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  • Age12
  • Conditionburn contractures
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Rayana's Story

"When people make fun of me, I kick their butts and then they don't make fun of me anymore," Rayana jokes, but as with many jokes there's truth and hurt behind the words. Rayana was born just like every other child, but when she was about one year … Read more

"When people make fun of me, I kick their butts and then they don't make fun of me anymore," Rayana jokes, but as with many jokes there's truth and hurt behind the words. Rayana was born just like every other child, but when she was about one year old, her life changed. She was making breakfast in the kitchen with her mom when the hunger of her belly and ignorance of boiling water got the best of her and she plunged her infant hand into the boiling pot of water in an attempt to get her breakfast early. The burns were instant and bad. Her family rushed her to the nearest hospital where her burns were cleaned and bandaged, but they still healed in a way where Rayana has no individual fingers on her right hand. "It makes some things hard, but there is nothing I cannot do," Rayana brags about her resourcefulness. While she is indeed creative and has found a way to live with her hand the way it is, one major aspect of life that she is missing out on and would love to be involved in is school. Because of her hand, Rayana cannot hold a pen or pencil and is excluded from attending school.
Thankfully, a pastor in their village learned about us here at CURE Niger through one of our pastor partner outreach programs. He passed the good news on to Rayana and her family that her hand is completely treatable with surgery and in no time Rayana arrived here at our doors! With Rayana now in our care, our medical team will start the process of surgically separating Rayana's fingers, giving her back functionality in her hand, and opening up her future to go to school and work towards the life she wants rather than the life a disability would relegate her to in Niger!

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Latest Updates

Aug 20, 2019

Over the past month, Rayana was diligent with her physical therapy and made great progress. She ended up being discharged at the end of July and is scheduled to come back for her follow up appointment in October. We miss having her beautiful smile around the hospital, but we're glad she gets to be back home with her family for a while!

Jul 08, 2019

We caught up with Rayana as she got out of her bandage change appointment this morning. She was playing a game with one of her friends from the guesthouse. The object is to throw one stone up and grab as many stones as possible before you have to catch the stone you just threw. It turns out Rayana is one of the best in the guesthouse at this game! In medical news, Rayana's hand is healing well and she got a much smaller bandage this time around (you can see it if you look closely in the video)! She's supposed to start going to physical therapy soon in order to begin learning how to use her newly freed fingers! https://youtu.be/xqVqlspYeL0

Jul 03, 2019

We had a little Christmas in July with some gifts from some donors in Japan! Rayana got a pen and a book to write in. She was most excited by the photo of a deer on the cover of the book as she had never seen a deer before! Photo of Rayana

Jun 28, 2019

Rayana had a wonderful week! Between playing with her friends, having bandage changes, and just enjoying life, Rayana never has the time to be sad. Everywhere she is, she has a smile to share and it influences everyone around her! Please continue to pray for her as she continues to heal. Photo of Rayana

Jun 21, 2019

We got some visitors here at CURE Niger today who put on a Bible story time for Rayana and the rest of the kids! Rayana learned the story of how the devil tempted Adam and Eve into eating the forbidden fruit and how we need Jesus in our lives. After that, it was coloring time, but instead of the usual crayons, we got to play with paint today which was a wonderful mess of a time! Please be praying for Rayana, that these lessons take root in her heart and she comes to understand just how much she is loved by Christ. Photo of Rayana

Jun 13, 2019

Rayana got to hear all of y'alls get-well messages today! We sat her down and read them out loud to her. She said she feels very honored to be thought and prayed about. She wishes you the best. She is thankful that she has people rooting for her healing process from all around the world! Photo of Rayana

Jun 06, 2019

Rayana is doing well after her wound cleaning and bandage change in the OR yesterday. She was feeling a bit tired and said her hand was still pretty sore earlier, but now everything is going well. She has been discharged from the ward and is now back at the guest house. Pray for her so that her healing process continues smoothly! Photo of Rayana

Jun 05, 2019

Rayana is back in the ward. She is not going in for surgery, but for an intense bandage change. The doctors want to really get in there and clean her hand in order to get rid of some dead skin and make sure no infection takes a hold. Unfortunately, doing this will be pretty painful so the best way to move forward is for Rayana to be asleep for the procedure. As for our girl, she's not too excited to be heading back into the OR even though it's not for a surgery this time. She was unusually quiet and reserved this morning. Please be praying for her that this cleaning goes fast and she has minimal residual pain afterwards! Photo of Rayana

May 30, 2019

Rayana got a bandage change today! She was so nervous and squirmy that her mom had to help hold her still while the nurse cleaned up the surgical site. After a while, Rayana got used to the feeling and settled down. Once that was done, we all went and played at the playground. When we got tired, we sat down and talked for a while. Rayana told us that she is happy that she had her surgery because it means she will go home soon but she says sometimes the pain is really bad. We encouraged her that in due time everything will be better. Please keep her in your prayers as she continues to heal. Photo of Rayana

May 21, 2019

Rayana had a fun filled day today! It was not too sunny so Rayana, along with the other guesthouse kids, got to play outside and even though Rayana had limited movement, she still had fun! The kids, including Rayana, then went inside where they listened to the story of how Moses was saved and put in a basket in the Nile river. They colored coloring sheets of Moses in his basket and were reminded that God is our rescuer and deliverer! Photo of Rayana

May 19, 2019

Rayana has recovered well from her surgery! She was seen by the doctors and they agreed that she can be discharged from the ward. Since she lives really far away, Rayana will be staying at our patient guest house where she can easily make it to her regular bandage changes and wound cleanings. She'll have a lot of them over the next few weeks and they're important in order to make sure her hand heals properly! Before Rayana left the ward, she had a visit and prayer time with our spiritual staff. Rayana does not come from a Christian family and they pray in a very different way, so the way we pray was amusing to her! Between that and getting to get out of the ward though, Rayana was all smiles! Photo of Rayana

May 16, 2019

It is surgery day and everything has gone great! Before Rayana went in, we were able to sit down with her and read her a bunch of your get well messages which helped push aside her fears for a little bit! The surgery itself was long, but successful! In a team of the three, the doctors were able to separate Rayana's fingers and then grafted some skin from her stomach into the newly exposed space between her fingers. Rayana is resting up in the ward and she can definitely use our prayers because her hard part of the healing process starts now! Photo of Rayana

May 15, 2019

Rayana is on the schedule for surgery and her smile says it all! We're so excited to have her here and to get to know her over this whole healing process! Photo of Rayana

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