necessary surgeries for her left hand…until now. “When I heard that treatment would be free of charge at CURE Niger, I had to ask twice because I couldn’t believe it. We've been waiting for a long time," shares Fatouma. It will take at least a few months and several surgeries, but after a long process, Kadidja should have a functional left hand!

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Latest Updates

Sep 17, 2020

Kadidja got her second surgery to release her second finger two weeks ago. Though we missed to capture that moment, we are very happy to meet her again this morning! She is a little bit shy today and not very talkative, but her sister told us that she has been active at home, playing a lot and hanging around with her friends. Kadidja is here to see the doctor for the healing progress assessment. Please continue to pray for Kadidja! Photo of Kadidja

Aug 28, 2020

Kadidja is back for her check in with Dr. Karim. Unlike last time, she is very jovial today and made good use of her waiting time playing games with the other patients. The good news is that Kadidja has recovered well from her last surgery, and she will hopefully be able to have her next surgery next week! Photo of Kadidja

Aug 24, 2020

Kadidja is not very talkative today because her sister did not get breakfast before she comes to the hospital and now she is feeling very hangry. Still, she is ready to meet Sodogas and Salamatou, the physical therapy team. Please keep praying for Kadidja! Photo of Kadidja

Aug 13, 2020

Kadidja had fun playing with some of our toys in the physical therapy room while she waited for her appointment. She's such a mischievous little kid - right before we took this photo, we found her hiding out under the physical therapy bed as if it were her own secret fort. Keep praying for her as she continues her hand exercises! Photo of Kadidja

Aug 06, 2020

Kadidja didn't want to go home after her bandage change, so Salamatou from our spiritual team took her over to her office for a special gift - a mini hippo! "Even at home she asks, 'when can I go play with auntie Salamatou?'" said her mom, Fatouma. Salamatou has a special way with our patients, and we're so blessed to have her! Photo of Kadidja

Jul 29, 2020

While waiting for her bandage change, Kadidja entertained herself with some pebbles she found! She's playing a popular Nigerien game, which, before surgery, would have been impossible. A few minutes later she caught sight of our group of longterm patients heading over to the playground together, and we could tell she wanted to join. "You can come with us!" shouted Salamatou from our spiritual team, and she did. Keep praying for Kadidja as she heals! Photo of Kadidja

Jul 22, 2020

Kaididja made it through another bandage change this morning! Our permanent nurses watched carefully as a new intern cleaned and re-wrapped Kadidja's hand. From her face you can tell that it was still painful, but our new intern was as gentle as could be. Photo of Kadidja

Jul 15, 2020

Kadidja watched closely as Nurse Balki changed her bandage, only grimacing once at the pain. Keep praying for her as she heals from this first operation - our team were able to separate some of her fingers, but she needs at least one more operation before she'll be able to count five distinct fingers on her hand. Pray for perseverance and hope for her! Photo of Kadidja

Jul 06, 2020

Kadidja came back this morning for her first outpatient bandage change. Even though there were plenty of other patients waiting, she was able to go in and out in quickly! Photo of Kadidja

Jul 03, 2020

We missed getting a photo of Kadidja before she left. We passed by her bed in the morning and saw that she was low on energy, so we came back later only to find that she was already gone! That’s a good sign though. Her short hospital stay meant that she's recovering well from surgery. We'll see her again next week for a bandage change. Until then, keep praying for her as she heals.

Jul 02, 2020

Kadidja is done with the first surgery! However, it's not possible to restore her hand all in one surgery. "We separated some of her fingers and removed the stump of a thumb," said Dr. Anthony, "But we have to wait to remove the extra pinkie because of the blood vessel that it contains. We don't want to cut off the supply to the rest of her hand." It will take a few months for the intricate system of blood flow in Kadidja's hand to adapt to the changes made during this surgery, but once it does she'll be ready for the next step. Photo of Kadidja

Jul 01, 2020

Kadidja is here and more than ready to have another surgery! A few years ago, her right hand was operated on. But without money, her family couldn't afford any more surgeries. So when her mom heard that it would be free here at CURE Niger, she had to ask twice to make sure. It will take several months and multiple operations to give Kadidja a functional left hand, but since financial provision is no longer a problem, little by little, she'll be healed! Photo of Kadidja

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