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  • Age17
  • Conditionbowed legs
  • Currently In Hospital

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Gloria's Story

“I go to school, but I never leave the classroom,” Gloria tells us. “The other children will provoke me if I try to play with them so I just stay inside.” Gloria was born with no signs of anything abnormal, but when she was three years old,… Read more

“I go to school, but I never leave the classroom,” Gloria tells us. “The other children will provoke me if I try to play with them so I just stay inside.” Gloria was born with no signs of anything abnormal, but when she was three years old, her legs began to bow outwards and they never stopped bowing. Her family sought medical care in their home country of Sierra Leone, but no one had the specialization needed to treat legs such as Gloria’s. Thankfully, in their search for healing, Gloria’s family came in contact with a NGO that knew about us here at CURE Niger and was able to facilitate Gloria coming all the way here to us. Now that Gloria is here, our medical staff will start the journey towards healing with her and will eventually send her home walking tall and proud!

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Latest Updates

Jan 10, 2018

Since Gloria is from Sierra Leone and only speaks English, it's hard to find people are here to hang out with. Our facilities manager, Youssoufou, happens to speak some English and now that Gloria has discovered this, they're having some fun! Photo of Gloria

Jan 08, 2018

Slowly but surely, Gloria is healing up! She's on a strict regimen of wound cleanings and bandage changes. She has a doctor's appointment coming up here shortly where we will get the final word on how things are coming together! Please be praying as we're all ready to be taking some steps forward here instead of just waiting around. Photo of Gloria

Nov 27, 2017

Gloria got discharged today, which she is overjoyed about as the ward isn't the most fun place to hang out for days on end. Before Gloria left, though, she was prayed over by our spiritual staff as well as some visiting pastors! Please join us in prayer for Gloria she continues her healing process! Photo of Gloria

Nov 23, 2017

Dr Negrini took some time during rounds this morning to explain to Gloria the next steps and what they need to work on together in order to succeed. It is slow going, but we are getting there! Photo of Gloria

Nov 22, 2017

Gloria's surgery turned out to be quite complicated and took much longer than was expected. That's the bad news. The good news is it all worked out! The infection has been cleared out from her leg and the external fixator was successfully installed. She's resting up in the ward now. Please continue praying for emotional strength for both Gloria and her mother, Abigail. They've been here a long time and it's hard to be in a strange country, with a strange language, strange food, and so on. It's wearing on them, but we are making progress! Photo of Gloria

Nov 21, 2017

In the time since we've last updated you on Gloria, her leg has still refused to fuse the two parts of her bone back together. On top of this, her leg has become infected. Gloria will be heading back into surgery tomorrow to clean out the lingering infection, and to receive an external fixator that will essentially force her bone to heal back in place. It's not as elegant as letting her body heal herself, but since her body is not doing it's job, this will work just fine and allow us all to start thinking about the future again! Photo of Gloria

Sep 21, 2017

Gloria has been discharged back to the guest house after her time in the ward. Unfortunately, what the doctors discovered is that the lower cut they made in her tibia during her first surgery isn't healing. Gloria's body, essentially, doesn't recognize that the two halves of the tibia are two parts of the same bone and is therefore, making no effort to join the two. It's looking like the doctors will need to put a few pins in there to force joining of the bones. This is far from the end of the world, but it isn't the news we were hoping for. Gloria has already been with us for six months and she wants to go home. It's discouraging that the first leg is taking so long and there is still the whole second leg to go. Please be praying for her! Photo of Gloria

Sep 18, 2017

Gloria is back in the ward again. Her x-ray looked good, but the doctors want to take a closer look at things. She'll be going in the OR again today and will be put to sleep, but it will just be so that the doctors can conduct a check-up on her without hurting her. There was a little miscommunication with Gloria's mother who thought Gloria was going in for the operation on her second leg. She's feeling a little frustrated knowing that is not happening just yet. Please be praying for patience, that this exam goes well, and that Gloria's next surgery can happen soon! Photo of Gloria

Sep 15, 2017

Gloria's follow up appointment has finally come! She got her cast off and is happy that her leg is breathing again. She's scheduled for an X-ray and her next surgery could be as early as next week! Photo of Gloria

Sep 08, 2017

Gloria is getting a new cast today as her old one is pretty much worn out. She's got a follow up appointment next Thursday and we're all excited to find out how she's doing! Photo of Gloria

