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  • Age11
  • Conditionbowed legs
  • Currently In Hospital

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Manirou's Story

"The other kids have made a game where they try to knock him off balance and to the ground," Manirou's mother Kadi tells us, her eyes cast down. She then proceeds to describe how he tries to hold back tears until he can make it home and cry freely.… Read more

"The other kids have made a game where they try to knock him off balance and to the ground," Manirou's mother Kadi tells us, her eyes cast down. She then proceeds to describe how he tries to hold back tears until he can make it home and cry freely. Manirou was born just like any other child, but when he started to walk, Kadi noticed that his legs didn't look like those of other children his age: they bent outwards in strange ways. When his legs continued to get worse, Kadi took him to a local hospital, but the medical staff there weren't sure what was wrong with him and couldn't help. In the years since then, Manirou has struggled to make friends and go about his life. Thankfully, one of our CURE Niger outreach teams visited his village and gave Kadi a flyer about the conditions we treat. On the flyer she saw other children with legs like Manirou's and she began to dream of a disability free future for Manirou! Now that Manirou is here at CURE Niger, our surgical team will straighten his legs and send him home standing tall and proud!

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Latest Updates

2 days ago

Manirou and some other patients in our guesthouse listened to a story about Jesus this week - the idea was that Jesus loves kids, even though the society in his day saw them as a nuisance. Manirou looks like he's listening intently - in his society it isn't just adults that pushed him out, it was kids too. We're so glad that he can hear about the love of God here even as he experiences the love of community! Photo of Manirou

Feb 13, 2020

Now that Manirou's been in our guesthouse recovering for about two weeks, he knows the hospital grounds pretty well! He's been practicing and is now able to get around quite well with his walker, and he's always got a smile for us. We pray he'll keep getting stronger and stronger! Photo of Manirou

Feb 10, 2020

“I was excited because I got to make crafts - we don’t learn to do that in our village, so I really enjoyed it!” Manirou told us after the latest art therapy session here at CURE Niger. This week’s session was designed to help kids process how accepted they feel in their community. Before his surgery, Manirou was excluded because of his crooked legs, but now it looks like no one’s left out of the circle! Photo of Manirou

Jan 28, 2020

Two cool things happened today: 1) We were able to give Manirou an instant photo of himself. He was enthralled watching it slowly develop in front of him! and 2) Manirou has been discharged! He had a little session with our physical therapist about how to walk with his walker and then he was set free. Since his home is a long way away from the hospital, he'll be staying at our guesthouse as he goes through this healing process with us! Photo of Manirou

Jan 27, 2020

This young man had a nice weekend of recovering and is doing great today! He gave us a little of our own medicine as he was taking our photo with his mom's camera phone. He and his mom are hoping they'll be discharged soon and we're hoping so too because the ward can be a little boring just laying around! Photo of Manirou

Jan 24, 2020

Manirou's surgery was a big one which means he's at the start of a pretty rough recovery process. Our CURE Niger nurses are taking good care of him and helping him manage the pain, but it's not fun. Please be praying for strength and perseverance for this young man! Photo of Manirou

Jan 23, 2020

Dr Henri and Dr Anthony opted to work on Manirou's left leg first. Since the curves in his bone were all over they place, the doctors opted to cut his bone into a few different pieces and then reconstruct one straight bone from these pieces. Kind of like a puzzle. Once his leg below his knee was straight, the doctors had to then release some of the tension on Manirou's hamstring in order to allow his leg to operate with the new straight bone. It was a pretty big and intense surgery, but this young man handled it like a champion! Photo of Manirou

Jan 22, 2020

After a years of thinking there was no hope of healing, Manirou is here at CURE Niger to get his legs straightened out! He has adjusted well to the hospital and claims he isn't at all afraid as he gets ready to go into the OR for his surgery. Even though he says this, please still be praying for this little man! Photo of Manirou

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