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  • Age13
  • Conditionbowed legs
  • Next Appointment To be scheduled

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Nadia's Story

“Nadia is a very smart young woman, but people don’t see that, they just see her leg,” Nadia’s aunt tells us. Nadia was born with nothing visibly wrong, but at one year old, her family began to notice that her leg was bending outwards. The … Read more

“Nadia is a very smart young woman, but people don’t see that, they just see her leg,” Nadia’s aunt tells us. Nadia was born with nothing visibly wrong, but at one year old, her family began to notice that her leg was bending outwards. The bend only worsened as Nadia grew and the village children took to calling her “Nadia the Cripple.” Thankfully, Nadia met a woman who had brought her grandson here to us at CURE Niger and passed on the hope of healing that we offer. Now that Nadia is with us, our medical staff will treat her bow leg and allow her to go home and experience the freedom that comes with healing!

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Latest Updates

Oct 18, 2019

Nadia did indeed see the visiting specialist and we were told that while the stiffness in her leg is indeed something to work on, it's not a surgical issue which is good news. This means Nadia just needs to keep on doubling down on her physical therapy exercises to get her full range of motion back! With this good news and renewed sense of determination, Nadia has once again headed home! Photo of Nadia

Oct 10, 2019

As anticipated, Nadia is back here at CURE Niger! She's here to see a visiting doctor we are currently hosting and while she waits, she got to play with a community service group from a local high school. They taught her the true anxiety that can only be brought on by a good game of Jenga which she loved! We love all the volunteers and visitors that work with us here at CURE Niger to give our patients the best experience possible! Photo of Nadia

Aug 23, 2019

Just a quick note on Nadia, she went home back at the end of June and we just noticed we missed the update. Nadia has been having some persistent issues with stiffness in her thigh muscles. We have a specialist visiting in October so Nadia will be returning then to see this specialist and maybe get another surgery. We will see. She's not in any pain, but is a little inconvenienced by the stiffness. Please continue praying for her as she is at home waiting for October to come! Photo of Nadia

Jun 12, 2019

Nadia is back! We are so glad to have her with us again. She will soon see the doctor and we'll figure out her next steps. Meanwhile, she got to participate in art therapy and some group game time! Today they played a game that is similar to bowling where you throw a soccer ball at some pins. It's a sure fire way to bring out everyone's competitive side and have some fun! Photo of Nadia

Aug 09, 2018

Appointment day is finally here and Nadia's foot looks great! The one concern is she's limp and has a stiffness in her knee. Her mother blames it on the cast and she's not completely wrong. With Nadia's leg being in a cast for so long, she needed to go to a little physical therapy, which she did, and they taught her some exercises to loosen her knee up and get her flexibility back. The thing is, she hasn't been doing these exercises. Doctor Milka gave Nadia a stern talking to about how important it is to do her exercises even if it's painful at first and Nadia is on her way home once again! Photo of Nadia

Jul 26, 2018

Nadia stopped back in to say hi! She's hanging out with the other kids and having fun seeing some of her old friends. Her next appointment isn't for another two weeks and she needs that little extra healing time so we'll, at the very least, see her again then! Photo of Nadia

Apr 04, 2018

With Nadia healing up nicely and her mom being able to pull a few transportation strings, Nadia was able to head home over the long Easter weekend! She's scheduled to be back in a few months for a check in!

Mar 15, 2018

Nadia took part in an Easter event organized by a local high school in town. The group presented the Easter story to the children and discussed why it's important that Jesus died and what it means for all of us that he rose again. After the story time, there were some crafts and the ever popular easter egg hunt! Photo of Nadia

Mar 05, 2018

Nadia is still here and healing up nicely as well as enjoying time with the large group of friends she's amassed here at CURE Niger! Photo of Nadia

Feb 14, 2018

Thank you for all your prayers and everything went splendidly! Nadia spent the night in the ward to make sure there were no delayed complications from the anesthesia and she's going back to the guest house today! Once again, Nadia and her mother spent some time talking and praying with our spiritual staff this morning before heading out! Photo of Nadia

Feb 13, 2018

Another week, another manipulation under anesthesia for our little lady. We asked her if she was afraid to go into the OR again and she just laughed at us. She's a spunky one and we love her for it! Please be praying with us that this procedure goes as smoothly as last week's did. Photo of Nadia

Feb 07, 2018

The procedure yesterday was simple and straightforward. Nadia feels fine today and there's no reason to keep her in the ward any longer so she's been discharged. Although, not before our spiritual staff could spend some time praying with her! Photo of Nadia

Feb 06, 2018

Just as Nadia is feeling better, it's time for her to head back into the OR for another procedure. She won't be cut open this time, but the doctors are doing something called a "manipulation under anesthesia." Basically they're going to push and pull on her leg a little bit to adjust it into the perfect position for healing. It would be too painful to do while Nadia is awake so she'll be put under for her own comfort. She's not exactly excited to be back in the ward, but it'll be over soon! Photo of Nadia

Feb 05, 2018

The medicine did the trick over the weekend and Nadia is feeling infinitely better today! We were also able to deliver a slew of wonderful get well messages from you all which we can't quantitatively say helped her feel better, but we're pretty sure they did! Photo of Nadia

Feb 02, 2018

We did some tests and confirmed that Nadia has malaria. It could be serious if she didn't have access to medication, but since she's here at the hospital, we were able to get her the medication she needs to beat malaria and get her on the up and up! Photo of Nadia

Feb 01, 2018

So Nadia's got a nasty fever that's keeping her down. We're keeping a close eye on things and she's getting the care she needs, but it's not a fun way to start the recovery process. Will you praying with us as she battles this? Photo of Nadia

