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  • Age7
  • Conditionbowed legs
  • Next Appointment 06/09/2021

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Rabiou's Story

Rabiou is a shy little guy with big eyes and an even bigger smile if you're lucky enough to see it. "He was born like all the other babies," his mother tells us, "but he is not like all the other babies." When Rabiou got to the age where he began t… Read more

Rabiou is a shy little guy with big eyes and an even bigger smile if you're lucky enough to see it. "He was born like all the other babies," his mother tells us, "but he is not like all the other babies." When Rabiou got to the age where he began to walk, his family noticed a slight curvature in his legs. They prayed his legs would straighten themselves out as he grew, but the curvature just got worse. They did their best to shield Rabiou from the community, but he was greeted with shock, and sometimes even disgust, every time he went out. Thankfully, Rabiou's father befriended a man who worked at the local hospital. When this man first met Rabiou, he immediately told them about us here at CURE Niger. Rabiou's family were blown away to find out that Rabiou's legs could be corrected and wasted no time in making the journey here to our hospital!

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Latest Updates

Feb 18, 2021

Rabiou was right! He was getting closer to his recovery and has been discharged from our hospital. Rabiou will visit us in three months for a follow-up appointment. Hopefully, he will be able to run soon and be free of any pain and sickness! May he continue to see God's hands on his life as he returns home. Please pray for a safe journey!

Feb 11, 2021

Yes, the picture is in the right position! Rabiou insisted to see the world from a different angle and not from the standard point of view! We accepted his challenge! Through his eyes, we could catch glimpses of joy as this little fellow is getting closer to full recovery. Thank you for all your prayers and all the messages you've been sending! Photo of Rabiou

Feb 05, 2021

Rabiou would be a great actor if he decides to become one! We have no doubt that he could easily play any character he would like to. When we visited him at the guesthouse, he gave us his serious face. His legs are healing nicely, and Rabiou is able to walk around effortlessly. He will have another check-up next week. We are grateful to see Rabiou going so gracefully through his process of healing. Please keep him in prayers! Photo of Rabiou

Feb 03, 2021

Rabiou is back in the ward after having the metal removed from his legs! The removal went very well, and he went to get an x-ray today to verify that his bones are all where they should be. He’s a little goof and played dead while the x-ray was being taken! His legs are pretty straight, but the doctor predicts he’ll most likely need another surgery in the future. We’ll be keeping an eye on him as he continues to grow! Photo of Rabiou

Feb 02, 2021

Rabiou is going into the ER to have the pieces of metal removed from his leg. It is a relatively small procedure, and we are praying for him! Photo of Rabiou

Jan 29, 2021

Rabiou is back with us once again! He was supposed to return earlier, but life has been complicated. Rabiou's mother gave birth, his grandmother broke her leg, and not long after, his grandfather passed away. So, he had to stay at home for another 40 days. It took longer than we anticipated, but now he is here. Please pray for comfort and healing for Rabiou and his family. Photo of Rabiou

May 18, 2020

This morning we said goodbye to Rabiou and a bunch of other longterm patients. "I'm happy, but I'm also sad," said Salamatou from our spiritual team. "We've become very familiar with them." Salamatou has become especially close with Rabiou's mother, who comes often to her office to talk about the message our spiritual team shares. But now Rabiou's mother is going back to a place with no church and very little spiritual support - pray especially for her during this time. On the bright side, even though she can't return in two months for Rabiou's next appointment, his mom's promised to send him with someone else - pray this would really come to fruition so that Rabiou can get the care he needs! Photo of Rabiou

May 14, 2020

Rabiou saw Dr. Karim and got a good progress report today - "He can go home now, but it's really important he comes back after two months," Dr. Karim said, filling us in. "For now, we need to keep the pins in his knees, but if we leave them in too long, his bones could start growing at the wrong angle." The problem is that Rabiou's mother is pregnant and she's already told us it'll be impossible for her to bring Rabiou back in two months. Salamatou from our spiritual team is right now working out a solution with her - pray that they would find a way for Rabiou to return at the right time! Photo of Rabiou

May 08, 2020

Today we found Rabiou eating powdered milk from his hand. "It is soooo good!" he says. "Does your grandmother know you're eating her milk?" we asked him suspecting he was hiding something. "No," he said with his head down. One of our doctors explained to us that Rabiou tries hard to be a good kid, but sometimes he feels ignored. Because of that he tries to do things to get his grandmother's attention - pray that their bond would be strengthened. Photo of Rabiou

