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Fati's Story

"I used to go to school," Fati tells us shyly, not yet comfortable in her new hospital surroundings. "All the kids would laugh at me and make fun of me so I stopped going." Fati was born like any other child and her family was thrilled at another a… Read more

"I used to go to school," Fati tells us shyly, not yet comfortable in her new hospital surroundings. "All the kids would laugh at me and make fun of me so I stopped going." Fati was born like any other child and her family was thrilled at another addition to their family. It wasn't until she began to walk that they noticed her legs seemed to be bent. Her mother wasn't too worried as she was convinced Fati's leg would straighten as she got older. In fact, the opposite happened. As Fati grew, it became increasingly obvious that she had severe bow legs. Fati was whispered about everywhere she went and rumours swirled around her like leaves in a fall windstorm. Fati learned to ignore the cruel comments and judging looks, but things became so much worse once she started school. Even a young woman as strong as Fati couldn't deal with the constant taunting and exclusion. After she dropped out of school, Fati helped her family around the house as she slowly watched her dreams and future slip away. This became her life until a local nurse found Fati and recommended she come here to CURE Niger. Now that Fati has come to our hospital, our doctors will straighten her bow legs and send her home to return to school and set out on a new, bright future!

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Latest Updates

Nov 14, 2019

Fati saw the doctor and they're really happy with the way she's healing up! Both her inspection and her x-ray show nothing but good progress! After seeing the doctor, she was once again given the all clear to go home so she did. Unfortunately, we missed saying a proper goodbye, but she'll be back in three months for another check up so we'll see her then!

Nov 08, 2019

Fati is back once again and got to join in on some play and singing time in the playground with our spiritual staff! "We thank you God // We thank you Jesus // To you oh God we give our thanks // Hallelujah"

Oct 10, 2019

Fati stopped back in for her check up! The doctors say she has healed well and she finally has gotten her cast off which is absolutely a cause for celebration! She'll have another follow up appointment in one month, but is free to go until then! Before she left, she joined in one of our group art session where they made shields similar to the many Bible verses talking about how the Lord is our shield and protects us! Photo of Fati

Sep 06, 2019

Fati is back for her check up today! While we were hoping to have her cast off once and for all today, we were sad to find out that her leg hasn't quite healed up as much as we had wanted. Her bones are indeed healing, but they're not yet strong enough to support her full weight without a cast. It was indeed a blow to moral, but Fati is at least excited that her full leg cast got replaced with a below knee cast which is progress in her opinion! Photo of Fati

Jun 19, 2019

Fati didn't end up being cleared to go home over the weekend BUT that call finally came today! The doctors spent some time with her this morning and say that all the post-op dangers have passed and she can head home. Her mom also figured out some transportation for them so Fati will get to recover in the familiarity of her own home rather than our guesthouse! We'll be seeing her in six weeks to check in on how leg number two is doing. Photo of Fati

Jun 14, 2019

It's one day after surgery and Fati's pain meds are still going strong so she is feeling good! The doctors are pleased with the way everything has gone post surgery, but want to keep her in the ward just a little longer for observation meaning she won't be discharged in time for the weekend. Lord willing, she'll be able to leave over the weekend though. Since she lives far away, she'll once again be staying in our patient guesthouse so we'll have lots more time with this optimistic young lady! Photo of Fati

Jun 13, 2019

Fati had her operation today! Her surgery took quite some time as the doctors operated on three different sections of her leg. They first cut out a wedge of bone from right under her knee. This gave them space to straighten the angle of that bone. They then took the wedge they had cute out and grafted it into another cut they made higher up on her leg in order to correct the angle of her femur. To finish everything off, the doctors cut her bone right above her ankle which allowed them to rotate her entire foot a few degrees so it is nice and forward facing. It was a big surgery to say the least, but it should be the last one she needs in this correction process and we are so excited for this massive step forward!!! Photo of Fati

Jun 12, 2019

Fati is back and ready to hop on the next step towards her complete correction! She will be going into the OR to have some work done on her right leg now that her left leg is completely finished! She said that nothing scares her, not even the OR, but she still isn't exactly excited. She said that in no time she will be out and everything will go well. Photo of Fati

May 09, 2019

Fati warned us she was heading home soon and, last night, all the papers came through for her to make her bus and she was off! She's excited to go home and spend some much needed time with her family. Right now, she's scheduled to come back in two months time for a check up and, Lord willing, we will be able to get started on straightening her right leg!!!

