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  • Age10
  • Conditionknock knees
  • Next Appointment To be scheduled

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Ibrahim's Story

“I don’t go outside very much because the other children call me names and it makes me sad,” Ibrahim tells us in a barely audible voice. All the time, his eyes betray the inner strength this young man has. He has a fierce independent streak, … Read more

“I don’t go outside very much because the other children call me names and it makes me sad,” Ibrahim tells us in a barely audible voice. All the time, his eyes betray the inner strength this young man has. He has a fierce independent streak, but is forced to rely on others due to his deformed legs. He originally found out about us here at CURE Niger last year through a local partner hospital and had his right leg treated. Seeing the transformation in just that one leg, both Ibrahim and his family are excited to be back and to have his right leg treated!

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Latest Updates

Jan 30, 2020

Ibrahim was discharged late yesterday! We missed saying a proper goodbye to him, but we will see him again in a few weeks for his follow up appointment. We will miss having him around, but that's why we do this: so these kids can leave us, return home, and live their lives unhindered!

Jan 29, 2020

Ibrahim is a stoic little so his after surgery face is pretty much the same as his before surgery face.The only real difference is his leg is straighter now! While he claims he's not in any, please be praying for Ibrahim to have a quick recovery as laying around in bed all day is no fun! Photo of Ibrahim

Jan 28, 2020

Ibrahim's surgery was a success! The doctors were able to straighten both the upper and lower sections of his leg. In this picture, you can see our CURE Niger anesthesiologist Dr Diane performing a nerve block with visiting anesthesiologist Dr Paul consulting. A nerve block applies pain killers right to the main nerves around where Ibrahim was about to have surgery. This block does wonders keeping Ibrahim comfortable after his surgery! Photo of Ibrahim

Jan 27, 2020

Ibrahim is back for another surgery! He's got another little break in his leg beneath his knee and then a slight curve in his femur. Thankfully both of these issues can be taken care of at the same time! He's been here enough that he knows the drill, but please still be praying for him as he gets ready! Photo of Ibrahim

Jun 26, 2019

And with that, Ibrahim is done and discharged! His mom went out and bought him a special treat for breakfast called "farine masa" which is essentially friend dough and delicious. Before he was allowed to eat though, he had to wash his hand thoroughly. This young man is now on his way home and he'll check back in with us in a couple weeks to see how he's healing up! Photo of Ibrahim

Jun 25, 2019

Ibrahim has had his surgery and it went without a hitch! The doctors were able to go in and fix up the section of his leg which had broken. They also removed the old pins and installed new, longer pins which will support Ibrahim's legs as he continues to grow and make breaks like the one we fixed less likely to happen. All in all, it was a long, but straight forward surgery and this young man is no worse for the wear afterwards! Photo of Ibrahim

Jun 24, 2019

Ibrahim is back for that surgery we told you about in his last update! We're going to get this broken leg sorted out and replace the pins in his leg with longer pins to help fight against this happening again in the future. For now, we're just happy this guy is back! Photo of Ibrahim

Jun 06, 2019

Two pieces of good news and once piece of bad news for Ibrahim's one year check up! The good news is 1) Ibrahim got to hang out with Emmanuel from our spiritual staff and play a few rounds of Memory (trying to find and remember where matching tiles are on the table) where he was the undisputed champion. 2) Ibrahim's knock knee is all good and healed. The bad news is that Ibrahim's brittle bone disease is causing him also sorts of new problems. He had another serious break in the upper part of his right leg which has healed incorrectly. He can still walk, but only barely. The doctors have prescribed him some meds and he's being scheduled to come back in a month when we'll hopefully be able to correct this newest break! Photo of Ibrahim

May 22, 2018

The doctor's checked in on Ibrahim this morning and gave him the go ahead to go on home! He's got a big, clunky cast to deal with, but he's happy to be returning to his family and friends! We'll see him again in a few weeks for his follow up appointment. Photo of Ibrahim

May 21, 2018

With how many photos we've taken of Ibrahim, we though it only fair if we give him a photo he can take home with him when he's discharged! Photo of Ibrahim

May 18, 2018

With the surgery a success, now the hard work of healing begins. Ibrahim is a little grumpy today, but we completely get and respect that after the big surgery he just went through!

May 17, 2018

Ibrahim has had his surgery and is no worse for the wear! The doctors went in an performed what is called an osteotomy. Essentially, they just took a wedge out of his leg bone which then gave them the space they needed to change the angle of his leg. He was then casted up and sent back to the ward where he'll begin healing! Photo of Ibrahim

May 15, 2018

Ibrahim has been admitted and is waiting to get the surgery needed to straighten his leg! Emmanuel from our spiritual staff spent some time hanging out with and praying for Ibrahim this morning as a way to welcome him to the hospital and help him feel a little more at home! Photo of Ibrahim

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