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  • Age15
  • Conditionbowed legs
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Safia's Story

“Our neighbors do not say anything, but they are always watching, staring, and sometimes laughing,” Safia’s mother tells us. When she was only five years old, Safia’s legs began to bend outwards and, while people told her family that the le… Read more

“Our neighbors do not say anything, but they are always watching, staring, and sometimes laughing,” Safia’s mother tells us. When she was only five years old, Safia’s legs began to bend outwards and, while people told her family that the legs would correct themselves, they never did. Safia has struggled to walk and has suffered the judgment of her community for an aspect of her life that she has no control over. Thankfully, one of our CURE Niger outreach clinics took place in a nearby town and our message of healing reached Safia. This young woman has now made her way to our hospital where our medical staff will straighten her legs and send her home standing tall!

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Latest Updates

Aug 15, 2018

Safia's bus ticket finally came through and she is on her way home, but not before she got in a game of cards with her friend Reinatou. Please be praying for her safety as she travels! Photo of Safia

Aug 10, 2018

Safia had another doctor's appointment today and they're pleased with how she's healed up. They say she's ready for her next surgery, but Safia's mom wants them to spend some time at home before committing the significant amount of time needed for Safia's next surgery and healing process. While we're waiting for Safia's bus ticket home, courtesy of our local partner Rimbo Transportation, she spent some time playing with the rest of the kids in the guest house. A game where one child has to go out of the room while a "leader" is picked. The child comes back in and stands in the middle of the circle. The leader then, sneakily, does small actions that everyone else in the circle copies. The child in middle then has to figure out who the leader is. Simple, but the kids loved it! Photo of Safia

Aug 02, 2018

Safia spent some time with Salamatou from our Spiritual Department today learning how to knit. The little class has two purposes: 1) it provides some entertainment to help pass the time and 2) these classes are intended to provide some skills that could be used in the future to either make things for herself or her family or even start a small business if Safia or her family would ever desire to do so! Photo of Safia

Jul 26, 2018

So with all this talk of desired progress, Safia had another doctor's appointment today! She told the doctor that it hurts a little when she walks so they took a look into what was going on. Turns out, physically she's healing on schedule and it's, unfortunately, just part of the process. She's been told to ditch her cane and practice walking solo while she continues physical therapy and they're going to follow up in two weeks time to talk about scheduling her next surgery! Safia's morale was also boosted by the get well messages containing tons of encouragement and love that you've all sent her over the past few days! Photo of Safia

Jul 25, 2018

Safia isn't pumped to still be in the hospital. She feels like she's not moving forward now that she's in therapy and it's not yet time for her next surgery. About therapy though she says "it's hard, but I like it because I feel better afterwards." She continues "Sometimes it hurts though and I don't like that." Please continue praying for Safia that feels the forward motion of each step of the process and that the Lord shores up her determination. Photo of Safia

Jul 24, 2018

While healing (both spiritual and physical) is definitely the main focus around here, our spiritual staff do take the opportunity to teach some practical life skills. Today's lesson was about the importance of washing, both ourselves and our clothes and everything really. We talked about soap and clean water and then practiced on some stuffed animals! Safia was a pro and role model for the other kids! Photo of Safia

Jul 18, 2018

While Safia is waiting for her infection to clear up, she has some physical therapy that she has to be doing. It's definitely not a fun experience, but this young woman is strong and grits her way through it. Will you join us in praying for her? For strength and perseverance? Photo of Safia

Jul 16, 2018

Safia made it back once again for another follow up appointment. Unfortunately, the doctors found some infection around the pins in her legs which she's been given medication for. Once the infection is cleared, we'll be ready to remove the pins completely! Photo of Safia

Mar 15, 2018

Safia came by for another follow up appointment. She got her cast off and the doctors are excited about how her leg is looking! She's been instructed to start walking without her walker and we'll see her again in three months to see how she's getting on! Photo of Safia

Jan 12, 2018

Safia came by for her first follow up appointment of the new year! She had her cast taken off and the doctor checked her over. While she is indeed healing, her leg isn't yet strong enough to go around cast free. She had another cast put on and she'll be back again in March. Our little lady wasn't exactly pumped about still being in a cast, but she is nothing if not patient and understanding. We're super thankful for her attitude about the whole process! Photo of Safia

Nov 23, 2017

Safia stopped back in for her follow-up appointment today. She got her cast off and her leg is healing up nicely although it is still fragile. She had a new, smaller cast put on and went on her way. It was a great little visit with this wonderful young lady, and we were pumped that we got to deliver a bunch of your get well messages to her! Photo of Safia

Oct 02, 2017

Safia is in a little pain, but she is resilient and tough. We asked her how she is feeling today and she dismissed us like it was nothing. We love this little woman and all her sass! Photo of Safia

Sep 29, 2017

Praise the Lord! Safia's surgery was a success! The doctors went in and removed a triangular chunk of her leg bone, which essentially allowed them to break the leg straight. It's not a small surgery, so please keep Safia in your prayers as she's going to be in some discomfort as she wakes up and recovers. Photo of Safia

Sep 27, 2017

This will be Safia's second surgery here with us and although she's gone through this process once before, she's still rather nervous. Please be praying that her nerves will be calmed, and that she will be strengthened as she sets out on this next step towards healing! Photo of Safia

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