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  • Conditionknock knees
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Malika's Story

“I want to go to school,” says Malika. It has been her desire to go ever since she has been able to express herself. She was born just like any other kid, but then, as she began to learn how to walk, her legs started to bend inward. “We never… Read more

“I want to go to school,” says Malika. It has been her desire to go ever since she has been able to express herself. She was born just like any other kid, but then, as she began to learn how to walk, her legs started to bend inward. “We never took her to the hospital thinking that it couldn’t get worse than it already was,” said Halima, Malika's grandmother. All of Malika’s friends make fun of her because of her legs. She is so used to it, that she no longer feels anything when she is made fun of, instead, she laughs with them. She is the only one of her friends who does not go to school which makes her life harder. She is alone all day and then is made fun of when they get back. Malika has bugged her dad day and night about putting her in school and she insisted even more when her father put her younger brother in school. Her father was finally worn down by her persistence and decided to look for a solution so she could go to school. Not knowing where to start was their biggest hurdle. Soon they got a call from the Malika's aunt who knew they were looking for treatment. She told them about a local hospital who, in turn, told them about us here at CURE Niger. We're thrilled that Malika is now here with us! Please join us in praying for Malika's healing so she can be able to go to school!

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Latest Updates

Feb 26, 2019

Malika is hanging around the hospital for a few more days as she works out her transportation home. Today, she got the opportunity to learn about the story of Jesus and his disciples when he told Peter to go back to sea and fish even though he just came from fishing and did not catch any the first time. Salamatou from our spiritual department explained to them that we all need to have faith in God even when it might sound ridiculous! Photo of Malika

Feb 21, 2019

Malika came back for a check up today! She got her cast off which was a huge relief for her. She also had an x-ray to make sure everything internally has progress as it should. Spoiler alert: it has! Next, she got one of the pins pulled out of her leg which was pretty gross, but Malika handled it like the champ she is! She has to stick around a few more days in order for us to regularly clean the small area where the pin was pulled from, but this little lady is doing great! Photo of Malika

Jan 11, 2019

Malika got discharged today! And she is, once again, all smiles and giggles. While she was discharged, she's heading back to our guesthouse once again rather than all the way back home. While we're pretty sure she's happy no matter where she is, she says she's excited to see all the friends she has made at the guesthouse again! Photo of Malika

Jan 10, 2019

Our little lady's surgery went great and she's been smiling it up in the ward! Thankfully, she says she's not in any pain, but isn't so happy that she can't walk anymore thanks to the big cast on her leg. Please be praying that her positive attitude continues and she heals up as fast as she's started smiling again! Photo of Malika

Jan 09, 2019

Malika is doing great. She is in surgery now. The doctors are doing the same thing to her left leg as they did to the right, a procedure called an osteotomy. This procedure includes removing a wedge from her bone which will allow them to straighten her leg. Please pray for her as the surgery finishes up! Photo of Malika

Jan 08, 2019

Malika's last doctor's appointment went well. She had her cast off and the doctor found that she was finally ready to walk without the cast! She's had this last month to walk on her new, straight leg and get it back up to strength. And, now that that's done, Malika is back with us and ready to get her other leg sorted out. She's pumped to be back with us and excited to get leg number two taken care of! Photo of Malika

Dec 07, 2018

Guess who is back?! Malika came in last night and she is hoping to see the doctor early next week. Halima said, "As soon as we got to CURE Niger she asked me, 'where is Ezy? I can't find him!'" Ezy is our Storyteller intern. Halima told her that she would see him tomorrow since they came late. Today upon seeing Ezy, Malika said, "Take a good picture of me because your last ones before I left were not so nice." We are glad to have her back, please pray that her visit with the doctor will only be good news! Photo of Malika

Nov 07, 2018

Malika had her first appointment with the doctor since her intervention. She is doing great and she will now get a hard cast instead of a bandage. She is sad that she still cannot walk around though because she feels left out. Please pray for her recovery and that she will be able to hang out with her friends even though she cannot walk just yet! Photo of Malika

Oct 26, 2018

Our spiritual staff has been visiting with Malika every day she's been in the ward and we were able to capture a photo of them praying with her today! Right after this moment, the doctors swung by and let Malika know that she can go home! By going home, we mean she'll return to the patient guesthouse. Malika lives really far away from the hospital so staying at our guesthouse allows her easy access to the doctors and the follow up care needed to make sure her leg heals up properly! Not to mention the good food and time with the friends she's made there! Malika is excited to get out of the ward and have just a little bit of her freedom back! Photo of Malika

Oct 25, 2018

Malika is slowly slowly feeling better. Halima, Malika's grandmother, told us Malika was crying most of the night, but she seemed to have stopped by the time we got to visit with her this morning. She still refused to talk to anyone though. We finally got her to open up a little by showing her pictures of her friends that are staying back in the patient guesthouse where she was for a few days before being admitted to the ward. Overall, she is doing better every day and she says she is now pain-free. Pray for her as her leg heals! Photo of Malika

Oct 24, 2018

Malika has had her surgery! It was a long one, but she handled it like a champ (granted she was asleep for all of it). The doctors carried out a procedure called an osteotomy where they removed a wedge of her bone which allowed them to straighten her knock knee. After that, Malika was casted up and is back in the ward now getting ready to start her healing process! Photo of Malika

Oct 23, 2018

Malika is here with us at CURE Niger! She is such a bundle of joy to have. It was hard to start a conversation with her, but we soon learned that she loves school. She talked about how she wants to go to school and how her dad will take her to school as soon as she goes home. Pray for her surgery so that there will be no complications! Photo of Malika

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