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  • Age10
  • Conditionknock knees
  • Next Appointment To be scheduled

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Oumal Hair's Story

"I only have two friends that I play with all the time because I am Hausa and I live in a Zarma town (two different tribes in Niger). While everyone speaks Zarma, my family speaks Hausa", said Oumal Hair. Being Hausa in a Zarma town already makes O… Read more

"I only have two friends that I play with all the time because I am Hausa and I live in a Zarma town (two different tribes in Niger). While everyone speaks Zarma, my family speaks Hausa", said Oumal Hair. Being Hausa in a Zarma town already makes Oumal Hair different from everyone around her and limits the number of friends she can easily make. To add insult to injury, Oumal Hair was born with two knock knees, a disability which further ostracizes her from not only her Zarma town, but from Nigerien society at large. Oumal Hair's mother Fati said that school was hard for Oumal Hair because so many kids make fun of her. Because Oumal Hair is quiet, she would not tell her parents everything she had to deal with, but they would always find her crying after school. "We never really looked for a solution to our daughter's condition because we never thought there was one," stated Fati. One day though, Fati's neighbor was coming home from town when she saw a large crowd outside the hospital. She decided to check out what was going on. When she went in, she met some of our CURE Niger staff who were out telling people about the work we do. Fati's friend saw a few pictures of the conditions we can treat and she immediately thought of Oumal Hair. Once word reached Fati, she quickly made her way to the hospital and was blown away to find out her daughter can indeed be treated. In that moment, Oumal Hair's family were filled with a hope they never knew existed. Fati's husband was skeptical, thinking that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is, but Fati says "We are now here at CURE Niger and we are praying and hoping for the best!"

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Latest Updates

Jun 30, 2020

A lot has happened since we last updated you about Oumal Hair. Soon after we published her last status in late March, she went home for a while. We apologize if we weren’t able to update you with that part. But three months later, she's back for a day, with a new baby brother in tow, bumping up her sibling count to five! Dr. Karim and Dr. Anthony were happy to see how straight her legs looked. Unfortunately, an X-ray revealed that her bone density isn't where it needs to be and she's experiencing some pain when she walks. They prescribed calcium to help strengthen her bones, and we'll see her again when our orthopaedic surgeon arrives from the States. But because of COVID-19, it's unsure when this new surgeon could come, so pray that God would bring this doctor here soon. In the meantime, Oumal Hair will continue to heal at home and we ask that you continue to pray for her, specifically that she would get the calcium she needs to have strong bones. Photo of Oumal Hair

Mar 20, 2020

COVID-19 doesn't seem to scare Oumal Hair - she stays calm when other patients are worried . Earlier this week Emanuel, one of our spiritual team members, reminded the kids to always wash their hands with soap and to avoid touching other people. She listened very intently and answered the questions. Oumal Hair is being taken care of by the other adults in the guesthouse as her mom is still deciding next steps. Please pray for wisdom in their decision! Photo of Oumal Hair

Mar 16, 2020

We know that Oumal Hair is a very good sister - this little boy isn't strong enough to push himself, so Oumal Hair does it for him. She's used to helping out - she's the middle of five, after all. "Who is your favorite sibling?" we asked her teasingly. "I can't choose - I love them all," she said. She really misses her family - her mother and younger brother had to go back home for a little while, so she is here by herself for a little bit, but being taken care of by all the other mothers at the guesthouse and our staff. She will have her next medical appointment soon - until then, pray that she continues finding a great surrogate family here at CURE Niger! Photo of Oumal Hair

Mar 05, 2020

This week's art therapy topic was self-worth. "We are all made in God's image, so we all are important," Salamatou, a member of our Spiritual Team told the children. After that, Oumal Hair and the other patients were tasked with drawing their own-self portrait. While other kids played and joked, Oumal Hair barely looked up from her drawing until she was done - pray that the meaning behind this activity really sinks in. On a medical note, Oumal Hair recently had a visit with her surgeon, Dr. Anthony - he says she's recuperating well from her latest intervention in January - he'll see her again in three weeks and they'll go from there! Photo of Oumal Hair

Feb 25, 2020

"What are you going to do this week?" We asked Oumal Hair earlier. "Kid stuff," she replied - "Things I'm not supposed to do." Classic Oumal Hair. We're glad her leg's improved so much it's not keeping her out of trouble anymore....sort of. Photo of Oumal Hair

Feb 18, 2020

Oumal Hair is literally spraying away her fears - in art therapy this week, kids draw what they're most scared of on a clean coffee filter, then spray the pictures with water so the colors run and the paper firms up to a flower-like shape - later, these flowers will all be part of a single piece of art. The lesson is that if you spray your fears with the right things, they can actually be transformed into something beautiful and strong. Oumal Hair just had a doctor's appointment today, and it looks like she will be staying with us for at least a little longer. Pray that while she waits, any fears she has about the future would be doused! Photo of Oumal Hair

Feb 14, 2020

Oumal Hair's next appointment is Monday! Our doctors will see how well her infection is reacting to the most recent procedure and the meds they have her on - pray for good results. While she waits, she's enjoying making mischief with her friends! Photo of Oumal Hair

