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  • Age7
  • Conditioncastable clubfoot
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Moujahidou's Story

Moujahidou is an energetic young man who refuses to be held back. Given his lot in life, this attitude betrays his incredible strength. Moujahidou was born with a clubfoot, a condition that, more often than not, relegates children and adults to the… Read more

Moujahidou is an energetic young man who refuses to be held back. Given his lot in life, this attitude betrays his incredible strength. Moujahidou was born with a clubfoot, a condition that, more often than not, relegates children and adults to the sidelines of life here in Niger. This simple physical difference becomes a life-long identity and shame, not only for the person with the disability, but for the entire family. Moujahidou has come here to CURE Niger with his father, Maman, after being referred here by a health clinic in their region of Niger. Unfortunately, Maman has not been very involved in parenting Moujahidou and, as a result, there was a mix up in what Moujahidou was here for. Our little guy was initially admitted to the ward for surgery based on his medical history as told by his father. Strangely, some of of the physical signs we were seeing didn't line up with what the father had told us. Luckily, Moujahidou is old enough to tell us some of his own medical history and we learned how he received some clubfoot casting in the past which means we can finish curing his clubfoot that way and no need for an invasive surgery! Praise God for the catch and pray with us as Moujahidou starts the clubfoot casting process once again!

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Latest Updates

Mar 05, 2018

We apologize that our CUREkids Coordinator was out on assignment these last two weeks, but Mujahidou did recover from his malaria and did receive his surgery! He was admitted to CURE Niger on February 21st and had his surgery the same day. The surgery went great and the doctors were able to successfully release his tendon which was the last step in his clubfoot treatment process. He was discharged on February 23rd and we should be seeing him again in early April for his follow up appointment!

Feb 16, 2018

Bad news on the Mujahidou front, he was in earlier to get his mandatory blood test before surgery. We just need to make sure he's not sick with anything that would make a run of the mill surgery, like the one he needs, dangerous. His tests came back showing he had malaria which is rather common here, especially this time of year. We were able to get him the medication he needs and we'll see him again when he's better and reschedule his surgery!

Feb 08, 2018

Moujahidou did indeed make it back to us today along with his uncle! He saw the doctor like he was supposed to do last week and everything is looking good. The foot has been successfully bent into a better position and Moujahidou is ready for surgery next week. It'll just be a small surgery where some of the tendons will be lengthened, allowing Moujahidou's foot to rest comfortably and not be pulled back into a clubbed position! Photo of Moujahidou

Feb 07, 2018

We gave our man a call today as we didn't see him last week and then he was a no show again yesterday. It turns out that his uncle who usually brings him is traveling for work and they couldn't make it to the hospital. Moujahidou's uncle should be getting back soon and they should be here again possibly as early as tomorrow, but, if not, definitely next week!

Jan 23, 2018

Moujahidou is back! He got his old cast taken off and lucked out as his mom offered to wash off his leg instead of making him do it himself! Soon after this, Moujahidou had his next cast applied and was sent home. He has an appointment with the doctor scheduled for next week in order to see how he's coming along and how many more casts he'll need! Photo of Moujahidou

Jan 17, 2018

Most kids are nervous and crying while going through their casting process, but Moujahidou was just smiling and making funny faces the whole time! The first cast is finished and we'll see him again next week for round two! Photo of Moujahidou

Jan 16, 2018

Moujahidou will still need a little surgery on one of the tendons in his foot later on, but he's happy to put it off a few weeks while he goes through the casting process. We're excited to have this guy around and can't wait to see that foot straightened out! Photo of Moujahidou

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