Sep 01, 2017

While Gloria is still waiting for her next doctor's appointment, she attended today's Bible lesson about Abraham almost sacrificing his son. The story then transitioned into an explanation about how God allowed Jesus to be sacrificed for our sins and a complete gospel presentation! Please be praying that God works in the hearts of these beautiful children and caretakers! Photo of Gloria

Aug 15, 2017

The doctors have been encouraging Gloria that she needs to be walking on her leg more in order to strengthen it before the cast comes off. As a result, Gloria is spending a little time each day in our physical therapy office practicing walking (with a little assistance). It's hard and tiring, but she's doing great and your encouragement helps! Photo of Gloria

Aug 10, 2017

Gloria had her follow up appointment with the doctor today and things are looking better! She got her cast off and got to see the progress on her leg before a new cast got put on. Her wounds have all healed up nicely, but there's still sign of infection. She is going to stay on antibiotics for another two weeks when she will have another follow up appointment. Hopefully, we can get started on her other leg soon! Photo of Gloria

Aug 08, 2017

Seeing Gloria walk around the hospital is becoming a regular occurrence, but it never becomes less exciting! Photo of Gloria

Aug 04, 2017

Gloria is still going in for regular bandage changes as she's got a persistent little infection in her leg, but with her diligence in showing up for treatment, it'll be under control soon enough! Photo of Gloria

Jul 20, 2017

Gloria has been walking a little bit around the guest house, but today she's taken to walking around the whole hospital! It's a challenge for her as her two legs are very different lengths right now, but we'll fix that when we straighten her second leg! Photo of Gloria

Jul 14, 2017

With her next follow up appointment not until next month, Gloria is playing the waiting game at this point. With that said, there are tentative discussions going on about her next surgery which looks like it'll be a go ahead in September! Photo of Gloria

Jul 06, 2017

Gloria had another follow up appointment today. The infection is gone and she's got a new cast that will allow her to start walking! It's difficult since her legs are now different lengths, but progress is progress! Photo of Gloria

Jun 28, 2017

Gloria had another wound cleaning and bandage change today. Slowly, but surely, her infection is disappearing and she's healing up! Photo of Gloria

Jun 20, 2017

Gloria had some fun in art therapy today. While she's a little older than most the other patients and speaks a different language, she's slowly making friends and finding her place here! Photo of Gloria

Jun 13, 2017

Gloria's new cast is not a full on cast. It is a hard splint on the back of her leg and then bandages wrapped tight. It still gives the support of a cast, but allows the nurses to clean the wounds on a regular basis. Today was Gloria's first day going in for her wound cleaning! Photo of Gloria

Jun 08, 2017

Gloria had her first follow up appointment today! She got her cast off and there's a slight infection in one of her wounds, as well as some dead skin that has to be taken care of. Everything was thoroughly cleaned and a new, smaller cast was put on. She was also given some medication to help fight the infection until she comes back in next week to see how it's all working! Photo of Gloria

May 22, 2017

Gloria still has a few more weeks until her first post-surgery check up so she's been biding the time in our guest house. Overall, she's been doing well, but she got a bit sick over the weekend. Luckily, she's living at a hospital, so here you can see her consulting with one of our doctors. We got her the meds she needs and soon she'll be righter than rain! Photo of Gloria

May 09, 2017

Gloria has officially found "her spot" at the entrance of the guest house. You gotta take a little ownership of things in order to feel at home here! Photo of Gloria

May 08, 2017

Our lady is slowly making some friends and enjoying a slow day hanging outside the guest house! Photo of Gloria

May 04, 2017

Gloria finally got her hands on a wheelchair and got out of the guesthouse for some art therapy time! Photo of Gloria

May 02, 2017

Gloria was discharged from the ward and will be staying in our guest house for the next few months as we go through this whole process together! To help pass the time, her mother picked up a board game (similar to Trouble) from the market! Photo of Gloria

Apr 28, 2017

Gloria had a good night! She's in a good amount of pain which is to be expected after a surgery of her magnitude. She's taking it all in stride and your continued prayers are appreciated! Photo of Gloria

Apr 27, 2017

Gloria's surgery was long, but successful! Her mother cried when we brought her back out, seeing one leg casted up and straight! Photo of Gloria

Apr 26, 2017

Gloria just arrived here in Niger from her home in Sierra Leone to get her legs straightened right out! We're pumped to have her and that great smile here with us for the next few months as we tackle her bow legs together! Photo of Gloria

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