Feb 10, 2020

Oumal Hair is still chilling out at our guesthouse and her sassiness is finally coming back! We're praying that her improving attitude is a sign that her infection is finally being beaten! Photo of Oumal Hair

Jan 29, 2020

Oumal Hair's procedure went well. The doctors re-opened her leg and cleared out the infected tissue they could find. What they did this time is leave the wound open, but packed with bandages. This is a process that helps draw the infection out of her body, but it's not a very fun process. While Oumal Hair was resting, her little brother Salissou was more than happy to take the spotlight! And even though she's not feeling 100% just yet, she's healthy enough that she was discharged back to the guest house to continue recovering there. Please be praying for strength and determination for this little one. Photo of Oumal Hair

Jan 28, 2020

We were unfortunately a little overly optimistic last week. In the almost three weeks since her last procedure, Oumal Hair's wound hasn't healed up which is an indication she still has some infection lingering in her leg. She's been admitted back to the ward and will be going back to the OR for another procedure to try and find and clear out the root of the infection. We're closer than we were at the beginning, but still not there yet. Please be praying for Oumal as this is no fun whatsoever. Photo of Oumal Hair

Jan 23, 2020

Another week, another bandage change for Oumal Hair! This week, she was able to get the leg brace that had been keeping her leg straight removed and a much smaller bandage put on! She's still on antibiotics and one step closer to the finish line! Photo of Oumal Hair

Jan 15, 2020

Oumal Hair had a bandage change and wound cleaning today which wasn't the most fun, but she stayed strong through it all! The doctor also saw her and prescribed her some antibiotics to help root out any of the lingering infection that may be left. Please be praying for this little one: for bravery and for strength. Photo of Oumal Hair

Jan 10, 2020

As we had hoped, Oumal Hair was discharged today! Physically, she's doing fine, but she still doesn't feel super well and is refusing to eat or drink. Biba from our Spiritual Staff spent some time talking and listening to her this morning just to help Oumal Hair work through some of the feelings related to her healing process. Since Oumal Hair and her mom live a long way away, they will be staying at our guest house so we can keep a close eye on her leg and make sure we beat this infection properly! Photo of Oumal Hair

Jan 09, 2020

This little lady's procedure went as planned and the doctors believe they were able to clear out the majority of her infection! After the cleaning, they wrapped her leg up in big bandage. It's still a little sore today, but she's just happy to be making progress. Oumal Hair will have to spend the night in the ward, but will hopefully be discharged tomorrow! Photo of Oumal Hair

Jan 08, 2020

Oumal Hair is back, but with both good and bad news. The good news is that her legs are nice and straight and strong! The bad news is her surgical site has become infected. She was being treated at a local health center, but the infection was beating all the med that were thrown at it so she came back to us here at CURE Niger. Today she's heading into surgery where the doctors are going to manually clean out the infection which should help her finally get ahead of this thing! Please be praying for a safe and effective cleaning! Photo of Oumal Hair

Jul 11, 2019

Oumail Hair stopped back for a quick check up and she's doing well. She's officially clear of malaria and fully focused on healing her legs! We caught her laughing which she quickly became embarassed by and tried to hide her smile with her hand! Photo of Oumal Hair

Jun 25, 2019

Oumal Hair came back because she managed to come down with a case of malaria. While it's scary sounding, it's just a part of life in Niger. We got her taken care of with some medication and she is already feeling better. She also got a few gifts today donated to the hospital by a Japanese organization. That is always a way to lift one's spirits on a half Christmas like today! Photo of Oumal Hair

Jun 14, 2019

We caught up with Oumal Hair today while Emmanuel from our spiritual staff was chatting with her. He was asking her how she feels and what she thinks about the work she got done. She says that seeing her legs straight is exciting, but she can't wait to see them when the casts are removed! Emmanuel then spent some time in prayer for her. The doctors say Oumal Hair will most likely be able to go home over the weekend and then we'll see her again in about six week's time to check on how her bones are healing! Photo of Oumal Hair

Jun 13, 2019

Oumal Hair is doing well after her surgery. This morning she got to talk to her father who was calling to check up on her. She has not complained about anything hurting, but she says that the casts are uncomfortable. She told us that when she tried to move her legs after surgery, she felt her feet were heavy so she looked down and she saw these weird white things on her feet. Her mother is happy to see that her feet already look straighter, even through the casts! Photo of Oumal Hair

Jun 12, 2019

Oumal Hair had her surgery! Everything went well. Before she went in, both her mom and the doctors decided to do both legs at once in order to be as efficient as possible. The doctors used a saw to cut a wedge out of her leg bones which gave them enough space to change the angles and straightened out her legs! They then put in some pins which will help hold the bones in the proper position as they heal up! Photo of Oumal Hair

Jun 11, 2019

Oumal Hair is here at CURE Niger with us. Even though her family was not specifically looking for treatment, she is not here by accident. God has a plan for her life and we are excited to be a part of it! Please pray for her as she goes in that God will take away her fears and give her strength! Photo of Oumal Hair

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