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  • Age14
  • Conditiona limb deformity
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Ahmed's Story

Ahmed comes from Agadez area, up north near Saharan desert. Both of his parents passed away and he lives with his grandmother Fatima. Tanalher, a neighbor of his family, has brought him to CURE, traveling three days with her twin babies. Our new gu… Read more

Ahmed comes from Agadez area, up north near Saharan desert. Both of his parents passed away and he lives with his grandmother Fatima. Tanalher, a neighbor of his family, has brought him to CURE, traveling three days with her twin babies. Our new guests speak the Tuareg language so we have enlisted the help of one our staff to help translate their story.

In Ahmed’s town lives a man, probably a missionary, who used to visit the school where he studies. When he saw him, he told his family that they should bring him to Niamey in order to have a consultation at CURE Hospital. Ahmed was born with a limb deformity. He can't extend his arms and his legs, he can’t walk properly and always needs a stick to support him as he moves. In his family, both Ahmed and his older brother have this disability. This man had a difficult time convincing the family to allow Ahmed to travel to Niamey. This good samaritan has helped him reach the hospital, along with Tanalher. Ahmed will have surgery next week and we are so impressed by the exhausting trip he has made to get here! We are glad to welcome them here and we are looking forward to seeing him healed! Welcome Ahmed!

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Latest Updates

Aug 21, 2017

Ahmed slipped out on us this weekend and went home! He completed his physical therapy last week and was given some leg braces to wear when he is sleeping. The doctors say all that's left to do is for him to wear the braces and continue walking so his legs strengthen up! We're not sure Ahmed even knew he was leaving so soon as he forgot his tablet in our office. The pastor who initially brought Ahmed to us evidently came by on Saturday, picked him up, and they were off! Ahmed is scheduled to come back for a follow up appointment in several months. Please be praying for Ahmed as he adjusts back to his home after being with us for almost two whole years!

Aug 11, 2017

It's been another week full of physical therapy and Bible stories for Ahmed! He's managed to download Tuareg, Hausa, and French versions of the Bible on his little tablet! He's also practicing reading in English so we wouldn't be surprised if one of those follows as well! Photo of Ahmed

Jul 25, 2017

Our apologies. We just noticed that the video from our update last week didn't link. Here is the link:

Jul 25, 2017

We had some visitors from the USA today who taught the Bible story of Esther to Ahmed and the rest of the kids! Photo of Ahmed

Jul 20, 2017

Ahmed has now been to four out of four of his physical therapy appointments (called "massage" by the kids)! We've had to physically carry him to two of them and there has been plenty of crying, but he has made it through them all! He even has moments of having a good attitude about it. You can see him in this video applying lotion to his legs right before our therapist begins!

Jul 12, 2017

Ahmed made it to his physical therapy appointment today! It was a rough appointment with a lot of shouting and tears, but he was there. It's hard to motivate him in the absence of a parent or guardian here so please continue to pray with us. His next appointment is scheduled for Friday. Photo of Ahmed

Jul 11, 2017

Ahmed spent the day blowing bubbles and enjoying some attention from several visitors. He's got a physical therapy appointment tomorrow that he's agreed to go to as long as we go with him, so it's a step in the right direction! Photo of Ahmed

Jul 04, 2017

Two updates on Ahmed today! 1. Now that Ahmed's legs are all fixed up, we've been looking more seriously at the state of things with his arms. Both arms have a slight webbing around the elbow so, while still functional, they don't have a full range of motion. The doctors have looked closely into the condition and determined that an operation would be too risky. There is a high chance that a surgery could mess with his nerves and end up paralyzing both arms. 2. With the news about Ahmed's arms, that means his legs are the last thing we can help him with. He's had all the surgeries he needs and he should be partaking in regular physical therapy to ensure his legs don't regress. The physical therapy is painful and hard and, because of this, Ahmed has started refusing to go. We've explained to him how important it is and told him that if he continues to refuse, he will have to go home. Please be praying that God strengthens Ahmed's tolerance and will to finish strong as we don't want to send him home before he is fully healed, but, if he continues in this way, we will have to. Photo of Ahmed

Jun 30, 2017

Ahmed is over the moon as he got to go on a little field trip to the Nigerien zoo with our art therapist and her son! Photo of Ahmed

Jun 20, 2017

Ahmed had some art therapy today, but opted for the legos instead of the traditional crayons and paper. Our art therapist said it still counts! Photo of Ahmed

Jun 09, 2017

Ahmed has had a nice and relaxing week. No medical procedures, just hanging out and growing those leg muscles! Photo of Ahmed

