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  • Age8
  • Conditionbowed legs
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Illiassou's Story

“He likes to go all around,” Aissa, Illiassou’s mother, laughs. “He doesn’t like sitting in one place.” This sounds like a pretty stereotypical description of a seven year old, but what sets Illiassou apart is that he has severely bowed… Read more

“He likes to go all around,” Aissa, Illiassou’s mother, laughs. “He doesn’t like sitting in one place.” This sounds like a pretty stereotypical description of a seven year old, but what sets Illiassou apart is that he has severely bowed legs. He wasn’t born with bow legs, but by the age of two, his parents began to notice something wasn’t quite right. Their family and neighbors assured them that Illiassou’s legs would straighten out as he got older, but the opposite has happened. As Illiassou has grown, so has his deformity. It is at the point now where his bow legs are instantly obvious. In a country where unity and uniformity rule, Illiassou’s bow legs set him apart for ridicule and exclusion. Illiassou had started school, but was soon pulled out as he received daily beatings at the hands and feet of his classmates. Illiassou found out about CURE Niger when his uncle was treated here with us. Based on the healing Illiassou’s uncle received and the manner in which he received it, Illiassou has now come to us seeking healing for his bow legs. Our medical staff will straighten his legs. Our spiritual staff will reassure him of his worth in God’s kingdom. And our entire staff will show him just how much he is loved and welcome here! We’re pumped to have Illiassou with us and to get started on straightening out these legs!

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Latest Updates

Mar 08, 2019

Our little man had some post-op pain to deal with, but it wasn't anything a few meds, a little time, and a pipe-cleaner crown couldn't fix! The doctors say he's doing well and can head home to finish healing up there! Please be praying with us until see Illiassou again in a few weeks for his follow up appointment. Photo of Illiassou

Mar 07, 2019

Illiassou's surgery was long, but they are now done and everything went as planned! The doctors carried out a procedure called an osteotomy where they essentially took a wedge of bone out of his leg which gave them the space they needed to change the angle and straighten out his leg! It was an involved procedure and Illiassou will be in a little discomfort, but he finally has two straight legs!!! Photo of Illiassou

Mar 06, 2019

We almost didn't recognize him as he's grown so much, but Illiassou is back and just look how much straighter his legs are after only one surgery! We were so amazed, we had to pull up his old photos and even he was blown away about how different his legs look after only seven months! Photo of Illiassou

Aug 31, 2018

Our man is feeling miles better today! It was all smiles and laughs as he and his mom, Aissa, spent some time with Tante Mantou from our spiritual staff this morning. Afterwards, the doctors swung by to check on him. He's doing so well that he can go home today! The physical therapist then stopped by and hooked Illiassou up with a walker rather than crutches which will be easier for balance with. All in all, it has been a busy morning! Barring any odd accidents, we'll be seeing Illiassou again in six weeks for a follow up to see how his leg has healed! Photo of Illiassou

Aug 30, 2018

One day post op and Illiassou is doing well. He's in a little bit of pain so his smiles aren't as large as usual, but he's sitting up and getting along with his surroundings in the ward. He also had an x-ray today in order to check how his bones are doing in their new position. Spoiler alert: they're great, he's great, and everything is looking great! Please be praying for our man as being bed bound with a cast is a pretty boring experience. He should get set up with some crutches by our physical therapist tomorrow and at least be a little mobile again! Photo of Illiassou

Aug 29, 2018

It was surgery day today! Everything went according to plan and Illiassou is resting up in the ward as we speak. The doctor's went in and, with the help of the pictured mobile x-ray, were able to precisely remove a wedge of bone from Illiassou's leg which let them change the angle of his bone. With his leg straightened, the doctors sewed our little guy up, put him in a cast and sent him back to the ward! All in all, it was a straight forward and successful procedure! Photo of Illiassou

Aug 28, 2018

Illiassou has been admitted into the ward for his bow leg surgery! We're going to be tackling his right leg first. He seems to be equal parts excited and apprehensive about his operation. He's got a beautiful shy smile and we hope to see that grow as he spends more time with us here at CURE Niger! Photo of Illiassou

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