May 07, 2020

"I'm sorry for hitting your cast," Rabiou said to his friend Tassiou today. "I'm sorry for hitting your cast too, and I forgive you," his friend replied. It's hard for our patients to say sorry, so this is a huge step for both Rabiou and Tassiou! We're so glad they're learning how to make up and be good friends. Photo of Rabiou

May 06, 2020

Rabiou is pretty excited about the new clothes our spiritual team gave him - at art therapy everyone had a great time throwing their new hats in the air and showing off their new outfits. Earlier, Rabiou pulled us over while he showed his mom what our spiritual team had just given him. "It's good to see him laughing, and CURE Niger has done so much for him," she said. "I thank all the employees for all they have done." Photo of Rabiou

May 05, 2020

This morning Salamatou from our spiritual team gave our guesthouse patients a treat - Legos! We were amazed when we found all the kids playing quietly together...we've NEVER witnessed that kind of order or peace at our patient guesthouse! But Rabiou, ever the one to stir up conflict, decided things were too chill and made a Lego gun - he especially struggles with teamwork and building other patients up instead of tearing them down - we really pray that Rabiou would see something different here at CURE Niger, and learn how to interact well with other patients. Photo of Rabiou

May 04, 2020

Today as he came out from his bandage changes, we realized that Rabiou does not need the help of walkers anymore! Later today, as he came out of art therapy, he yelled "I got a toy snake" he kept on repeating. Rabiou explained to us that he is going to take good care of his toy until he goes home - he wants to prank his friends. Please pray with us as he stays a little longer. Photo of Rabiou

May 01, 2020

Rabiou's hanging out in the shade while his friends run around playing with a tennis ball - he doesn't seem at all bothered that he can't keep up yet. He actually seems happier to let his friends entertain him while he relaxes! On another note, Rabiou wants to thank you all for your get well messages - now he knows there are people all over the world praying for him! Photo of Rabiou

Apr 30, 2020

Rabiou definitely won the sticker-grabbing competition earlier this morning at our guesthouse, and he's showing them off! "I am more happy here than at home," Rabiou told us yesterday. COVID-19 travel restrictions are making it difficult to leave, "But I don't feel stuck here," he continued. The only downside of being here is being away from his siblings, so we pray that he could make great friendships with other kids while he waits. Photo of Rabiou

Apr 29, 2020

You are witnessing the explosion that used to be Rabiou's water balloon ... RIP. This morning in art therapy our patients drew their happiest day, then played water balloon catch, ate treats, and talked about the importance of filling their minds with good memories instead of bad - for Rabiou and lots of other patients who've lived through very painful things, that could take some work. Even so, Rabiou kept nodding and agreeing the whole time Georgiana was explaining - pray that the message of true hope would really sink in. Photo of Rabiou

Apr 28, 2020

“Rabiou used to be so closed off,” his mom told us today, "But now things have changed.” He loves hanging out with other patients at our guesthouse when he's not working hard at learning to walk again. “Rabiou is struggling but he is motivated,” his mom also told us. “I can see how painful it is for him … but he wants to be healed as soon as possible.” She always tells him to be patient and reminds him that the day will come when he can run again . Pray that soon his mother’s prediction would come true! Photo of Rabiou

Apr 27, 2020

Rabiou is a little rascal - one of Rabiou's friends told Rabiou to sit still so that he could draw him. Rabiou then posed for the portrait by by making faces at his friend. In art therapy he was asked to draw an answered prayer - he drew his dad, because he prayed for him and he was healed from a stomach problem. "I don't pray a lot," says Rabiou, "Just when things are really bad." We pray that Rabiou would know that God is a great father who wants to talk with him no matter how things are going. He is ready to go home but due to COVID-19 travel restrictions he will be stuck here at CURE Niger. Please for the patience to wait a few weeks. Photo of Rabiou

Apr 24, 2020

Rabiou is taking his first steps with straight legs ... ever! It's been a long road for him - two years, three surgeries, and COVID-19 travel restrictions haven't made things easy, but he's stuck with it and God's been taking care of him all along the way. Pray for Rabiou as he starts up - that his legs would strengthen quickly and he'd be sure of himself soon. Photo of Rabiou

