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  • Age6
  • Conditionbowed legs
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Ibrahim's Story

"No one makes fun of him, but he also has no friends to play with," Aichatou, Ibrahim's mom, tells us shaking her head slightly. Ibrahim is a hearty young man with a forceful presence and a heart of gold. Unfortunately, what you notice about him be… Read more

"No one makes fun of him, but he also has no friends to play with," Aichatou, Ibrahim's mom, tells us shaking her head slightly. Ibrahim is a hearty young man with a forceful presence and a heart of gold. Unfortunately, what you notice about him before any of these things are his two bowed legs. Aichatou tells us his legs began to bend as he learned to walk and they never really stopped after that. While Ibrahim did eventually learn to walk, its more difficult for him than for the other kids in his village and he is often left behind as they run off playing. Thankfully, Aichatou and Ibrahim found out about us here at CURE Niger when one of our outreach clinics took place in a town near their home. They learned that Ibrahim's condition is completely curable and he isn't destined to a life of being left behind! Ibrahim has now made it here to the hospital where he'll get the surgery he needs to straighten his legs and have him walking out of here tall and proud!

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Latest Updates

Mar 12, 2019

Ibrahim is back! He has grown from the last time we saw him which is normal, but always surprising and exciting! Today, he got to participate in our Bible story/coloring session where we talked about how to be unselfish. We talked about how we should care about one another especially when someone is struggling. After that, we got to do some coloring which Ibrahim was excited about because he has not colored in a long time! He'll be hanging out with us for a little bit as he waits to see the doctor soon! Photo of Ibrahim

Jan 24, 2019

Hooray! Our friend is back! Ibrahim hopes to see the doctor soon but so far everything looks good. He can walk and he can play! We are happy that even though he is not done with his healing process he is already benefiting from the work that has been done. He is sad that he had to leave his friends back home. We heard that they are now more willing to play with him because he is more like them and able to keep up now! Photo of Ibrahim

Jan 09, 2019

So Ibrahim managed to get himself discharged over the holidays which is great! We're pumped that he got to go home and see his friends and spend time with his family. He's scheduled for a follow up appointment here at the hospital in a little bit and we can't wait to see him again!

Dec 06, 2018

Guess who got to visit the doctor today?! Ibrahim is doing way better. This morning Ibrahim got his cast cut open so that the doctor could see his leg. The doctor said that he is doing well but that Ibrahim will need to stay a bit longer just to make sure his leg heals up completely. Ibrahim is impatient to go home, he says he misses his friends but he is happy being here as long as we take photos of him. Ibrahim just loves to see pictures of himself! Pray so that he may feel more at ease here and that he will not be too homesick! Photo of Ibrahim

Nov 15, 2018

Ibrahim went to get his leg cleaned because he has had a minor infection which has cleared up fast so they wanted to make sure he was infection free. He was happy when he got the infection thinking it was a good thing, but upon explaining what it was, his everyday smile turned sad. Please keep him in your prayers for his healing and his happiness here at CURE Niger! Photo of Ibrahim

Nov 06, 2018

GOOD NEWS! Ibrahim is feeling better and can walk now. He can take himself places without his leg hurting, and is now playful due to his improved condition. Pray for him as he continues to heal. Photo of Ibrahim

Oct 29, 2018

Ibrahim is killing the healing process! He will be done with bandage changes after a few more sessions. "He tries to walk now," Aichatou tells us. He is doing better than before and now he talks a lot. He is making friends with other kids which is proof that he is doing better! Please keep him in your prayers. Photo of Ibrahim

Oct 25, 2018

Ibrahim is feeling better so we got to show and read him y'alls get well messages! He says thank you and he knows that the pain won't last forever. He is happy that there are people praying for him even though they haven't met him in person. Please continue keeping him in your prayers for healing and to stay as positive as he is now! Photo of Ibrahim

Oct 15, 2018

Ibrahim had a bandage change today. His leg is doing better but he will need to continue bandage changes for a while. Pray for him as he waits for his leg to heal and that he will not feel lonely during this time, as he still can't move around a lot! Photo of Ibrahim

Oct 12, 2018

Ibrahim has spent the week hanging out at our guesthouse and focusing on healing. He says his leg doesn't hurt, but we imagine it has to be rough being stuck sitting while all the other kids are running around! We asked him how he likes being here at CURE Niger. "It like it," he tells us, "but it's not home." We're praying there will be no complications and Ibrahim can be on his way home soon! Photo of Ibrahim

Oct 05, 2018

Our little guy had a rough night and didn't sleep much due to the discomfort after surgery. Aichatou felt so bad for him that she went out and bought his favorite Nigerien breakfast food which is essentially fried dough. Here you can see him offering some to Dr. Milka during the doctor rounds this morning. She definitely didn't take him up on his offer because he had managed to slobber all over it before offering it to her! Ibrahim had some blood work done this morning to check there isn't anything else contributing to his discomfort. He ended up being ok and was discharged back to the patient guest house where he'll continue to heal up! Photo of Ibrahim

Oct 04, 2018

Ibrahim has been in and out of his surgery already! The doctors operated on his left leg first. The main procedure they did was to take a wedge out of one of the bones beneath Ibrahim's knee. With this wedge removed, the doctors were able to change the angle of the curved bone and straighten everything out! It was a big surgery so Ibrahim will have a lot of healing to do in the coming days, weeks, and months. Any and all prayers would be greatly appreciated! Photo of Ibrahim

Oct 03, 2018

Ibrahim actually arrived at the hospital a few days ago and has been staying in our patient guest house as we wait for his time to come for his surgery. He started out very timid and fearful of his new surroundings, but he's adjusted now and is doing wonders helping others feel comfortable here! He's been admitted to the ward today and will soon be going into surgery! Photo of Ibrahim

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