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  • Age15
  • Conditiona limb deformity
  • Next Appointment To be scheduled

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Nana Zaharia's Story

Nana Zaharia, or just Nana as her mother calls her, was born like every other child. Sadly, one day while she was still young, she fell sick with malaria. Her family took her to a local hospital where she was given a shot on her thigh which, unbekn… Read more

Nana Zaharia, or just Nana as her mother calls her, was born like every other child. Sadly, one day while she was still young, she fell sick with malaria. Her family took her to a local hospital where she was given a shot on her thigh which, unbeknownst to them at the time, hit and damaged a nerve in her leg. The shot succeeded in treating Nana's malaria, but she returned home, she found she could no longer use her leg properly. Either unwilling to admit or unaware of their mistake, the doctors told Nana's family that her loss of function was most likely because she has been inactive for a very long time. Very slowly, Nana's leg did regain function, but as time passed her family noticed that her leg had stopped growing as her right leg was now longer than her left leg. "We did not really look for solutions because when we went back to the hospital where she had gotten the shot, they just made us run around in circles so we gave up," said Zali, Nana's mother. They had decided to live with the condition and just do the best they could. One day, all that changed. A pastor who lived in the same village as Nana and her family came to CURE Niger where he saw the types of conditions that we can treat here. He knew of Nana's plight and quickly informed them about the good news. Nana and her mom wasted no time getting to our hospital. "We saw hope where we never thought there could be," remarked Zali.

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Latest Updates

Jun 14, 2019

Nana's shoe has come in and she is good to go! Since sandals are pretty much exclusively worn in Niger, it's a nice sandal with about eight soles combined. As her left leg catches up to her right, she'll be able to decrease the height of the sandal allowing her to keep walking easily! Now that she has her shoe, Nana is headed home once again and we'll see her in a while for her next check up. Photo of Nana Zaharia

Jun 12, 2019

Nana was boss today in art therapy and game time today! They played a game that is kind of bowling where you throw the soccer ball at some pins. Every time but one, when Nana threw the ball, she knocked down all of the pins! "I did not know I could do that," she exclaimed at the end of the game. We are glad that Nana enjoyed herself and is learning new things about herself while she's with us waiting for her shoe to be made. Photo of Nana Zaharia

Jun 06, 2019

Nana got to see the doctor today. When she saw the doctor, Nana was told that her leg is healing well. Her leg still has quite a bit to grow before it catches up length-wise with her other leg so the doctors put in the orders to make her a raised shoe. This shoe will make up for the length difference and help her walk a tad easier until her legs even out! Photo of Nana Zaharia

Jun 05, 2019

Nana is back! She just made it in today, a bit early for here appointment, but we love having her here! She will be seeing the doctor soon and hopefully we will hear good news. Pray for her so that when she does see the doctor everything goes well. Photo of Nana Zaharia

Apr 12, 2019

Today is Nana's last day in therapy! Today she was able to bend her leg almost to a 90-degree angle. She is done and will be leaving to go home tomorrow. We will miss her tons, but we wish her all the best at home. Please keep her in your prayers as she travels! Photo of Nana Zaharia

Apr 03, 2019

In art therapy today, Nana was the winner of hot potato! She was fast, wasting no time to pass the ball. Nana is still doing physical therapy a few times a week. It is taking a while, but she is making progress slowly but surely. Please pray for her to not be discouraged by how long it's taking for her to regain her flexibility. Photo of Nana Zaharia

Mar 29, 2019

Nana is having some trouble with her physical therapy. She says her leg hurts and the exercises she has been given make it hurt even more. Today, the physical therapists massaged her leg which that it helps with the flexibility of her leg and decrease the pain of the exercises. After the massage, the exercises she was given did indeed became easier. Please pray for her so that she may have the courage to carry on through these tough times. Photo of Nana Zaharia

Mar 22, 2019

Nana is doing well today. This morning she had a bandage change appointment and then she had some physical therapy. During the PT, Nana got to the point where she was able to bend her knee to a 90-degree angle! The physical therapist gave her some exercises to do on a daily basis so she can keep progressing! Photo of Nana Zaharia

Mar 15, 2019

Nana does not move around a lot because she says she needs her knee to heal. Today we got to see her help one of her friends, who is recovering from a surgery for her burned hand, make a bracelet. Since her friend cannot hold both ends of the bracelet, Nana volunteered to help her so the beads would not slip out. It is good to see friends help each other out! Photo of Nana Zaharia

Mar 08, 2019

Nana has been discharged and is now going back to the guesthouse! Before she left the ward, she tried her hand at relearning how to walk. Fati, one of our other patients in the guesthouse and Nana's friend, was there to cheer her on. Nana had a rough morning as her upper thigh was hurting so please keep her in your prayers so that everything continues well. Photo of Nana Zaharia

Mar 07, 2019

Nana's surgery was a success! Before the doctors can attack her left leg, they first needed to work on her right leg a little. They went in and broke her growth plate which will temporarily stop her right leg from growing so her left leg can catch up! The surgery itself wasn't too complicated, but Nana is a little sore now. Please pray for a safe and quick recovery! Photo of Nana Zaharia

Mar 06, 2019

Nana Zaharia is here with us at CURE Niger. While both of her first names are actually that, she prefers just to be called Nana so we quickly adapted to that. She is happy to be here and is happy that what she once thought was impossible (treatment for her foot) is now about to happen! Pray for her that everything goes well. Photo of Nana Zaharia

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