Apr 17, 2020

Rabiou is back early, but for a good reason—when his mom saw worms in his surgical wound, Mandia knew she had to get her son to CURE Niger right away. Despite COVID-19 transportation bans, she found an authorized vehicle, paid almost double the normal price, and travelled 400 miles to get here. She came on faith that CURE would not only be able to help her with the costs of treatment, but also if need be, the costs of transport home. If not, she would have not known how she could afford the trip, and no one knows what would have happened to Rabiou given his infection. Please keep praying for our patients especially those who can’t come to us due to travel restrictions. Pray that those who need it, just like Rabiou, will find a way to get here. P.S. This story has a happy ending—Rabiou's wound is now cleaned out. He is free from infection and is staying at our guesthouse until he sees our doctor next week. "People in our village even said how much straighter his legs are!” Rabiou’s mom told us. Photo of Rabiou

Mar 12, 2020

Rabiou is stretching out, and for good reason - yesterday he saw Dr. Karim and got the go ahead to start walking again! He's already exchanged his 'wheelchair' casts for walking ones, and now it's almost time to begin. But Rabiou won't start practicing here - he has six weeks before his next appointment, so he and his mom are taking advantage of the long gap to head home. Pray that his family would be a great support for him as he takes his first steps with straight legs - pray also that he would really make progress and work hard to learn how to walk again! Photo of Rabiou

Mar 05, 2020

Rabiou now has many many four-wheeled friends - last week a set of hand-crank bikes came on our shipping container, and almost everyone at the guesthouse is taking advantage of them - instead of being one of the few patients in a wheelchair, now Rabiou is just one of the crowd, or rather, in this instance, leading the crowd! Photo of Rabiou

Feb 28, 2020

During morning chapel, Rabiou seems to drift off into a dreamworld more often than not - but this week when Hannatou, our spiritual director, started talking about Jesus healing a man who couldn't walk, his ears perked up and he got an attentive look in his eyes. His own healing process is going well - his legs are getting stronger, and hopefully soon he'll be able to ditch the casts. Because of a minor infection he exchanged his old art-covered kicks for fresh ones. Thank God for his improvement and pray that he would internalize the chapel message, that Jesus really does heal our physical ailments! Photo of Rabiou

Feb 21, 2020

As usual, Rabiou & Co. are up to mischief. But mischief is a sign of health - he got his bandage changed today and is continuing to improve. We asked him what he was up to lately - "Just the usual," he responded, then laughed like he had some secret plan - we wonder what he's up to this time. Photo of Rabiou

Feb 14, 2020

It's exciting to see formerly shy Rabiou joining in the fun and games. He's doing so well that it might be soon time to go home - on Wednesday the doctors will do a check-up and decide. Pray that he would keep on benefiting from the warm community at the guesthouse until then! Photo of Rabiou

Feb 10, 2020

Rabiou is recovering at our guesthouse this week. While he still has a good amount of healing to do, it’s exciting to see him sitting with his legs no longer curved, but straight! Photo of Rabiou

Feb 03, 2020

Rabiou had a slew of visitors this morning. First Salamatou from our spiritual staff (pictured) spent some time talking and praying with Rabiou and his mom. Then, not long after, the doctors came by and discharged this young man! Since Rabiou lives far away, he's going to be staying in our guesthouse as he finished healing up. Photo of Rabiou

Jan 30, 2020

First day after surgery and Rabiou isn't feeling so hot. It's understandable giving the big procedure he just had, but please be praying for him as our nurses look after him and we work on getting him back to his playful self! Photo of Rabiou

Jan 29, 2020

Rabiou had his surgery! The doctors straightened his left leg and revised his right leg. Please pray for this little man as he recovers! Photo of Rabiou

Jan 28, 2020

Rabiou has been admitted to the ward for his next surgery! He's not exactly excited about being back in the ward as all his friends are in the guest house, running around, and playing, but he knows it's important and it brings him one step closer to having straight legs! Photo of Rabiou

Jan 23, 2020

It's been almost a year since we last saw Rabiou and he is back! The doctors saw him and have scheduled him for his next surgery as his legs still have a slight bend to them. It's a long process, but Rabiou has a great attitude about it and we love having him around! Photo of Rabiou

