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Okacha's Story

“My favorite class in school is French and I want to be a doctor when I grow up,” a shy Okacha tells us quietly. He is proud to have made it to 6th grade, a level few children in Niger reach, and dreams of continuing his education for years to … Read more

“My favorite class in school is French and I want to be a doctor when I grow up,” a shy Okacha tells us quietly. He is proud to have made it to 6th grade, a level few children in Niger reach, and dreams of continuing his education for years to come. It’s difficult for Okacha though because he has clubfoot, a condition which makes him a target for the taunts and fists of his classmates. We ask him how being singled out makes him feel and he goes quiet. The silence speaks volumes. After some time, his mother, Amina, quietly interjects and shares with us stories of the countless times he has returned home in tears. Thankfully, Okacha ended up finding out about us here at CURE Niger when one of our outreach teams arrived in his village. Our team shared with him the good news that his condition is treatable and that, after surgery and some physical therapy, he would be able to walk normally and without pain. Now that Okacha has made his way here to our hospital, we’re going to get started on this path to healing that will have Okacha walking out our doors just like any future doctor would!

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Latest Updates

Mar 22, 2019

Okacha has been discharged and he is going home today! He complained a bit about his foot hurting so the nurses gave him some medication which take care of that likity split! He got a visit from our spiritual staff before he left where they talked with him about home and if he was excited he was leaving before spending a little time of prayer. Photo of Okacha

Mar 21, 2019

Okacha had his surgery and he is now back in the ward resting! The doctor came by to check how he was doing and to see about his leg. Okacha says everything is fine apart from feeling a bit out of it after the long surgery. Okacha also wishes he did not have to stay in bed, but he'll be up and about in no time! Photo of Okacha

Mar 20, 2019

Okacha is back! He is here for the next part of his treatment which is a small procedure called a tenotomy to give his foot a little more flexibility! He was really quiet at first, but opened up as we showed him pictures of him when he was here the first time. Please pray for him as he goes in for surgery number two! Photo of Okacha

Dec 11, 2018

Guess who's back? Okacha came in to check on his foot and he is doing great! His foot is almost completely healed! He is sad that he has missed some weeks of school back when he got surgery because he has exams coming and he is concerned that the work he missed will be a disadvantage. He is also concerned that he will not make it home in time for exams. Pray for him that everything will be fine so that he can go home and take his exams and that he will receive the wisdom he needs to pass! Photo of Okacha

Sep 13, 2018

Our man is back for his one week cast change! The saw used to cut off the cast had him a little nervous, but he was a champ through it all. He's hanging out with a few of the guys his age that are also here and he'll be on his way home soon! Photo of Okacha

Sep 07, 2018

Okacha had a rough night. He had a little bleeding through his cast, which isn't great, but also isn't unusual. The doctors double checked on him this morning and verified that he's ok which he was. Our spiritual team (pictured) spent some time visiting and praying with him. After that, Okacha got a new cast put on and was discharged! It's been a busy day, but he's pumped to be returning to the comfort of his own home finally! Photo of Okacha

Sep 06, 2018

Our man is on the struggle bus today. He's on a pain treatment program, but is still feeling a little sore and uncomfortable. Once that wears off, he'll be able to properly appreciate his new, straight foot! Until then though, will you join us in praying for him? That the Lord takes away his pain while also giving him the strength he'll need throughout this entire healing process? With this said, we were able to deliver one of your get well messages to him today and already share with him that there are people all over the world praying for him! Photo of Okacha

Sep 05, 2018

Surgery done! The doctors went into Okacha's foot and were able to release the tendons that were contracted and pulling his foot into the clubbed position. It was a pretty long surgery, but everything went according to plan and Okacha is resting in the ward now! Photo of Okacha

Sep 04, 2018

Okacha has lived with a deformed foot and both the physical and emotional pain that comes along with that for the last eight years. Well today, he was admitted to CURE Niger and we're going to heal this young man right up. We can't wait to get started! Okacha is a little shy and quiet, but we've made sure to give him a warm welcome and we're doing our best to make him feel at home here. Photo of Okacha

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