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  • Age13
  • Conditiona bone condition
  • Next Appointment 06/10/2021

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Abel's Story

“Everyone believes that the Devil has deformed him in the womb,” Abel’s father tells us, a serious silence replacing his usual cheery demeanor. Abel was born with two severely deformed legs, preventing him from walking. Children are usually v… Read more

“Everyone believes that the Devil has deformed him in the womb,” Abel’s father tells us, a serious silence replacing his usual cheery demeanor. Abel was born with two severely deformed legs, preventing him from walking. Children are usually viewed as an asset to a family, extra hands to help with the work, but Abel is completely dependent on his. While the rest of the community whispers in the shadows about curses and supernatural forces, Abel’s family loves their son and brother with a God given peace after having long ago learned that different does not mean damned. Abel’s family has a genetic condition that makes them slightly shorter than the average Nigerien and unique in their bone structure. They are no strangers to discrimination and have loved and cared for Abel just the way he is. With this said, Abel still dreams of being able to walk and contribute to the family life so it was viewed as a miracle when Abel’s aunt was on a bus and struck up a conversation with a pastor. This pastor found out about Abel’s situation and immediately told Abel’s aunt about us here at CURE Niger. She passed the news on to Abel’s father who wasted no time in packing their bags and making their way to our hospital. Now that they are here, we will give Abel the surgeries he needs to straighten his legs and begin the long journey to healing that he so desires!

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Latest Updates

3 days ago

Abel is walking a longer distance than before, and he is going home! The doctors agreed that well-deserved family time is what Abel needs before his upcoming surgeries. He will be back with us in six weeks, with his brother. Have a blessed time with your dear ones Abel! We will see you soon! Photo of Abel

Apr 24, 2021

Family time! Abel was enjoying his mother's and brother's company when we met him. His leg muscles are getting stronger, and he is able to go longer distances than before. Abel is such a force! He is committed to getting to the end of the line and reaching beyond it -- smiling! Please keep cheering for him! Photo of Abel

Apr 15, 2021

Abel is enjoying the companionship of his new friend. He is not depending anymore on the wheelchair to get around. Abel uses a metal walker now and is getting better and better with every passing day! We let him continue his chat, but not before indulging us with his awesome, big smile. Thank you for your prayers and support for Abel! Photo of Abel

Apr 09, 2021

Time to take a break and smile for the camera! Well, Abel is always smiling, on and off the camera. We met him and his brother in their room in our guesthouse. They were having a sweet, brotherly chat. Abel is simply doing a great job in looking after his little brother. His recovery keeps going steady. Thank you for the support, interest, and love shown all this while. It is a worthwhile journey and effort! Photo of Abel

Apr 01, 2021

Abel is committed to walking every day! He is exploring every centimeter of our facilities, and there is no corner that hasn't been patrolled by him. He would be a great scout! Thank you for your lovely encouraging messages! It gives Abel the strength to take another step, and another one, and another one! Photo of Abel

Mar 25, 2021

No matter the hardships or circumstances, Abel will keep smiling! We met him in his room, having a break. Every hero needs a pause. He deserves it, indeed! Thank you for all your prayers! They sweeten Abel's soul and strengthen his spirit. They are making a difference for Abel, and thank you for your encouraging messages of support. Photo of Abel

Mar 18, 2021

"Since we cannot change reality, let us change the eyes which see reality." - Nikos Kazantzakis Abel is doing just that! Even from a wheelchair, he focuses on the blessings he has been given. He does not dismiss the pain and the momentary obstacles which is still a reality that he is facing right now. However, he goes through it with gratitude and joy! Thank you for being faithful companions in prayer and support. Abel would like to tell you all 'Hi' and 'Thank you.' Photo of Abel

Mar 10, 2021

Today, we saw Abel at our guesthouse wearing a crown. We kindly asked "the king" to take a picture of us, and he gladly honored our request. We also got a picture of him! Abel's recovery is going great - such a joyful "king" we have among us. Please keep praying for him and his family as they continue their stay with us. Photo of Abel