Jun 05, 2017

Ahmed is motoring around the hospital faster than ever before with those new legs and walking stick! He spent the morning visiting and comforting the kids in the ward who are going into surgery this week. Photo of Ahmed

Jun 02, 2017

Ahmed spent the day hanging out with our Spiritual Department and learning about the Bible story of the woman with the pot of oil that never ran out! Photo of Ahmed

May 30, 2017

Ahmed has confiscated one of the hospital broom handles to use as a walking stick. It's less cumbersome than his walker, but still gives him support as he gets strengthens his legs up! Photo of Ahmed

May 26, 2017

So Ahmed's bandage free life was rather short lived as he got them replaced today. But, he's started walking around the hospital without any walker now! It's slow and tires him out, but he loves the independence and is slowly getting stronger!

May 23, 2017

Ahmed is proud that he figured out how to download a French and a Hausa version of the Bible onto his tablet! He also got the rest of his bandages off today! Photo of Ahmed

May 15, 2017

Ahmed had a little issue with his tablet, but we were able to fix it and this smile was our reward! Photo of Ahmed

May 12, 2017

Ahmed raided our paper supply so he could draw some pictures of us today! Photo of Ahmed

May 11, 2017

We had our first real rain in months today, but Ahmed didn't let it stop him from making it to chapel this morning! Photo of Ahmed

May 10, 2017

Ahmed's getting pretty good with his tablet, but we've had to give him a time limit so he doesn't just spend all day inside playing with it! Photo of Ahmed

May 09, 2017

"Take a picture of me being a boy scout!" Photo of Ahmed

May 08, 2017

Ahmed beat us into the office today so he got the boss chair. Photo of Ahmed

May 05, 2017

Ahmad has repurposed the box he received his Operation Christmas Child gift in back at Christmas into a chair for the day! Photo of Ahmed

May 04, 2017

Ahmad managed to insert himself into an art therapy session with a few of his friends this evening. He wasn't originally scheduled to, but no one could complain with a cheeky smile like that! Photo of Ahmed

May 03, 2017

Some days you get the best of the puzzles and some days they best you. Photo of Ahmed

May 02, 2017

We found some crayon grafitti around the guest house. It wasn't to hard to figure out who the perpetrator was! Photo of Ahmed

Apr 28, 2017

Ahmed borrowed our phone today so he could call his pastor from home for a little chat as the pastor is scheduled to stop by the hospital here shortly! Photo of Ahmed

Apr 27, 2017

Ahmed laughs as he gets caught trying to con our art therapist out of more candy! Photo of Ahmed

Apr 26, 2017

Ahmed is from a people group called the Tuaregs. They're known for wearing turban-esque face coverings to keep the sun off of them and Ahmed decided to improvise one with a scarf he found laying around! Photo of Ahmed

Apr 25, 2017

Ahmed went ahead and got himself a little malaria, but no worries! With a quick test, we got him the medication he needs and he'll be back to 100% in no time! Photo of Ahmed

Apr 13, 2017

We're working on getting a few educational apps put on this tablet so we can channel Ahmad's love of electronics into something productive! Also a heads up, there are several national holidays approaching so updates will be sparse for the next week or so. Photo of Ahmed

Apr 12, 2017

Ahmad loves to rock the "duck face" in photos. Probably not the most flattering face choice, but he makes it work! Photo of Ahmed

Apr 11, 2017

We were able to get Ahmad to put down the electronics and take part in some arts and crafts today! Photo of Ahmed

Apr 10, 2017

Ahmad got ahold of a little CURE flashdrive, but valued it more as a telescope (of sorts) than a digital storage device! Photo of Ahmed

Apr 07, 2017

We spent some time hanging out with Ahmad and his friend Nafiou in Ahmad's room this morning! Photo of Ahmed

Apr 05, 2017

With temperatures sky-rocketing around here, Ahmad makes sure he stays hydrated. He knows what's up! Photo of Ahmed

Apr 04, 2017

All your get well messages to Ahmad congratulating him on walking had him feeling on top of the world today!!! Photo of Ahmed

Apr 03, 2017

It's a big day over here! Today Ahmad demonstrated how he can walk unassisted. It's not fast, but it's a huge deal! He also got hooked up with a new walker that let's him get around the hospital even faster!