May 06, 2019

"I will be going home soon," Fati says in excitement when she saw us. She told us that she got to see the doctor this morning and that she will soon be able to go home for some time as she no longer has the cage on. She is excited to be going home and to show off her new straight leg! Photo of Fati

May 02, 2019

Fati has been enjoying her time here at CURE Niger! She is waiting for the next step of her treatment and today we had volunteers that came to hang out with the kids. Fati claimed that her coloring would be the best and set off to prove it. She share that it was nice to see new faces. Pray for Fati as she waits for her next step, that she will be patient and that she would know how much God loves her! Photo of Fati

Apr 11, 2019

Today we were able to read your get well messages to Fati! She is once again very encouraged that there are people praying and wishing her the best! She is enjoying her stay here at CURE Niger but says she wants to see her family again. Please keep her in your daily prayers! Photo of Fati

Apr 03, 2019

Today in art therapy, Fati made a caterpillar! She was really careful as she made her piace of art. She claimed that hers was the best out of everyone there! We are happy to see Fati enjoy her time during art therapy and take pride in her work. Please pray for her as she expressed that she is tired of staying here at CURE Niger because she misses home. Photo of Fati

Mar 18, 2019

Fati got a bandage change today! Her leg is doing so much better. "It hurts less and less" she told us. She is happy that her leg is finally healing and it is good to see her happy. She has stopped being rough and it has helped her healing a lot. Remember her is your prayers for speedy recovery.

Mar 14, 2019

Fati's leg is still healing after her incident a few weeks ago. She said it feels fine, but she is unhappy about how it has slowed down her healing process. We were able to sit, talk with, and comfort her. While still a little frustrated, she knows that it is fine and that, sooner or later, she will heal. Photo of Fati

Mar 08, 2019

Fati has had a good day so far. In the morning she went to visit her friends that are in the ward and the ones waiting in line for a bandage change. Next she went to see her friend Nana as she was relearning how to walk after having surgery yesterday. Then, before lunch, she got to listen to the story of Jesus and his disciples fishing and then colored a picture of the story. She says she likes this story because the disciples did not believe and Jesus made it possible just like her friends back home do not believe she can get healed but here she is at CURE Niger getting help! Photo of Fati

Feb 27, 2019

Fati is still recovering from her fall. She can now move around as much as she pleases without hurting herself. The doctors decided to let her leg heal with the cage on because the injury is not too serious and if they took the cage it would make then have to redo a lot of the work which will delay her healing process. Today we played with chalk and we drew on CURE Niger sidewalks. Fati preferred to chalk her face rather than the sidewalk and this was her result! Photo of Fati

Feb 21, 2019

Fati has had a day. She spent this morning visiting some of her friends in the ward and coloring. After lunch though, she was going around the hospital when she got excited and attempted to move faster than her crutches and cage would let her. She ended up tripping and taking a serious tumble. One of the benefits of living at a hospital is how fast you can get medical care. The doctors were called immediately and she was given an x-ray to figure out what exactly was going on. It turns out, Fati fractured her tibia right below where the cage is. You'd usually treat a tibia fracture by casting it up, but, in Fati's case, this would require removing the cage and taking several steps backwards in the treatment of her bow leg. The doctors ultimately decided the best overall treatment is to leave the cage on Fati's leg while giving her a stern talking to about slowing down as another fall could worsen the fracture into a more serious problem. The cage will facilitate the healing of the fracture while also still keeping her on track for her bow leg treatment. This method will be a little more uncomfortable for Fati, but our pharmacist has hooked her up with the meds to help with that. Fracturing a bone while still recovering from a surgery is never ideal, but our doctors assure us this is the best way forward! Photo of Fati

Feb 11, 2019

In between bandage changes and waiting for her next doctor's appointment, Fati is spending time with the new friends, like Zeinab here, that she's made around the hospital! She obviously would love to go home soon, but she's done an incredible job for herself of carving out a community and support system with the other patients here! Photo of Fati

Feb 08, 2019

Fati is doing well! She is such a caring person. This morning she came to visit her friends in the ward like she has been doing every day this week. From there, she proceeded on to her bandage change. Her leg is doing better, but she will continue to get a few more bandage changes before we can move on to the next steps. Slow and steady is the name of this healing game! Photo of Fati