Mar 03, 2021

Abel is learning the alphabet. His health is improving and his learning skills are too. In this picture, he was concentrating to write "o" and "n". We are glad to see his determination to be on his feet as soon as possible and to expand his knowledge while recovering! Thank you for your prayers for him and his family! Photo of Abel

Feb 26, 2021

Our twinkly boy, Abel, sends his warmest greetings to all of you! We caught him conducting a meeting outside the guesthouse with other kids. We don’t know how serious the issues were that they discussed, but from Abel’s face, we rested assured that was all good! He continues his recovery with us, and the colorful cast he is wearing simply reflects his colorful and bright attitude. Please continue to pray for Abel and his family, and thank you for all the precious greetings you are sending to him! Photo of Abel

Feb 18, 2021

Today, we met Abel waiting for his results from the laboratory. As we suspected, he contracted malaria. But even this news couldn't steal his happiness! Amos, his brother, is seen here with Abel fascinated by a thread. We have a similar fascination when we look at Abel. He keeps his smile and positive attitude no matter what. Chapeau - hat's off to him! Photo of Abel

Feb 11, 2021

Abel couldn't resist and decided to come with the other kids to the tricycle court. He had his own way of competing with them! We caught him while taking a break. We are glad to see him having fun while he continues his recovery process! Photo of Abel

Feb 05, 2021

Abel insisted on being the photographer, and we granted his wish. He took a picture and was thrilled by it! Abel keeps going through his recovery process cheerfully. He will have a new cast change in 6 weeks. He is an overcomer and a great inspiration to all of us! Please continue to pray for him as he continues to stay in the patient guesthouse and continues his recovery process. Photo of Abel

Feb 04, 2021

Abel is doing great! This little hero continues his recovery in the ward. He spends most of his time playing and smiling. Abel’s positive attitude brightens the whole room! We are grateful to God for his progressive recovery. Please keep Abel in your prayers! Photo of Abel

Feb 03, 2021

Our doctors performed another great surgery! Abel got new rods installed in both his legs. Our little champion is now back in the ward with his never-failing smile. Abel’s recovery is not gonna be easy (due to the nature of his brittle bone disease), but he has taken this journey before. We are confident he will be on the top of his game once again, soon! Thank you for your prayers. Photo of Abel

Feb 01, 2021

The medication worked well and Abel is now malaria free. He has been admitted to the ward and is scheduled for surgery! Abel said he is ready for it and assured us with his smile. Please pray for the doctors to perform another great surgery and for Abel as he mentally prepares for it! Photo of Abel

Jan 29, 2021

It's been almost a year since we've last seen Abel and, unfortunately, he needs another surgery. This is the reality of life with a disease such as brittle bone disease. We were hoping to schedule him for surgery immediately, but in his pre-surgery tests it was found he has malaria. We got him the meds he needs and he is recovering well. Once he's malaria free, he'll be put in the surgery schedule! In the meantime, he got to hang out with a few volunteers who are visiting CURE Niger and were kind enough to bring some candy and coloring books for all the kids! Photo of Abel

Feb 26, 2020

Abel is back for his first follow-up appointment since surgery! His operation back in January replaced the shorter metal rods in his legs with longer ones and it looks like he's recovering well. While he was here he took advantage of some time with our spiritual staff coloring pictures of Jesus surrounded by children. We pray that Abel can see himself in that picture! Photo of Abel

Feb 10, 2020

Good for Abel, but a bummer for us - Abel's mom worked out transportation and they left for home over the weekend. It's always more fun to heal up surrounded by family and familiar surroundings so we get it. We'll just miss this little guy until he comes back for his follow up in a few weeks!