Mar 30, 2017

We have quite a few of our long-term, guest house patients in the ward this week so Ahmad's been making almost daily ward rounds to visit them all! Photo of Ahmed

Mar 29, 2017

We like to give out little FujiFilm prints to each of our patients so while we went around taking those photos, Ahmad grabbed our digital camera and took his own shots! Photo of Ahmed

Mar 28, 2017

One of Ahmad's friends is going in for surgery today so he spent the morning in the ward visiting with and comforting her. Photo of Ahmed

Mar 27, 2017

Ahmad is back at his cross stitching today! It's a dog and tree this time! Photo of Ahmed

Mar 24, 2017

Ahmad got discharged back to the guesthouse today! He's pumped, but the 'not pumped face' in this photo is a result of us not letting him play with our camera. Photo of Ahmed

Mar 23, 2017

Still just hanging out in the ward, but Ahamad's personality has come back right along with a pair of sunglasses that the child of one of our staff members (and a friend of Ahmad's) gifted him! Photo of Ahmed

Mar 22, 2017

Ahmad has been here so long that he feels like one of the family. While the ward isn't the most fun place to hang out, he does have a constant stream of our staff coming in to check on him and hang out as we can see here! Photo of Ahmed

Mar 21, 2017

Ahmad's surgery went stunningly yesterday! It was essentially to fine tune the muscle relocation surgery he had done last time where a muscle was moved from the back of his knee to the front in order to keep his leg from contracting back the way it was. Our man is a little bit muted today and just wants to go back to the guesthouse! Photo of Ahmed

Mar 20, 2017

Ahmad's going back in for another surgery today! He's not pumped about it, but he's got a good attitude about what needs to be done. Photo of Ahmed

Mar 16, 2017

We were able to capture this shot of Ahmad checking out some of the photos you've all sent him in your get well messages. He appreciates prayers and the attention always makes him feel special! Photo of Ahmed

Mar 15, 2017

One of the mothers in the guest house taught Ahmad how to cross stitch and he's spending the day working on a little handkerchief! Photo of Ahmed

Mar 14, 2017

Ahmad hanging out with the crew. It's hot here, which makes for not great nights of sleep, which means everyone is tired, which means you'll notice two of the crew napping on the ground to Ahmad's left! Photo of Ahmed

Mar 13, 2017

Our man is starting off the week getting back at us for all the photos we take of him (the photo he took was a good photo, but less than flattering for us!) Photo of Ahmed

Mar 10, 2017

There was no one on the other end, but Ahmad pretended to have a full conversation anyway. Photo of Ahmed

Mar 08, 2017

Ahmad got a few songs on his phone from some musicians who are from the same tribe as he is and he has been rocking them all day long!

Mar 07, 2017

Everyone else was painting pieces of paper on the floor. It's hard for Ahmad to sit on the floor, so he just painted his cast instead! Photo of Ahmed

Mar 06, 2017

Ahmad is feeling better today and hanging out with some of our guests in reception. He is also (of course) stealing their phones to play with! Photo of Ahmed

Mar 03, 2017

Our man had a cast bending today where they cut part of the cast so they can bend his leg a little straighter and then refresh the plaster on that part of the cast. It can be a little painful and Ahmad tried to boycott the whole thing before he got forced to go. He didn't have fun, but he's fine! Photo of Ahmed

Mar 02, 2017

Today's art therapy turned into a little bit of play time with a giant balloon ball! Photo of Ahmed

Mar 01, 2017

It's another relaxing day spent sitting outside the guesthouse. No cast or bandages on the to-do list, just good old fashioned let-the-body-do-its-thing healing! Photo of Ahmed

Feb 28, 2017

Today's craft was ladybugs. Our man was so into it, he wasn't even asking to use people's smart phones like he usually does! Photo of Ahmed

Feb 27, 2017

Ahmad has had a rough day. He had another cast change today with some painful pushing and pulling of the leg to get it where it needs to be. There were some tears, but he had some tasty snacks waiting for him at home so that helped a little bit. Photo of Ahmed

Feb 23, 2017

Continuing with the vehicle theme this week, Ahmad checked out the newest addition to our playground today, the mini-bus! He called all aboard and claimed we were driving to America. Photo of Ahmed

Feb 22, 2017

Any type of technology is a magnet for these kids, so Ahmad understanding it pretty well makes him a little bit of a rockstar around here. Photo of Ahmed

Feb 21, 2017

Our man is still on a motorcycle kick, but it's trying on helmets today! Photo of Ahmed

Feb 20, 2017

Ahmad's starting out the week with a tough guy pose in front of our facility manager's motorcycle! Photo of Ahmed

Feb 17, 2017

We were able to read Ahmad a few get well messages today and we sneakily turned on our webcam so we could capture some of his reactions! Thank you all for your continued love and prayer for this guy! Photo of Ahmed

