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  • Age12
  • Conditiona limb deformity
  • Next Appointment 04/01/2020

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Laminou's Story

Laminou has a mischievous grin and a tendency to get into trouble. It was this tendency which resulted in him falling into a big hole and breaking his foot four years ago when he was just eight years old. A broken foot is a condition that is easily… Read more

Laminou has a mischievous grin and a tendency to get into trouble. It was this tendency which resulted in him falling into a big hole and breaking his foot four years ago when he was just eight years old. A broken foot is a condition that is easily treatable within hours of the accident in North America, but in Lamiou's village with no hospital, it was a life altering event. Laminou's family made the long trek to the closest medical center as well as another one to a traditional healer. Both avenues were unable to help and just left them frustrated, in no better position than when they started. In time, Laminou's foot did indeed heal, but it did so in a way that made it difficult and painful to walk. With no other options, Laminou settled in to make the best of this new, difficult life. His family had always wanted more for him, but they knew of no other ways to help him. This is until our CURE Niger outreach team visited their village. Our social worker saw Laminou and was able to share the hope of healing with him! Laminou has now arrived here at CURE Niger to get the surgery he needs to sort his foot out and back on the path for a bright future!

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Latest Updates

Mar 02, 2020

Laminou got to go home over the weekend! The doctors said his foot is doing well enough that he can walk on it freely and he'll be back in six weeks for a checkup. Pray that his foot remains infection-free these six weeks and he continues to recover well!

Feb 26, 2020

Laminou likes to sit in the back and make faces - sound like any other 12-year-old you know? He just got his stitches out and is doing well, although his mom had to go home to take care of his sick grandmother - fortunately though Laminou is in good hands here at our guesthouse. Pray for both his and his grandmother's smooth recovery. Photo of Laminou

Feb 20, 2020

Laminou's been at our guesthouse a little over a week now and he's feeling right at home! Even so, he's keen to get back to his family's farm - "I miss taking the cows out," he tells us. Pray his foot heals quickly so he can get back to business as usual! Photo of Laminou

Feb 10, 2020

Earlier today Laminou came back for a visit and got his cast removed. The doctors say his foot is healing up nicely and he can start walking on it! Still, his surgical site isn't completely healed, so he got it bandaged and he'll be here a little while to make sure it heals up properly! Photo of Laminou

Jan 13, 2020

Laminou left over the weekend. His mom managed to organize a ride so they could go back home and he could heal up being comforted by his family members. He will be back in about six weeks and we cannot wait to see him again!

Jan 09, 2020

Laminou was discharged and is now in the CURE Niger patient guest house. Laminou lives far away so he will be staying here in order to make it easier to attend his follow up appointments and achieve the best healing as possible! We're just exited we get to hang out with him a bit longer! Photo of Laminou

Jan 08, 2020

One day post-op and Laminou is feeling pretty good considering what he's just been through. He's sitting up and eating again, but is in a little discomfort and has to get used to have the big cast on his foot. Please join us in praying for Laminou as he works on healing! Photo of Laminou

Jan 07, 2020

Like a pro, Laminou has had his surgery! To fix the curvature of his foot, the doctors repositioned some of the tendons in there so they will pull his foot straight. It was a nice and straight forward surgery, but will make a world of difference for Laminou! Please be praying for him as he rests up in the ward and gets used to the big, bulky cast he'll have to be wearing for the next few weeks. Photo of Laminou

Jan 06, 2020

Laminou is here at CURE Niger with his infectious smile and obvious bravery. He's the oldest kid in the ward at the moment and while the rest of the patients are pretty timid, he's walking around like he owns the place, spreading confidence to everyone else. We're thankful he's here and can't wait to get this foot taken care of! Photo of Laminou

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