Feb 05, 2020

This young man managed to get his hands on a wheelchair and was pretty happy to just get out of bed today a little bit. Things got even better when the doctors told him he can be discharged! He'll once again be staying in our patient guesthouse for a bit so we'll be seeing some more of this stunning smile as Abel works on healing up over the next few weeks. Photo of Abel

Feb 04, 2020

Abel's an old pro at this whole surgery thing so he's no worse for the wear one day after surgery. While he is indeed tough, please still be praying for him that he heals up fast and can get back to practicing his walking as soon as possible! Photo of Abel

Feb 03, 2020

Abel got his surgery! He has his old, short rods removed from his legs and new, longer rods installed. He needs these new, longer rods every once in a while because while his bones grow, his rods do not and they're essential to strengthening his bones due to his brittle bone disease. Please keep him in your prayers as he rests up in the ward! Photo of Abel

Jan 30, 2020

As scheduled, Abel has been admitted to the ward for his next surgery! He's all smiles and ready for the work that needs to be done! (Also check out his little brother's teddy bear socks which we're kind of in love with) Photo of Abel

Jan 23, 2020

When Abel first showed up at CURE Niger, his family had to carry him everywhere because of his deformed legs. Now he can walk! With this said, he does use a walker at the moment (but he wanted this photo taken without the walker just to show that he can indeed stand on his own). Abel had another doctor's appointment and he's been scheduled for another surgery. There are still a few little bends in his legs that we want to get nice and straight. Praise God for how far Abel has come and please join us in praying for what is still to come! Photo of Abel

Jun 21, 2019

These are the moments we love! Our CURE Niger spiritual staff do prayer rounds every morning where they come through the ward, spend some time with each patient, and then spend some time in prayer. This morning, Abel - who comes from a Christian family - joined in the prayer time. Seeing these spiritual disciplines taking root in these children's lives warms our hearts. On a more medical note, Abel got discharged today! The doctors say he's doing well and we'll see him in a few weeks for his follow up appointment. Photo of Abel

Jun 20, 2019

One day after a pretty intense surgery and Abel is already smiling! Today he was demanding we give him one of the photos we've taken and we can't say no to a smile like that! His mom and his little brother are getting a bit antsy to get out of the ward, but the doctors say Abel can't be discharged yet. Please be praying for a swift recovery! Photo of Abel

Jun 19, 2019

Quick and easy, Abel is done with his surgery! Most kids freak out a little before going into surgery, but Able handled it like a champ. He's been in to the OR a few times before so he knew the drill and didn't show an ounce of fear. Today's surgery was to correct a complication of Abel's brittle bone disease. Since Abel's bones aren't as strong as most people's, he has had metal rods installed in his legs which strengthen them and help prevent against breaks. The problem is that as Abel grows, the rods stay the same size. Abel outgrew his rods and the area where his bone was without rod reinforcement had broken and healed in correctly. In today's procedure, the doctors had to rebroke and fixed the deformed section of his leg and then installed longer rods which will keep our little guy stronger until he grows more and needs new rods. It's not an elegant system, but it works and minimizes the number of breaks Abel will have in his life! Photo of Abel

Jun 18, 2019

Abel is finally back! It was a good farming season and now it's surgery time. While our little man definitely does need a surgery, we're blown away because this is the first time we've ever seen him walking by himself! Every other time he's showed up, his dad has had to carry him. Progress is progress no matter how you look at it! Abel has been admitted to the ward and will be having his next surgery on his leg soon. Photo of Abel

Aug 09, 2018

Abel came back for his check up today! He had worn out the bottom of his cast by walking about which is fine because he is all healed up! He had the cast removed and is all set! The bad news is that he will need some more surgery on his right leg. It's currently rainy season which is a busy time of planting and farming so Abel's father requested that we not schedule the surgery right now. They're going to go home and tend to the food in the ground that's going to sustain them until next rainy season. Once the rains stop and they have a little more free time and they'll be back for the next step on this healing journey. Before they left though, we made sure the kitchen hooked them up with a big plate of food to get them home with full stomachs! Photo of Abel