Feb 16, 2017

It's art therapy day today with some intense water colours! Photo of Ahmed

Feb 15, 2017

Our man got another cast put on today, but no surgery. It was put on after some pushing and pulling on his leg, essentially bending things in the way they will need to go in order to make his next surgery easier! Photo of Ahmed

Feb 14, 2017

Heart craft hats were fitting for Valentine's Day and our guy certainly got into it! Photo of Ahmed

Feb 10, 2017

Ahmad is back!!!! He says he had a great time at home, but we're sure happy he's back. He also picked up a phone while he was home which one our other patients is helping him set up the SIM card for in this photo! The phone has a camera so Ahmad has been walking around all day taking photos of everyone! Photo of Ahmed

Jan 27, 2017

So the pastor stopped by today and Ahmad is officially leaving on Sunday morning, not today like he was over-excitedly telling everyone. This said, our man is still excited and still going around trying to get photos with everyone, like with our Assistant Director Habib here in this photo! Photo of Ahmed

Jan 26, 2017

Big news on the Ahmad front! First of all, Ahmad got his cast off today and his leg looks great! It'd be an understatement to say he's merely happy about it. The next big thing is that the pastor who originally brought Ahmad to us back in 2015 is currently in Niamey and has business again in Niamey in about ten days. He's offered to bring Ahmad home with him and then back to us. Ahmad is PUMPED to be able to go home, even if just for a few days. He's collecting photos of himself and different hospital staff members and trying to convince us to print off even more of him so he can show everyone at home! We're so excited he has this opportunity. If everything goes as planned, he'll be leaving tomorrow! Photo of Ahmed

Jan 25, 2017

Today our spiritual staff told the kids the Bible story where the sick man is lowered through the roof in order to get to Jesus. Then, once the story was told, everyone got a coloring page to color in and drive home the point. Ahmad was a huge help keeping everyone paying attention and was diligent with both his coloring and staying inside the lines! Photo of Ahmed

Jan 24, 2017

Once again, if there is technology around, this guy is on it! At least he's got a friend playing on a phone close by as well! Photo of Ahmed

Jan 23, 2017

One of our previous Executive Directors is coming back for a visit this week and during chapel this morning, Ahmad's prayer request was that he 'make his way safely and soon'. Ahmad's more than a little excited, so excited that he couldn't help clean up the chairs after chapel ended. He just sat there and smiled! Photo of Ahmed

Jan 20, 2017

Ahmad's friend Youmali who was in the hospital a few months ago is back for a few days and the two of them have picked up right where they left off! Photo of Ahmed

Jan 19, 2017

If you haven't picked it up by now, Ahmad loves technology (phones, tablets, etc). While we all went to the playground today, he made the excuse that he wasn't feeling well so we should just let him use our phone to take photos and videos of everything while we all played. Photo of Ahmed

Jan 18, 2017

Another day, another dollar. Ahmad is just hanging out around the house today and enjoying the influx of new young guys to play with! Photo of Ahmed

Jan 16, 2017

Ahmad has declared today 'Funny Face Monday' and he's going all in with it! Photo of Ahmed

Jan 13, 2017

Our man is still going strong with his rabbit mask that he made in art therapy! He busts it out every time we have guests so he can show off a little bit. Photo of Ahmed

Jan 12, 2017

Ahmad had some fun today with the magnetic letters in the art therapy room today. He's one letter off, but we'll let it slide! Photo of Ahmed

Jan 11, 2017

We had some visitors today and Ahmad was really into building his own tower. He also loved the toy dinosaurs they brought! Photo of Ahmed

Jan 10, 2017

Today, Ahmad joined the spiritual staff for their prayer rounds and patient visits. This man likes to be involved in everything! Photo of Ahmed

Jan 09, 2017

Ahmad spent some time hanging out with our admin staff after chapel this morning! Photo of Ahmed

Jan 06, 2017

Ahmad made this mask during one of his art therapy sessions and it has hardly been off his person since then. He's a rabbit and his friend, Chaibou, is a cat! Photo of Ahmed

Jan 03, 2017

Today is art therapy day. Please be praying for Ahmad that, when he is finally all healed, he will able to adjust smoothly to his new role in society after a lifetime of discrimination due his disabilities. Photo of Ahmed

Jan 02, 2017

Ahmad's got his boss outfit on today. Chef, in french, means chief or boss. You can't see it, but his hat reads "Grand Chef" or "Big Boss" and even his shorts say chef! Photo of Ahmed

Dec 30, 2016

Everyone loves a good Friday and Ahmad is no exception. Our man is still healing nicely and causing trouble all around the hospital (in the best way possible of course)! Photo of Ahmed