Feb 21, 2019

Two big pieces of news for you today. 1) Rabiou learned the Bible story about Saul/Paul's conversion and 2) he got the ok to go home! He's pumped to go see all his friends again and we'll see him for a check up in three months time! Photo of Rabiou

Feb 12, 2019

Rabiou has a bandage change and wound cleaning appointment today. Since he's got the home court advantage of living at the hospital for the time being, he and his mom showed up early, putting them at the front of the line. The down side of this plan is that Rabiou is pretty tired so he tucked his knees up into his sweatshirt and passed out! We love this little guy both when he's an energetic little laugh box and when he's having some down time! Photo of Rabiou

Feb 05, 2019

Rabiou was seen by the doctors and the pain in his leg was from a surgical screw that was starting to poke out. The doctors were able to remove it quickly and Rabiou is back to his smiley and laughy self!

Jan 24, 2019

Our little guy is back! He is doing better but his right leg has been hurting, he hopes to see the doctor soon. Today we had visitors, they are weekly volunteers that stop by to play with the kids. Rabiou got some special attention from one of our volunteers, she helped him glue his craft together. Pray for him as he waits for an appointment! Photo of Rabiou

Oct 12, 2018

https://youtu.be/3jgGH57OWXk Rabiou is doing great after surgery! Mandia, his mom, said he was in a little pain last night, but you'd never be able to know with how big his smiles were this morning! We've been working with him a little bit here and there to develop a secret handshake. It generally goes against the rules to share secret handshakes, but Rabiou said it would be ok if we filmed it for you as a thank you for the get well messages you've been sending!

Oct 11, 2018

Surgery complete! Rabiou had a procedure called an osteotomy on his right leg. Dr Milka (on the left) took a wedge out of one of the bones beneath his knee. With this wedge missing, she was able to correct the angle of the bone and straighten everything out! Rabiou is out of the OR now and sleeping off the rest of the drugs. We can't wait to get to chat with him and be with him when he sees his new, straight leg! Photo of Rabiou

Oct 09, 2018

So Rabiou is back! His legs have finally evened out length-wise (even though you can't tell from this picture as he's leaning). With that one problem down, it's time to attack the curvature problem. Rabiou was admitted to the ward and he'll be going in for surgery on his right leg shortly in order to straighten in out! He doesn't love being in the ward again, but Mandia, his mom, assures us that he's excited and it's all he's been talking about! Photo of Rabiou

Jul 16, 2018

Yet again, Rabiou has gone home, but not until after he got to participate in a fashion show we hosted here at CURE Niger! He rocked a suit made by a local tailor and loved all the attention! Photo of Rabiou

Jun 20, 2018

Rabiou is back for his follow up appointment! The doctors say he's healing up well, but needs to stay in his cast just a little longer although we did give him a new cast as he completely destroyed his old one! After his appointment, Rabiou joined us for an art therapy session where he decorated a frame for a photo of himself. This gave us a chance to sit down with him and explain that we're all made in God's image and He loves us all more than we can imagine! Photo of Rabiou

Apr 26, 2018

Rabiou stopped by for his follow up appointment and we had some bad news to give him. His surgery wound isn't healing up and actually looks like it's gotten bigger. Turns out that he's been scratching the wound which has aggravated it. As a result, he got a cast on his leg today to keep him from making it worse. It'll be a more uncomfortable situation, but it'll give the wound a chance to heal up properly! Photo of Rabiou

Apr 05, 2018

Rabiou came back for a quick wound cleaning and bandage change today. He's still running around and being his happy little self. His mother, Mandia, is optimistic about his future now that he has had his surgery! Photo of Rabiou

Mar 20, 2018

Since Rabiou had such a small surgery he didn't even end up needing any casts! The doctors have kept an eye on his legs and he's doing great. So great, in fact, that he got discharged to finish healing up at home! Photo of Rabiou

Mar 15, 2018

Rabiou's surgery went great! The doctors attempted a minimally invasive procedure that should help his body correct itself. The surgical staff blocked the growth plates for both of his tibias (one of the bones beneath the knee in your leg) which will prevent these bones from growing while the other bones are left free. As Rabiou continues to grow, the discrepancies in growth will straighten his legs right out! Photo of Rabiou

Mar 14, 2018

Rabiou is a little nervous being in a new setting with new people, but we're doing our best to welcome him and show him how excited we are that he's here! Photo of Rabiou

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