May 21, 2018

Even with the cast on Abel is making sure to get out of his room in the guest house and join in on some of the group games our spiritual staff have put together for the kids! Photo of Abel

May 18, 2018

Since we take so many photos of the kids here, we like to give them a take-home copy via our instant film camera. Abel loved his and thought it was super funny to take a photo of a photo! Photo of Abel

May 17, 2018

Normally kids don't feel so great the day immediately after surgery, but Abel is already all smiles. Nothing can keep this little guy down! We love him and are so happy to see him doing well! Photo of Abel

May 16, 2018

Abel's surgery was nice and simple with the doctors cutting away a wedge of his leg bone in order to straighten it. Once it was straight, they inserted a long pin to provide some extra strength as it heals. The tedious work is done and now the hard work of healing begins! Photo of Abel

May 15, 2018

Today is the day we start on leg number two for our number one little man and his magnificent smile! He's been admitted to the ward and is ready to go! While he claims he's not afraid, will you still pray with us for strength for Abel as he preps himself to go into surgery? Photo of Abel

May 11, 2018

We try to have an activity every day for our long term patients like Abel. The hospital can be pretty boring and these activites help make things just a little more interesting! Today we did some coloring in our chapel. Able colored in a coloring page illustrating John the Baptist baptizing Jesus while our spiritual staff explained the story! Photo of Abel

May 10, 2018

Abel got to join in the craft time today where he made (what we think is) a hedgehog out of playdough and sticks. Regardless of what it is supposed to be, Abel had a great time and that smile is beaming! Photo of Abel

May 09, 2018

Abel and his incredible smile are back! He's loving having his cast off, but is also excited about starting work on his next leg. He should be meeting with the doctors shortly where we'll talk about just this! Photo of Abel

Apr 26, 2018

Abel is back for his follow up appointment and got his cast off! The doctors say his healing is right on track and it's about to time to start talking about operating on his next leg! Photo of Abel

Mar 20, 2018

After a little time spent with our social worker and spiritual staff member, Balki, Abel was discharged to spend some time healing up at home! We're going to miss this smiling face and are already looking forward to when he comes back for his follow up appointment in a few weeks! Photo of Abel

Mar 15, 2018

Our little guy is getting stronger and stronger every day. Dr. Jean Francois was pleased with his progress during rounds today and Abel will most likely get discharged pretty soon! Photo of Abel

Mar 14, 2018

No worse for the wear, Abel is up and smiling today! He's bound to have at least a little discomfort from the surgery, but you can't tell interacting with him. This little man is just excited to be on the path to healing! Photo of Abel

Mar 13, 2018

Surgery number one is done and in the books! It was a long, but straight forward surgery. The doctors took out a chunk of bone from Abel's right femur (the bone in your thigh) which allowed them to essentially break it straight. A long nail was then put in to help provide support. From there it was a simple task of sewing up the leg and wrapping it in a cast. Abel is back in the ward and resting up from the first step on the journey to a new life! Photo of Abel

Mar 12, 2018

We couldn't be more excited to have Abel here at the hospital this week! He's been through some rough times because of his condition, but he is spreading nothing but smiles and joy around the ward as he gets ready for surgery! Will you pray with us that God strengthens both Abel and his father as this is bound to be a long process? Will you also pray for our medical staff that the Lord gives them peace and wisdom as they go about their work? And finally, will you pray that Abel and his father feel the depth of love of Christ through their interactions with our staff? Photo of Abel

Jun 12, 2015

Abel showed up today. The doctor took off his casts and he’s now able to go back home. The good news is that he won’t need any more surgery. He will come back to the hospital in three months for a follow-up consultation. Please, keep him in your prayers because his bones are still fragile and can break easily. Photo of Abel

May 22, 2015

Abel unexpectedly showed up yesterday, because he broke both of his legs! He has a condition that makes his bones very fragile, and it's called brittle bone disease for that very reason. Today, he got some casts on, and we’re hoping that his legs will heal this way and that surgery won’t be necessary yet. Please keep praying for him! Photo of Abel

May 19, 2015

We’re so sad we weren’t able to say “Goodbye” to Abel, he has already left for home! He will be back in around September for consultation. We’ll miss him so much!

