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  • Age12
  • Conditiona bone condition
  • Currently In Hospital

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The picture above is of CURE in Niger. Everyone who serves with CURE in Niger, from medical professionals to office staff, are dedicated to providing the highest quality medical and spiritual care to people who, without CURE, couldn't find it and couldn't afford it, just like Djamila. To do that, we're inviting you to partner with us.

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Djamila's Story

"I want to dance," Djamila tells us shyly as we ask her what she's most looking forward to once she's healed. Something as simple and joy fueled as dancing is a natural expression for many of us, but a distant dream for Djamila. She was born with w… Read more

"I want to dance," Djamila tells us shyly as we ask her what she's most looking forward to once she's healed. Something as simple and joy fueled as dancing is a natural expression for many of us, but a distant dream for Djamila. She was born with what is essentially a broken bone in her lower leg. It's two bones where one should be. She's had to live with the deformity every day. She's made the best of it, but she is often on the receiving end of cruel jokes at school and vicious gossip around town. More than anything, Djamila just wants to fit in, to feel like she belongs. Thankfully, a distant relative of Djamila's found out about us here at CURE Niger and passed on our message of hope. Now, Djamila has walked through our doors and, together, we will start the journey of healing!

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Latest Updates


Djamila is in the ward today. She will be getting surgery today since even though the bend in her leg is fixed, her left leg is now shorter than her right. "I'm excited because I'm going to be better than I am now when I'm healed," Djamila said when we asked her if she was afraid of going into surgery. Pray for her so that everything may go well and as planned! Photo of Djamila


Djamila got to make a life-sized drawing of herself! Our Art Therapist had Djamila lay down on a piece of paper and then traced her body outline. Djamila then did her hair, clothes, and everything the way she wanted. When we took a picture of her with her drawing she said that this was a fun project because the drawing was traced around her so she felt as if it was her! Photo of Djamila

Mar 13, 2019

Today, Djamila participated in art therapy! As we cut and glued, we got a chance to talk. Djamila was making jokes and making everyone laugh. We asked her if she one day wanted to become a comedian and she said "absolutely not!" She does not know what she wants to be, but definitely NOT a comedian. It is good to see Djamila enjoying herself. Photo of Djamila

Mar 07, 2019

Damila had the opportunity to see the doctor today. He told her that she needs to use her left leg more so it keeps getting stronger. If she doesn't, she will have a bad limp. Djamila says that her left leg doesn't hurt, but she feels more comfortable putting most of her weight one her right leg. Please remember Djamila in your prayers so that she may learn to use both legs instead of favoring her right leg. Photo of Djamila

Mar 01, 2019

Djamila (second from the left) came back for her check up! Overall, the doctors are happy with her progress, but they did notice that her leg is bending out ever so slightly which could be nothing or could be something. They put her in to get an x-ray and she'll come back in a few weeks for another follow up which will give the doctors more information to work with as they decide what the best way to move forward is! Photo of Djamila

Oct 18, 2018

Djamila finally stopped back for her follow up appointment! She got told off a little because she's been avoiding using her casted foot when she was told she needs to be walking on it. Using her foot, at this point in her healing, will help strengthen her bone which needs to happen before the cast is taken off. Otherwise, though, she's doing great! She's heading back home now and will be back for another check up in a while. Please be praying she has the determination and dedication to walk on her foot like the doctors have told her to! Photo of Djamila

Aug 17, 2018

Today was an exciting day for Djamila! She had her cast taken off, an x-ray taken, and a doctor's appointment all in the space of a few hours. The good news is that she's coming along nicely. The bad news is that she's not quite there yet. After the doctor's appointment, Djamila had another cast put on and she'll wear that one home until she comes back for another follow up appointment in a few month's time! Photo of Djamila

Aug 09, 2018

Today, Djamila became our intern's intern. We have a Storyteller intern here at the CURE Niger CUREkids program helping us out and learning the ropes. In turn, Djamila was helping him out as he was juggling lenses in order to get the best photo! We're super thankful for her helping heart! Photo of Djamila

Aug 02, 2018

Since Djamila lives pretty far away and journey is quite difficult, it makes more sense for her to hang out here at the hospital until her next appointment rather than going home. We're big fans of this as it means we get to hang out with her more AND it means we get to deliver your get well messages to her like we did today! She's thankful for all the prayers and just as excited as you all are to get better! Photo of Djamila

Jul 26, 2018

Djamila made it back for another follow up appointment, but unfortunately, while her leg is indeed making slow progress, it isn't quite where it needs to be just yet and Djamila had another, albeit smaller, cast put on. This cast will stick around for another few weeks and we'll take a look to see how things are going! Photo of Djamila

Apr 26, 2018

Yet another follow up appointment for Djamila and things are looking good! There are no signs of any complications and Djamila has been asked to come back in about a month's time! Photo of Djamila

Mar 12, 2018

Djamila stopped in for her follow up appointment! The doctors said everything is looking good and she can come back in another six weeks to get the wires removed from her leg! Photo of Djamila

Jan 26, 2018

This was Djamila's smile right after the doctor looked her over and said she can be discharged from the ward! Since she lives a long way away from CURE Niger, she'll be staying in our guest house for a little bit. There she can hang out with other kids healing up as well as have easy access to our doctors and nurses! Photo of Djamila

Jan 25, 2018

Our little lady is recovery incredibly well! She claims she doesn't have any pain and is ready to get back to her friends although the doctors say she has to stay in the ward just a little longer. Photo of Djamila

Jan 24, 2018

Djamila had her surgery today and everything went stunningly well! The doctors were able to connect the two bones, cast her up, and she is on her way to walking around! Please be praying that her healing process is fast and complication free! Photo of Djamila

Jan 23, 2018

Djamila has made it to us and has been admitted to the ward for her upcoming surgery! We're ready to get this little one dancing! Photo of Djamila

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