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  • Age5
  • Conditionknock knees
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Halima's Story

Halima is a sweet little girl with an infectious joy about her. What makes this little one even more amazing is that she has every excuse to be distant and bitter. You see, when Halima was 18 months old, her knees began to knock inwards. She was li… Read more

Halima is a sweet little girl with an infectious joy about her. What makes this little one even more amazing is that she has every excuse to be distant and bitter. You see, when Halima was 18 months old, her knees began to knock inwards. She was living with her grandmother in a distant village at this time and their family was both confused and alarmed as to what was going on. With no health care facilities in their village, Halima was taken to a traditional healer who wasn’t able to help them. In the years since then, Halima has had to endure relentless mocking and demoralizing gossip due to her condition. Because of her knees, she has trouble walking and is visibly different that the rest of the kids in her village, a dangerous position in a society where differences are shunned. Thankfully, Halima’s mom Mariama was recently able to make the journey back to their village and see Halima’s legs for herself. Daring to hope, she brought Halima back to the town where she was working in order to go to the hospital there. The doctors at that hospital weren’t able to help, but were able to refer Mariama and Halima here to us at CURE Niger where we absolutely can take care of her knock knees! When we talked to them about how Halima’s life will change once her legs have been straightened, a reassured look comes over Mariama’s face as she tells us how Halima will be able to work and marry now meaning that her life will not be relegated to begging. As for Halima herself, she quietly admits to us that she just wants to go to school like all the other kids. She’ll deal with the rest of life once she gets there.

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Latest Updates

Sep 06, 2019

Halima is back for her check up! Dr Karim says she has healed up nicely and it's time for her casts to come off. After checking in with the doctor, Halima headed over to physical therapy where she was hooked up with a walker. Halima's mom is particularly happy about this as it means she doesn't have to carry Halima everywhere anymore! Halima is also being scheduled for a trip to the OR in order to have some of the pins from her leg removed. All in all, it was a day filled with lots of progress and good news. Thank you all for your prayers and involvement in Halima's healing process! Photo of Halima

Jun 14, 2019

Halima says she's just feeling tired after her surgery. Unfortunately, there was a crying baby in the ward this morning that woke her up which she wasn't thrilled about, but she needed to wake up anyway so the doctors could check her during their ward rounds. They say she's healing up well with no concerns which is great to hear! After they were done, it was right back to sleep for this little one! Halima should be discharged over the weekend and we'll see her in about six weeks for follow up appointment! Please be praying for both for Halima's healing and her mom Mariama as she'll be in charge of transporting Halima for the next few weeks her legs are wrapped up in those casts! Photo of Halima

Jun 13, 2019

Halima has had her surgery! Before she went in, the doctors and her mom had a talk about the best way to proceed. They decided that they were going to straighten both of Halima's legs at the same time. The benefit of doing this over doing one leg at a time is that the length of Halima's healing journey is literally cut in half! The downside though is that Halima will be immobile for most of her time healing. When we do one leg at a time, the kids can walk with the help of crutches. Mariama says she's up for the challenge of carrying Halima around and that minimizing healing time is the best way to go for their family! We had two doctors operating, one on each leg. They carried out a procedure where they removed a wedge of bone from Halima's leg which gave them the space they needed to change the angle of the bones! Wires were then used to secure the bones in place and Halima was cast up and moved back to the ward! It was an intense surgery, but everything went as planned and Halima is sleeping off the meds! Photo of Halima

Jun 12, 2019

It's been a long time coming, but Halima and her mom Mariama are finally here at CURE Niger to get her knock knees sorted out! Our art therapist was on hand to help welcome Halima to the hospital with some colored paper and a whole sheet of stickers which Halima absolutely loved! Photo of Halima

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