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  • Age16
  • Conditionbowed legs
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Yahaya's Story

Yahaya is a 15 year old who loves to play soccer but can't because of his disability. Yahaya was like any other child at first, but as he began to grow, his life changed for the worse. He started to feel leg pain in his leg and began to notice his … Read more

Yahaya is a 15 year old who loves to play soccer but can't because of his disability. Yahaya was like any other child at first, but as he began to grow, his life changed for the worse. He started to feel leg pain in his leg and began to notice his left leg bending outwards. He started to miss school days because of the pain in his leg, but he was determined that nothing would stop him from keeping up with the lessons. With the school's permission, he stopped doing P.E. even though it could cost him later on as P.E. in Niger is a mandatory subject and is tested in ninth grade. Without passing this test, or getting a note of disability from a doctor, Yahaya will not be able to continue his schooling. As big as Yahaya is, he sometimes comes home crying, telling his mom about the names they call him at school and on his walk home. The other kids refer to him as "gweta" meaning "the boy who was born handicapped." They do this because they know he was not born with his disability, but they just want to get a reaction out of him. Yahaya gets frustrated all the time when he is called a name or when he cannot play sports because of his condition. Thankfully, another hospital referred Yahaya here to CURE Niger and his life suddenly had the potential to change! "He became one ball of excitement," Tchima, Yahaya's mother, told us. She went on to say, "The night before we left to come here (to CURE Niger), Yahaya did not sleep. All he wanted to do is come so they could fix his leg." Yahaya added on, "I am thankful that I can get help and that I will be able to play sports and I will be able to pass my P.E. exam when the time comes."

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Latest Updates

Sep 12, 2019

Yahaya stopped back in for a check up today! He is now 100% healed, no cage, no bandage, just 100% him! There is still a slight curve in his leg that the doctors want to keep an eye on so he'll be coming back in October for another check up, but over all this young man is doing exceptionally well! Photo of Yahaya

Jun 14, 2019

Yahaya will be leaving to go home for 3 months this weekend! Please pray for him as he leaves. Pray that he makes it home safely and that during the 3 months he is away, he continues healing and growing stronger! Photo of Yahaya

Jun 10, 2019

"I can't stop dancing and I feel like flying away!" Yahaya told us through a big smile and in between laughs. Our man saw the doctor today and he got his cage off! He's got a bandage at the moment, but he is done! Yahaya has a bus booked home for later this week and he is scheduled to come back for a check up in three months! Praise God for a successful treatment and this man's amazing attitude through it all! Photo of Yahaya

Jun 04, 2019

Yahaya is doing well, but today during bandage change the nurses realized that there was a spot in his leg where it seemed to be some puss oozing out. They asked him if he was taking his medicine and he said no. He got a firm telling off and they made sure he got hooked up with some more meds. Right now he's on the schedule to see the doctor next week and we're praying for good news! Photo of Yahaya

May 24, 2019

We were able to hang out with Yahaya today and deliver him your get well messages! He's been learning a little English and got a challenge over trying to read some of them himself. He got most of the sounds right, but we had to translate what it all meant. Thank you all for loving this young man and walking beside him as he's on this long healing journey! Photo of Yahaya

May 19, 2019

Yahaya came in for a bandage change this morning. Our man loves the camera and is completely unfazed by bandage changes now that they've become so normal for him. Yahaya is doing great, but he is impatient to see the doctor. He says he knows his bones are now strong enough for them to take the cage off, but we'll wait and see what the doctor actually says! Photo of Yahaya

May 06, 2019

"Une pose," Yahaya says as soon as he sees us. Une pose is Yahaya's favorite phrase when he sees us. Une pose means one picture. Yahaya is always ready for a picture even when he feels sad. After talking to him for a while today he told us that he would really love to go home. He misses it and all his friends. We then quickly prayed for him to heal up so he can get the cage removed so that he could go home! Photo of Yahaya

May 02, 2019

Today Yahaya got to play with a few volunteers from a local school! They filled in coloring sheets and then sang songs. Yahaya was happy for a change. Most of the volunteers that have been coming are not his same age and do not speak the local languages, but today they were his age mates and spoke the languages he knew! He really enjoyed himself as he had conversations with them as colored together! Photo of Yahaya

Apr 25, 2019

Yahaya got to see the doctor today. He was really happy when the doctor said his bone was getting stronger but disappointed when the doctor said it was not strong enough. He wants to go home and he says that he just misses being there. Pray for him to be able to push through this time of being homesick and that he would soon heal up so that he can go home! Photo of Yahaya

Apr 18, 2019

Yahaya is still around but he is starting tire of hospital life. He wants to go home to his friends and to show off his new leg! Today in art therapy he started getting a bit too competitive for the kids to handle. We reminded him to be less competitive for our smaller kids! He's got a lot of bottled up energy because he is still using crutches and still has the cage on. He will soon see the doctor. Pray for him so that when he sees the doctor everything will be healed enough so that he can go home, see his family and show off God's healing in his leg! Photo of Yahaya