Jan 31, 2019

Today we sat down with Fati and had a mass get well message-a-thon because you've been sending so much love her way! She was really appreciative of all your prayers and encouragement. She was blown away realizing there are so many people out there who care about her health. She honestly thought she was the only one. She says to thank you all and asks the Lord to bless you in return! Photo of Fati

Jan 24, 2019

Fati is all about the crafts! Even though she is one of the few people that does not understand Hoausa, she has learned to get her point across and has learned to communicate with the other kids. She is a wonderful addition to CURE Niger! Please keep her in your prayers as she heals! Photo of Fati

Jan 17, 2019

This week Fati has been active! Her leg hasn't stopped her from moving around and having fun. Today Fati led the other kids in a song that says, "Jesus loves children". We are happy that she is happy and that she makes other kids happy! The wait for healing is easier when there is joy and that joy is being shared! Photo of Fati

Jan 11, 2019

Fati is doing so well at her recovery that the doctors have allowed her to leave! Since she lives far away, she's just leaving the ward to go to our guesthouse where she'll have a bed that she can rest and recover in while also having easy access to the doctors and nurses. Before she got discharged, Fati and Emmanuel from our spiritual staff shared a special handshake and time of prayer which we were so happy to see! Please continue praying for Fati with us. Photo of Fati

Jan 10, 2019

Fati's procedure went great! She had the hardware taken out of her leg and some more hardware installed. She now has an external fixator cage on her leg which will allow the doctors to slowly do the fine adjustments to get Fati's leg as straight as it can be. It's a little cumbersome, but Fati has a great attitude and is determined to do what she has to do in order to get her leg as straight as possible! Photo of Fati

Jan 09, 2019

Fati is back! The labs had come back showing there was indeed an infection which Fati has been on medication for and is all cleared up now. Today, she's back for the next step in her healing process. Unfortunately, it's not yet time for leg #2 as the doctors will be taking out some of the wires and nails from her left leg - the one they had already operated on - as well as doing a little further correction. While Fati really wants to get started on her second leg, she's excited to be back in the ward and moving forward! If you get a chance, check out her updated after photo and you can see while the small correction is still needed on her left leg, it is already looking so much better than what it was in her before photo! Photo of Fati

Oct 30, 2018

Fati was admitted late last night and was scheduled for surgery on her second leg today! She was the first one in the ward and surprised us so much that we actually missed getting a before photo with her in the ward! The bad news is that when the doctors started the surgery, they found what looked to be some pus in her leg. This indicates she may have an infection. There weren't any outward signs, but if she does indeed have an infection, it would be dangerous to install the nails and wires her surgery would require. The doctors collected a sample of the questionable liquid and sent it off to be tested. In the meantime, they cleaned out Fati's leg and sewed her back up. It's never fun encountering complications, but it's important to do this the right way. Please be praying for Fati as we wait for the lab results to come back and that our doctors will take the course of action that is best for Fati! Photo of Fati

May 14, 2018

Fati ended up getting discharged over the weekend. While we're sad we didn't get a proper goodbye, we know healing up at home is a lot more fun and comfortable than being stuck in the hospital. We're just excited to see Fati when she returns for her follow up appointment!

May 11, 2018

Fati and her grandmother got a visit from Mantou in our spiritual department. Fati is still in a little pain so she wasn't all that interested in talking, but Mantou and Fati's grandmother had a good conversation about why CURE does what we do (aka Jesus). Please be praying that the topics covered take a hold in their lives! Photo of Fati

May 10, 2018

Fati is out of surgery and in a little bit of pain. Our nurses are helping her deal with it, but there's no way around some discomfort after a surgery as big as Fati's. We were able to deliver a whole bunch of your get well messages this morning which helped improved spirits a little bit so thank you all for loving this young woman so well! Photo of Fati

May 09, 2018

Fati's nerves got the best of her as she was being taken into surgery, but our surgical staff did a great job of comforting her and putting her to sleep in the gentlest way possible. Her surgery was a long one, but was successful, praise the Lord! Will you pray with us that she'll handle the inevitable post-surgery discomfort well? Photo of Fati

May 08, 2018

Fati is in the ward and getting ready for surgery. She's reserved and quiet, a little intimidated by her new surroundings. We're doing our best to make her feel at home and can't wait to get started straightening out these legs! Photo of Fati

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