May 14, 2015

Abel is still staying at the case de passage, our on-site long term housing. Today, we shared a good laugh with him as he was striking some poses! We love this guy! Photo of Abel

May 12, 2015

Abel still needs to stay a while longer at the hospital for observation. This morning, he was eating breakfast and was so proud to show us his meal! Yummy! Photo of Abel

May 11, 2015

Abel is still here with us for observation. The surgeon wants to be sure he’s healing well enough before discharging him. So we’ll have the pleasure of his company during this week! Great! Photo of Abel

May 08, 2015

This little guy is so funny! We had a good time taking pictures of him! He was playing with the camera, and striking some new cool poses! He made our day! Photo of Abel

May 07, 2015

This morning, Abel was preparing for another procedure. The surgeon took the metal pin out of his leg and we are happy to say that everything went smoothly! Photo of Abel

Jan 21, 2015

Thank you for your love for Abel! His mother was impressed that he had people that took their time to write him. Our baby boy had an x-ray done, and the doctor saw that his bone had consolidated well, so now it is time to walk! Abel was pretty afraid of walking, but little by little he built up his confidence to do it. Please keep him in your prayers! Photo of Abel

Jan 15, 2015

Abel was not happy with the machine that cut his cast off, it is not the first time, but he still is not used to it and is afraid it will cut him. However, we have an angel at CURE in the form of an art-therapist! She can make any kid smile, and off she goes with smiley Abel to do some art and put more colors in Niger. Photo of Abel

Jan 13, 2015

Our boy came too early to see the doctor so Abel will have to wait until the end of the week for consultation. It isn’t a problem because they can stay at the “case de passage”, a house in the hospital compound designed for long term patients or those who live far away. In the meantime, we had some toys donated and Abel got a new little car that he holds on to all the time! Some women wanted to see it, and it was enough to start a fight! Abel can be little, but his personality is big! Photo of Abel

Dec 03, 2014

Abel was happy around us, until he went to the doctor's area, then he was not up for talking much. They took his cast off and the doctor checked his leg. Now, he needs to start walking, so they put a new cast on that is thicker on the bottom to facilitate his walking without scuffing the cast. When everything was done, Abel gave us a smile again. We hope to see him back in a few weeks! Photo of Abel

Oct 24, 2014

How nice is his cast? Abel had the art therapist visit and she painted his cast in happy colors that matches with his personality! Abel is not 100% joyful as usual, and has been sleeping a lot, but he still has some energy to take silly pictures! He was discharged today and will be back in a few weeks to take off the cast. Photo of Abel

Oct 23, 2014

Abel got a little apprehensive when he entered the OR, but as the anesthesia started working he quickly felt asleep. The doctor used a “C arm” machine that permit him to see x-ray images during the surgery, like this, he knew exactly where to introduce the wire that will give Abel’s leg some structure. He also cut part of his bone to make it straight and put him a cast, that will have to stay on for around 3 weeks. Thank you for your prayers. Photo of Abel

Oct 22, 2014

Smiley Abel was in a good mood this morning! He kept smiling and playing in the ward while waiting for his surgery time. Please pray for him as he goes to the OR today! Photo of Abel

Oct 10, 2014

Abel is so sweet. He smiles and giggles all the time. Boumpoundi, his mother, fits the meaning of her name well: love. She is always sweet and nice to her baby boy. She left three other kids with grandpa, back in Maklondi, their village, to give full attention to Abel while he is getting treatment in Niamey. Photo of Abel

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