Apr 09, 2019

Yahaya is the kid's favorite 'big brother' here at CURE Niger. They keep him company and he looks out for them. Today we got to spend with them for some time and it was fun to watch them going around the hospital grounds together as a group! Photo of Yahaya

Apr 05, 2019

Yahaya is impatient to get is cage off, but we reassured him he will get it off in due time. He has an appointment to see the doctor coming up soon. Yahaya has just been hanging around the hospital waiting for the day to finally come, but there's no rushing healing. We got to talk to him today about different thing happening around the hospital. Please pray for him so that he may be able to be patient until the day of his appointment with the doctor. Photo of Yahaya

Mar 28, 2019

Yahaya got to see the doctors today! They said everything is on track and he can start walking lightly on his foot in order to allow the bones to start strengthening. They said they will see him again in a month, but he still needs to continue coming to bandage changes in order to maintain the cleanness of his leg. Progress is slow, but good! Photo of Yahaya

Mar 26, 2019

Today there were no surgeries so the whole day we got to play with kids and hang out! We took pictures of Yahaya and he said that he would put those pictures as his profile picture on Facebook! Yahaya is doing good and he will be seeing the doctor soon, he says that he feels as if his bone is completely healed. He is ready for the cage to come off but he must wait until the doctor says it good. Pray for him so that when he meets with the doctor, everything looks good! Photo of Yahaya

Mar 22, 2019

Yahaya had a bandage change today. He says his foot swells up from time to time. The nurses reassured him it's because he has not walked on the foot for a while and it's nothing to worry about. Yahaya then went to physical therapy where he biked for a bit in order to slowly help his bone get stronger without putting his full weight on it. Photo of Yahaya

Mar 15, 2019

We got some time to sit down with Yahaya and hear some of his stories of home. It is good to see that Yahaya has a friend here at CURE Niger. Even with the age difference, Manbo is a fun guy to hang out with. Yahaya misses home a lot and said that no matter where you are, if you are not home you will always have a strange feeling. He is doing well medically so continue praying for speedy recovery. Photo of Yahaya

Mar 05, 2019

Yahaya had a great time today! He got to participate at the official ceremony for our solar panels. CURE Niger is completely off the electricity grid now. During the ceremony, Yahaya got to sit with his friends and listen in on the speeches. After that, Yahaya said it was time for a nap. Yahaya is doing well and should be seeing the doctor soon but please keep him in your prayers until then! Photo of Yahaya

Feb 28, 2019

Yahaya got to visit the doctor today! Everything is alright, but the doctor took this opportunity to warn him to be careful. Yahaya shared a story with the doctor about about how he tripped and fell this week. Luckily he's fine, but with a cage like Yahaya's even a small fall could be a big set back if his leg would be hurt. The doctor also told him to avoid stepping on his caged leg. Otherwise, everything is good, but please remember him in your prayers that he'll be careful and for a speedy recovery. Photo of Yahaya

Feb 20, 2019

Yahaya came for a bandage change today. He is doing great and he says his leg does not hurt, but he would love for the cage to come off soon. While we waited for his bandage change, we played a game of cards when you need to match each family of animals together from the Grandpa to the children. As we played cards Yahaya told us a bit about home and how he cannot wait to go home and flex his leg when the healing process is over! Photo of Yahaya

Feb 15, 2019

Our man is still a bit tired, but medically he's doing great! So great, in fact, that the doctors gave him the all clear to go home! He's excited to get out of the ward and we're pumped for him. We'll be seeing him again in a few weeks for a follow up and to make sure the cage is doing it's job. Photo of Yahaya

Feb 14, 2019

Yahaya is doing well today. He is a bit tired, but always ready to interact with people. He has not complained about his leg hurting, but told us that it is a weird feeling having the cage on his leg. Emanuel from our spiritual staff, seen in the photo, spent some time with Yahaya just checking in and talking about life. "My mom told me that I was talking in French when I came out, but I can't remember any of it" Yahaya said which is funny since his mom and him usually speak their local Nigerien language instead of French! Photo of Yahaya

Feb 13, 2019

Yahaya's surgery was a success! The doctors were able to straighten his leg by taking a wedge of bone out which created the space they needed to change the angle of the bone and eliminate the curve. To end the procedure, the doctors installed a circular cage around his leg called an external fixator which will allow Yahaya to continue walking while his leg and bones heal up! It was a long surgery, but our man did great and is resting up in the ward now. Photo of Yahaya

Feb 12, 2019

Yahaya was so excited to get his bow leg sorted out that he couldn't sleep last night! Now that he's arrived, the excitement seems to be mixed with a good dose of nervousness, but he assures us he is ready to go. We've done our best to assure him and we are excited to start this healing process with him! Photo of Yahaya

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