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CURE in Niger

The picture above is of CURE in Niger. Everyone who serves with CURE in Niger, from medical professionals to office staff, are dedicated to providing the highest quality medical and spiritual care to people who, without CURE, couldn't find it and couldn't afford it, just like Haouaou. To do that, we're inviting you to partner with us.

We need to raise approximately $1000 to treat children like Haouaou. When you give a gift through Haouaou's CUREkids profile, your contribution will help us continue our work in countries like Niger. Have more questions? Ask us.

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When you partner with us monthly, we'll send you an email each month to introduce you to a different child who was helped because of your generosity. You can choose to follow their updates and send them get well messages. That means that each year, you're a part of helping 12 different children, beginning with Haouaou. We call it being a CURE Hero!

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Haouaou's Story

Haouaou is a quiet and inquisitive woman with a strength residing behind her young eyes. One year ago, Haouaou's house caught on fire and she was trapped inside. Her family was able to get her out, but not before she was badly burned. It took a few… Read more

Haouaou is a quiet and inquisitive woman with a strength residing behind her young eyes. One year ago, Haouaou's house caught on fire and she was trapped inside. Her family was able to get her out, but not before she was badly burned. It took a few days, but Haouaou's family was finally able to get her to a hospital. Unfortunately, this hospital wasn't able to help other than give Haouaou some medication to ease her pain. In the time since the accident, Haouaou's burns have healed, but in difficult and disabling ways. Her skin had melted over her elbows and wrists and then hardened, limiting the range of motion of her elbow and making her hands useless. Thankfully, the hospital near their home referred Haouaou here to us at CURE Niger where we will be able to release the burned skin limiting her and discharge her back into her life with renewed potential!

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3 days ago

This young woman is feeling so much better! Haouaou's grandma had gotten a new (to her) phone with a camera and she and Haouaou had done a little photoshoot together. The only problem is, they didn't know how to look at all the images they had taken. Biba from our spiritual staff was around to help them figure it out and Haouaou loved seeing herself! In more good news, Haouaou got discharged today! She'll be finishing up her healing at home and we'll see her for a follow up in a little bit. Photo of Haouaou

Nov 07, 2019

Haouaou isn't in much pain today, but she's pretty freaked out how her hand is currently attached to her stomach. We had explained it to her and her grandmother before they were admitted, but she is so young and it's so far outside what they know in life, it didn't quite hit home until after the surgery. Understandably, Haouaou is a little skittish and emotional today. Thankfully, Balki from our spiritual team got to spend some time comforting and praying with her today. Please join us in praying for this little one. For the strength she needs to persevere through this! Photo of Haouaou

Nov 06, 2019

Without much fuss, Haouaou has had her surgery! The doctors released the burned skin restricting her movement from both her left elbow and wrist. Her elbow got a skin graft, but since there was such a big area on her wrist that needed new skin, the doctors did a tricky little procedure informally called a tummy flap. Basically they created a flap of skin on her stomach and sewed her hand into this skin flap. It sounds creepy and looks a little alarming, but it allows the skin to stay alive as it's still connected to Haouaou's stomach and having her hand in there allows this still healthy skin to grow onto the newly exposed areas on the back of her hand. She'll have her hand permanently attached to her stomach for a few weeks. After that, she'll have another surgery to release her hand, new skin and all! Photo of Haouaou

Nov 05, 2019

Haouaou is here at CURE Niger after being referred here by her local hospital. She's a little bit nervous, but overall excited to start the process of getting back her hands! Please pray with us as we get started! Photo of Haouaou

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