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  • Conditioncleft lip
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Yacouba's Story

Yacouba is a snuggly little man with big eyes that will tug the hardest of hearts. He shows his love for other people easily with his continual requests to be picked up and held, an attitude which is contrasted sharply by the love he is not shown b… Read more

Yacouba is a snuggly little man with big eyes that will tug the hardest of hearts. He shows his love for other people easily with his continual requests to be picked up and held, an attitude which is contrasted sharply by the love he is not shown by the wider Nigerien culture. You see, Yacouba was born with a small cleft lip, a condition regarded as a disability and unanimously looked down upon. Because of his cleft lip, Yacouba is viewed as a “less than”, a misfit, a curse on his village and on his family even though they do not view him this way. Yacouba’s mother, Fati, loves him and believes him to be a blessing from God, cleft lip or not. Fati explains she believes Yacouba’s cleft lip to be a test from God illustrating Yacouba is so big of a blessing, he is worth a little more work. As such, Fati has traveled far and wide in search of a way Yacouba’s lip can be healed. Time and time again, she was turned away, but she refused to give up hope. It wasn’t until one of our CURE Niger outreach clinics took place in a city near Yacouba and Fati’s village that their determination and hope was rewarded. Yacouba was seen and scheduled for surgery here at CURE Niger. Now that he has arrived and been admitted to our ward, our medical teams will heal his cleft lip and send him home to receive just as much love as he already shows everyone else!

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Latest Updates

Jul 18, 2018

Yacouba's sister had her doctor's appointment today and she has been given the all clear to go home which means Yacouba can finally go home as well! We're sad to see this fun little guy leave, but are so happy that everything went well and he is doing so cleft lip free! Praise the Lord and please continue to be praying for Yacouba and his family. We've called a local pastor in their area to try and connect them with some Christians there, but we can only be praying the seeds planted here at CURE Niger will grow. Photo of Yacouba

Jul 16, 2018

Just another update to let you know Yacouba is still here and still doing great and his sister is almost done! Also, how cute is this face with those tear filled eyes and little smile after a good cry! Photo of Yacouba

Jun 20, 2018

Our man is completely done with his healing process, but since he's still hanging around waiting for his sister to be all healed up, we're going to keep posting photos of him because just look at that beautiful face! We were also able to pass on several of your get well messages to him and his mother today which made their day! Photo of Yacouba

Jun 12, 2018

So while Yacouba waits around for his sister to finish her healing process, he's spending some time with his mother visiting other patients in the ward. Photo of Yacouba

Jun 07, 2018

Yacouba is completely stitch and bandage free now! In fact, he's all healed up and looking great. He'll be hanging out for a while longer as his big sister is still going through her healing process. We're so excited about how good that lip looks! Photo of Yacouba

May 31, 2018

Yacouba got his stitches out today and a nice "mustache bandage" put on. This bandage will help keep things together as his body gets used to being stichless once again! Photo of Yacouba

May 28, 2018

So Yacouba is out of the ward, but not free from obligation. Our little man's wound cleaning regimen starts now. It's an important process to make sure the surgery scar heals as invisible as possible. As you can see, Yacouba doesn't love it, but our nurses do a great job of making it as quick and painless as possible! Photo of Yacouba

May 25, 2018

Yacouba's sister's surgery went great (it was to separate two cojoined toes she's had since birth) and the entire family got discharged today! Since they live pretty far away, they're staying in the guest house for the time being. Yacouba will start his regular lip cleaning routine next week in order to make sure everything heals up nicely and free from infection! Photo of Yacouba

May 24, 2018

Two things of note today: 1 - Yacouba's sister is going into surgery today so please be praying for her and also their mother as she'll be looking after two kids recovering from surgery! 2 - Yacouba's mother spent some real good time with Balki from our spiritual staff today. Just talking over how everything is going, how she's feeling, and why we do what we do here at CURE. Praise the Lord for conversation opportunities like this! Photo of Yacouba

May 23, 2018

Yacouba is recovering from his surgery just fine. He's still incredibly stoic and calm. We haven't hear a single cry from him while most kids are usually pretty whiney the first day after surgery. His sister, Haoua, is helping his mom watch after him while he recovers! Photo of Yacouba

May 22, 2018

Yacouba is getting his surgery! In the whole scheme of things, his cleft lip is a rather small and easy one so his surgery will be nice and quick. He'll be back out and in Fati's arms before he even knows it! With this said, please be praying, especially for Fati, as it's never easy entrusting your child to people who are essentially strangers with the knowledge they're going to be cutting him up a little! Photo of Yacouba

May 21, 2018

Yacouba and Fati have been admitted the ward and are ready to go! Yacouba seems a little nervous about the whole ordeal, but he was playing with us in no time and we can't wait to see this lip healed! Photo of Yacouba

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