Dec 29, 2016

It's game day at the hospital with some of our visitors! Healing can be an arduous process, but the daily persistence by our staff and volunteers keeps things fun! Photo of Ahmed

Dec 27, 2016

Our man is a popular guy around the hospital, even making friends with one of our guards, Hamza. Photo of Ahmed

Dec 23, 2016

It's the cold season here, meaning all the winter hats are coming out and Ahmad is no exception! Photo of Ahmed

Dec 22, 2016

Today is art therapy day for our little guy! Photo of Ahmed

Dec 21, 2016

We had some guests stop by the hospital to love on our patients today. One of them had a phone which Ahmad immediately confiscated and found the games! Photo of Ahmed

Dec 16, 2016

Our man is back in high spirits and wearing a necklace as a beard that he made with our art therapist, Julie! He also got discharged from the ward after his surgery this past week and is back living in our guest house. Photo of Ahmed

Dec 15, 2016

The surgery went well yesterday, but Ahmad's pretty sore today. He got his cast loosened a little bit this morning, but it'll most likely be another day or two before he's back to full spirits. That said, we were able to deliver a few of your get well messages today which definitely perked him up a little! Thank you for your continued love and prayers for this guy. Photo of Ahmed

Dec 14, 2016

Ahmad had yet another surgery today. We were able to snap this shot right after he got his cast off (look at that nice and straight leg!) and right before he went into surgery. The doctors are taking a muscle from the back of his knee and essentially putting it in the front which will allow him to keep his leg straight and keep it from going back to its previously bent position! Photo of Ahmed

Dec 13, 2016

Another day, another dollar with this cheeseball. Our man is taking it easy and helping the guesthouse moms de-leaf some veggies today! Photo of Ahmed

Dec 08, 2016

We got to deliver some get well messages to Ahmad today. It may be an understatement to say he merely loves the attention ... Photo of Ahmed

Dec 06, 2016

Ahmad once again joined our spiritual staff on their prayer rounds. He just did all his praying while also popping some bubble wrap he found! Photo of Ahmed

Dec 05, 2016

Our spiritual staff went into the bandage changing room to pray and Ahmad wasn't going to be left out, so he stuck his head in to take part. Photo of Ahmed

Nov 30, 2016

A new cast (from last week) is just a blank canvas for more art work. Photo of Ahmed

Nov 29, 2016

Ahmad getting his CUREbowl on. CUREbowl divides the kids up into two teams and they get chances to chuck a four-square ball at a triangle of bowling pins. The team to get the most pins over several rounds wins! We're still working out the nuances, but it seems to be a crowd pleaser. Photo of Ahmed

Nov 28, 2016

Every day is hot here in Niger, but today is especially humid so Ahmad is pulling off the shirtless look! Photo of Ahmed

Nov 25, 2016

"You are my friends! Why are you hurting me???" Ahmad was shouting during a cast straightening session today. We had to straighten his leg just a little more and while it was not pain free, it wasn't bad enough to warrant knocking him out for it. Yes, there were a few tears and a lot of shouting, but not five minutes after it was done, Ahmad was back to his good old self walking around the hospital, doing his usual thing. No hard feelings on either end! Photo of Ahmed

Nov 24, 2016

We caught up with Ahmad right before he headed into our chapel building where the spiritual staff had set up a little bowling game. We had a few sweets on us that had been left behind by a visiting team. We offered one to Ahmad, but he insisted that we give him multiple so he could make sure everyone bowling got some. He even brought the extras back to us. That's generosity and integrity right there! Photo of Ahmed

Nov 23, 2016

Our man Ahmed is still with us and living in the long term patient housing. He's earned himself the nickname 'Chief' around the hospital due to how long he's been here and the ownership he's taken of the place! Photo of Ahmed

Jul 28, 2016

Ahmad loves camels and he enjoyed painting one on his cast! This cast is a very special one for him because it could be the last! The doctors think that after this cast, which will be taken off tomorrow, he could just have splints to continue stretching his legs. He's looking forward to tomorrow and he is so thankful for your prayers! Photo of Ahmed

Jul 20, 2016

Ahmad works a lot in the physio-therapy room, and now he can walk with only one hand on the bar! Today he also asked the doctors to replace his cast with another one. They first thought that it was because the current cast hurts him, but after a few questions they discovered that he would just like to have a new painting! This boy knows what he wants! He will do an X-ray soon, so the doctors will be able to know if he really needs a new cast or not. Thank you for keeping him in your prayers! Photo of Ahmed