Jan 31, 2018

Nadia's surgery went off with no complications, praise the Lord! She's resting up now and will have some healing to do. Please be praying with us that this is the last surgery our little lady will need! Photo of Nadia

Jan 30, 2018

The decision has been made and Nadia is going in for another surgery. Even though her leg is no longer bowed, it is still stiff and Nadia has difficulty bending it. The doctors had been hoping physical therapy would help things, but no luck. With this surgery, the doctors are going to go in and release her quadricep (muscle on the front of the thigh) which will assist in her mobility and get her walking with ease! Photo of Nadia

Jan 22, 2018

Nadia came back for her checkup and she is looking great! The doctors say that there's a little issue inside the leg that's limiting her range of motion. Another surgery may be needed, but we're going to wait just a little longer before making that call! Either way, we're pumped to see this little lady again! Photo of Nadia

May 05, 2017

With one last color and a few get well messages, Nadia is on her way! Photo of Nadia

May 04, 2017

Nadia had a follow up appointment today and the doctor said she's all clear to go home! Her mom says they'll spend the night here and then start the journey home tomorrow. We're sad to see Nadia go, but so excited for her! Photo of Nadia

May 02, 2017

Nadia was complaining about a pain in her leg over the long weekend so she made sure to be in the ward first thing this morning for the doctor to take a look as he made his morning rounds. Thankfully, nothing is wrong and Nadia was sent over to see the physical therapist for some stretches that'll make it feel better! Photo of Nadia

Apr 28, 2017

While yesterday's smile was a result of getting caught being late to an appointment, today's smile is a result of all your get well messages for Nadia! Photo of Nadia

Apr 27, 2017

That smile when you get caught showing up to your appointment a few minutes late. Photo of Nadia

Apr 26, 2017

No hospital volleyball today, but the smile has stuck around while she hung out and visited some of her friends that are here in the ward this week. Photo of Nadia

Apr 25, 2017

Turns out that Nadia LOVES hospital volleyball where we use lined up walkers instead of a net and balloons instead of balls. Also, all the kids have to be sitting on the ground to play! Photo of Nadia

Apr 12, 2017

Our lady got a hold of a phone today and turned the camera back on us which she got a giant kick out of! Photo of Nadia

Apr 11, 2017

Nadia got to take part in a group art therapy session today! The task at hand was to make several paper butterflies, but the goal is to learn effective ways to express yourself as the disability becomes such a large part of these kid's identities, it can be a challenge to express themselves properly once they return home healed! Photo of Nadia

Apr 10, 2017

Nadia spent the day napping as she doesn't have any appointments or medical requirements today! Photo of Nadia

Apr 07, 2017

Nadia has perfected the lounging while waiting for a bandage change look! Photo of Nadia

Apr 06, 2017

Nadia took part in an art therapy session today. She was pretty quiet and stuck to drawing flowers most of the time! Photo of Nadia

Apr 05, 2017

There was a crew hanging out in our office today and, not wanting to be left out, Nadia stuck her head in to see what was going on. She wasn't all that impressed with our antics and moved on to hang out with her ladies again! Photo of Nadia

Apr 04, 2017

The longer Nadia is with us, the larger her smile slowly grows. This makes our heart happy! Photo of Nadia

Apr 03, 2017

Nadia just has some girl time on the schedule today. Nothing strenuous or painful which she is more than happy about! Photo of Nadia

Mar 31, 2017

We had a good time hanging out with Nadia this morning at chapel, but as soon as it was over, she bolted back to the comfort of her room! Photo of Nadia

Mar 30, 2017

Nadia's current bandage change schedule is every other day. She's getting more than a bit bored with the routine, but knows it's for the best! Photo of Nadia

Mar 29, 2017

It's a slow and steady healing process and Nadia has a fantastic attitude throughout it all! Photo of Nadia

Mar 28, 2017

It's another cleaning day for Nadia and she's found that minding one of the babies from the guesthouse makes the wait go faster! Photo of Nadia

Mar 27, 2017

Alone time is hard to find in the guesthouse so Nadia escaped for a little walk this morning. Photo of Nadia

Mar 24, 2017

One of our spiritual staff members, Salamatou, hangs out with Nadia before she got discharged today! Photo of Nadia

Mar 23, 2017

Nadia had prayers with two members of our spiritual staff this morning as she's spending the day resting and recovering in the ward! Photo of Nadia

Mar 22, 2017

Our little lady went back into the OR today. While she did get put to sleep, it wasn't a proper surgery. The doctors needed to manipulate her leg in order to ensure that it continues to heal properly and, since it would have been a very painful procedure, it was easier for everyone if Nadia was asleep for it! Photo of Nadia

Mar 21, 2017

We promise you that Nadia is a smiley young lady, but she always tries to hide it when the camera is around. Today we managed to catch one! Photo of Nadia

Mar 20, 2017

Nadia is back hanging out with us as her mom steps in as a caretaker for another patient who's own mother couldn't make it in. Photo of Nadia

Mar 15, 2017

Nadia stopped back in for a bandage change today and to spend some time with the friends she made that are staying here. She's doing great and as sassy as ever! Photo of Nadia

Mar 10, 2017

Nadia got discharged today and managed to slip out before we could grab a photo! She'll be back shortly though in order to make sure she's healing properly!

Mar 09, 2017

Our little lady is still pretty sore, but the healing is going well! She also had a visit from a group of American nursing students who are visiting and gave her some colour on her cast! Photo of Nadia

Mar 08, 2017

Nadia's surgery was a fantastic success! The doctors were able to get her leg straightened, sewed up, and contained in a cast. She's in the ward now starting the healing process! Photo of Nadia

Mar 07, 2017

Nadia's been continually nagging her aunt as to when she'll get surgery to fix her bow leg. Now that she is here, the finish line is in sight! Photo of Nadia

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