Jul 13, 2016

After a good education session, Ahmad enjoyed a fresh drink given by one of the member of the staff... It gave him a lot of energy and made the reading lesson even nicer and easier! Photo of Ahmed

Jul 11, 2016

A friend brought a surprise for the kids who stay at the Case de Passage today - pop corn and shrimp chips for everyone! Ahmad enjoyed it and wanted to share it with the spiritual team! A good way to start a new week of physiotherapy, re-education, art therapy, literacy and many other activities! Photo of Ahmed

Jul 01, 2016

When Ahmad is not in a physiotherapy consultation, he is a big brother for the other patients who arrive and don't know the hospital as well as he does! Ahmad keeps walking a bit everyday, and he progresses in spite of the fatigue! Hang in there, Ahmad! Photo of Ahmed

Jun 27, 2016

This morning we found Ahmad walking bravely after a long time in the physio-therapy room. Walking is very tiring for him and he needs a lot of courage to keep persevering through his therapy. Please keep him in your prayers! Photo of Ahmed

Jun 20, 2016

Ahmad left his wheelchair and made a few steps this morning with a rollator! The doctors said that he may walk a bit everyday, but he must be careful not to get too tired! He remained serious in front of the camera, to show that he will be wise and listen to the doctor's recommendations! Photo of Ahmed

Jun 16, 2016

The doctors took off Ahmad's cast today, and then he had a painful moment in the radiology and dressing rooms. Thankfully, Aramatou was there to help her dear friend! Now he is resting in the ward, with a new cast which will stretch his left leg a bit more. Thanks for your prayers for him! Photo of Ahmed

Jun 13, 2016

Ahmad starts the week with a lot of tenderness! He is looking forward to having his cast taken off, because it makes is leg ache. As you can see, Miki, the cat, is here to comfort him! Please keep your prayers and messages coming too! Photo of Ahmed

Jun 10, 2016

The physiotherapist said that Ahmad has been so brave today during the exercises, well done Ahmad! When he went out, his friends were there to go back with him at the Case de Passage! Photo of Ahmed

Jun 06, 2016

Ahmad is very proud to show you his new cap! He has started the week in a good mood! Photo of Ahmed

Jun 02, 2016

Discovering Zacheus' story and having fun with Hassamaou! It was a nice morning for Ahmed! Thank you for your prayers for him! Photo of Ahmed

Jun 01, 2016

Here is a new series of very cool casts painted by Julie, our art therapist, for our two girls named Mariama and Ahmed, alias Mickey! Photo of Ahmed

May 23, 2016

Ahmad enjoyed a calm rainy Monday and showed us his huge improvement in reading! We are so encouraged by his strong will to learn during his time at CURE! Photo of Ahmed

May 19, 2016

A cast is much easier to have on when its covered in such a beautiful drawing! Today, Ahmad had a busy morning in the art therapy room, having his cast decorated, writing his name and coloring paper triangles! Photo of Ahmed

May 17, 2016

Ahmed and all the kids discovered Noah's story today! And he enjoyed making a monkey, while the others made lions, crocodiles or elephants! It was so fun, and they all now have a nice souvenir to remember this story! Photo of Ahmed

May 12, 2016

Ahmad is resting in the ward, and he has enjoyed reading "la famille Boda" with Aramatou, who really takes good care of him during these recovery days! Photo of Ahmed

May 10, 2016

Please pray for Ahmad, he is having surgery today. He suffered a bad fall on Sunday and broke his leg. He was so brave while waiting to be admitted in the surgery room! Photo of Ahmed

Jan 14, 2016

Ahmad was happy coloring with his friends this morning right after our devotional time. Thank you for keeping him in your prayers! Photo of Ahmed

Dec 15, 2015

Today we had a little party for our CUREKids Coordinator who is leaving. Ahmad came and had cake but just missed the final group photo! No worries, we still wanted to share this picture with you! Photo of Ahmed

Dec 14, 2015

Is there anything better than sharing a laugh to start the new week? For Ahmad, there’s so much joy in having fun with the other kids! Have a good week! Photo of Ahmed

Dec 11, 2015

Today was a special day, as we said goodbye to our former Executive Director Brian! Ahmad joined in with the whole staff, as we gathered for a small ceremony, to tell him, “Thanks for serving along with us!” We’ll miss him! Photo of Ahmed

Dec 10, 2015

Our handsome boy got a new haircut today! Ahmad and Yasser just love to make funny faces at the camera! We’re so thankful that they have so much fun together! Photo of Ahmed

Dec 09, 2015

Ahmad couldn’t wait to show us the awesome masterpiece he got on his cast! It looks like one of the Three Wise Men bringing his offering to baby Jesus! A very seasonal painting! Photo of Ahmed

Dec 08, 2015

Ahmad and Yasser had a contest to see who could make the biggest smile… I think we can say that both of them won! Photo of Ahmed

Dec 07, 2015

Ahmad got a new cast which will help to straighten his leg! He wanted us to take a photo of it, but he didn’t want to smile, so he stayed very serious for the shot! This guy knows what he wants! Photo of Ahmed

Dec 04, 2015

Ahmad had physiotherapy today, and he was still recovering from it when we saw him! He doesn’t like the sessions, but he definitely needs it. Please, pray for him as he goes through this difficult time! Photo of Ahmed

Dec 03, 2015

We found Ahmad in his favourite place, the art-therapy room! He has made so many nice art pieces since he has been with us! We love to see the kids exploring their creativity! Photo of Ahmed

Dec 02, 2015

This morning, we found Ahmad upset and crying because he didn’t want to go to the physiotherapy room. After a small talk with Tanalher his guardian, he accepted with resignation that it was best for him to go. He turned around and rolled his wheelchair into the room. Sometimes life is hard. Please keep praying for Ahmad. Photo of Ahmed

Dec 01, 2015

Today, Ahmad was quietly waiting for his turn in front of the physiotherapy room. He still needs to exercise his leg to gain more flexibility! Keep working hard, Ahmad! Photo of Ahmed

Nov 30, 2015

Ahmad started the week by hanging around the hospital in his wheelchair. Go Ahmad, go! Photo of Ahmed

Nov 25, 2015

We found Ahmad in the physiotherapy room with these awesome colored shades! We couldn't resist getting a photo and sharing it with you! Photo of Ahmed

Nov 24, 2015

Ahmad had quite an “artsy” day! This morning he was in an art therapy group and this afternoon, he found a cool coloring book he could fill in! Such a busy day! Photo of Ahmed

Nov 23, 2015

Ahmad found a “referred patient card” this morning and wanted to make a picture of it! This is an awesome vote of confidence straight from one of our satisfied patients! Photo of Ahmed

Nov 20, 2015

Ahmad is actually training to become our next Assistant Director. This morning he came into the Executive Director’s office and made himself busy by writing and drawing on the white board! Go Ahmad! Photo of Ahmed

Nov 19, 2015

Ahmad is fine today! As he was hanging around in his wheelchair, he came to our office to say ‘hi’! Hello Ahmad, thanks for visiting! Photo of Ahmed

Nov 18, 2015

We had some visitors today! It’s always nice to have people coming by to play and spend time with the kids, they love it! Ahmad enjoyed that time as well! Photo of Ahmed

Nov 17, 2015

Ahmad had breakfast this morning while Tanalher, his guardian, had some Tuareg tea. That’s the kind of daily scene we love to see! Have a nice day Ahmad! Photo of Ahmed

Nov 16, 2015

Ahmad came with Tanalher, her neighbor who is the mother of little twin babies. This morning, they were comfortably sitting in a box, enjoying the smiles from everyone at the Case de passage! What cuties! Photo of Ahmed

Nov 13, 2015

Ahmad’s happy spirit is back and he went on an adventure this morning all over the hospital with his wheelchair! This is what he loves to do! Keep praying for him! Photo of Ahmed

Nov 12, 2015

Sometimes, we don’t feel like smiling, it’s just not the right moment! This morning, Ahmad seemed to be in that mood! But don’t worry, sooner or later, his smile will come back! Photo of Ahmed

Nov 10, 2015

Ahmad almost feels at home at our hospital! He’s comfortable to walk all over the place, visiting friends in the ward and spending time in our Art therapy room! We think he’s doing quite well! We’re glad to see him feeling more confident! Photo of Ahmed

Nov 09, 2015

This morning, Ahmad shared a good laugh with Zaharya and Yasser! What a good way to start the week! Photo of Ahmed

Nov 04, 2015

We couldn’t resist sharing this photo that all the kids gathered for! It’s one of the "Best Friends Forever” photos we've gotten! Photo of Ahmed

Nov 02, 2015

Yasser came with Ahmad and stays with him to keep him company. More and more, we are seeing these two becoming confident and going around the hospital by themselves. This morning, we found Yasser quietly walking around and looking for his friends at the Case de passage. Have a nice Monday, Yasser! Photo of Ahmed

Oct 30, 2015

Ahmad was deep in thought this morning when we saw him. Sometimes, it’s good to be alone a little bit to just think and dream. Have a good day Ahmad! Photo of Ahmed

Oct 29, 2015

Yasser accompanied Ahmad to CURE. Yasser is like his little brother, he’s never far from him, and these two love to be together! Photo of Ahmed

Oct 28, 2015

Ahmad is now an expert at hanging out all around the hospital in his wheelchair! He found a way to move by himself and sometimes gets in trouble with uneven ground, but he’s not discouraged and keeps on going! Be strong Ahmad! Photo of Ahmed

Oct 27, 2015

Ahmad is doing well today! His Aunt Tanalher brought him to the prayer room where he had fun in the Art Therapy group! He’s enjoying his stay with us! Photo of Ahmed

Oct 26, 2015

Ahmad made some clay figures with the other kids this morning and he was very good at it! He made an awesome little man all by himself! The best is seeing him becoming more and more confident with the others, he even started to learn some words in Haossa! We’re so proud of him! Photo of Ahmed

Oct 23, 2015

This morning, some visitors came from Oasis Hospital in the U.A.E. and brought some fabulous treasures - toys, dolls, and bubbles! Ahmad loved making fun bubbles! Awesome! Photo of Ahmed

Oct 22, 2015

Ahmad enjoyed the Art Therapy group this morning. He drew and painted and even spoke a little with Maryam. Even if he doesn’t speak the Haossa language he’s adapting more and more and even trying to communicate a little with the others! This is a huge answer to prayer! Photo of Ahmed

Oct 20, 2015

Ahmad was very focused this morning on his Art Therapy work! He’s getting to know the other kids here more and more and he enjoys playing with them! Photo of Ahmed

Oct 19, 2015

Ahmad is doing well! He can get around now with a wheel chair! This morning, his little brother took him around the hospital! Lovely! Photo of Ahmed

Oct 09, 2015

Ahmad has left the ward and he’s now staying at our Case de passage. Today, he was waiting in front of the dressing room with his brother. We wish we could catch him smiling! Photo of Ahmed

Oct 07, 2015

Ahmad is fine today, he is adapting slowly to being here. Please keep praying for him! Photo of Ahmed

Oct 06, 2015

Our prayer team came to visit Ahmad this morning and he listened to them very carefully. It has became his routine as they come every morning to encourage him! Photo of Ahmed

Oct 05, 2015

This morning Ahmad gave us a very shy smile, but we weren’t fast enough to catch it on camera! He’s still very quiet, but he seems to be more confident day by day! Keep praying for him! Photo of Ahmed

Oct 02, 2015

Ahmad got a new orthopedic brace. It will help his leg to heal and to straighten out! Keep praying for him! Photo of Ahmed

Oct 01, 2015

This is Ahmad’s little brother. He always comes to see him and brings with him little things to make him more comfortable. There’s nothing like a brother’s company! Photo of Ahmed

Sep 29, 2015

Ahmad is slowly adjusting to being in the hospital. His brother occasionally comes to see him, but sometimes he still seems to feel uncomfortable about being here. More and more we hope he will adapt to his new environment and even make new friends! Please pray for him! Photo of Ahmed

Sep 28, 2015

Ahmad is shy and one of the reasons is because he doesn’t speak Haossa, Zarma or French, the regular languages in Niger. He speaks Tamachek, which is mostly spoken by Tuareg people. It’s hard to be in a place where you don’t understand all of what is going on around you. Please, keep him in your prayers! Photo of Ahmed

Sep 23, 2015

Ahmad still needs to rest and recover, he will stay with us over the weekend. Please keep praying for him! Photo of Ahmed

Sep 22, 2015

Mantou, one of our social workers went to visit Ahmad as he was recovering in the ward. But this morning, he was asleep, so she’s now chatting with the patient next to him. Her presence brings peace to everyone. Photo of Ahmed

Sep 21, 2015

Ahmad had surgery today! It will take several steps to release all his limbs. Today, the surgeon operated on his right leg and released his knee so Ahmad will be able to extend it. Slowly, we will see him getting better and we are looking forward to seeing how it will change his life! Please pray for him as he recovers! Photo of Ahmed

Sep 17, 2015

Ahmad had a very long trip to get here! He lives up north near the Sahara. He speaks only Tamachek which is the Tuareg’s language. Since he was born, Ahmad hasn’t been able to stretch his arms and can’t stand on his feet, he always keeps his knees bent. While he was at school, a missionary saw his condition and worked hard with his family to let him bring Ahmad to CURE Hospital. Ahmad will have surgery soon and we are looking forward to amazing changes in his life! Photo of Ahmed

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