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  • Age2
  • Conditionburn contractures
  • Next Appointment 02/01/2021

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The picture above is of CURE in Malawi. Everyone who serves with CURE in Malawi, from medical professionals to office staff, are dedicated to providing the highest quality medical and spiritual care to people who, without CURE, couldn't find it and couldn't afford it, just like Laurent. To do that, we're inviting you to partner with us.

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Laurent's Story

"Ever since my son was burned, I was so worried that Laurent will never have a normal arm. I would love to get my son treated," says Triza, Laurent's mother.

Laurent was only a year old when his arm was burned by hot water. He later develope… Read more

"Ever since my son was burned, I was so worried that Laurent will never have a normal arm. I would love to get my son treated," says Triza, Laurent's mother.

Laurent was only a year old when his arm was burned by hot water. He later developed a burn contracture, a tightening of the skin, that prevents mobility on his left arm. Laurent finds it hard to use his arm so his mother Triza started looking for help. Laurent was first treated at a local hospital and after the wounds were healed, Laurent was referred to CURE Malawi by our fellow doctor.

Laurent made it at CURE Malawi and is scheduled to undergo surgery to release the burn contracture on his arm. "When I got to CURE Malawi hospital, I was warmly welcomed and I hope that by the time we return home, my son will be well!" shares Triza.

Please pray for Laurent's healing!

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Latest Updates

Oct 19, 2020

"They said I am going home. I do not want to go," said Laurent. This boy has made so many friends and he finds it really hard to leave. We definitely agree with him to stay, but it will be a good idea as well if he can go home for a few weeks and come back! We will always miss Laurent and his mother. Our doctors said that Laurent's wound is getting so much better. It is for the same reason that the two can go home for a bit. Thank you so much for your prayers, kindness, and support that you have shared with Laurent. Photo of Laurent

Oct 16, 2020

Laurent has been an incredibly sweet boy on this sunny day! He has been making friends with anyone he sees. He calls everyone "iwe" which means "you". Everyone has been giving this boy their attention and Laurent has made friends with almost everyone who comes across his way––the janitors, nurses, doctors, and his friends in the ward! Our CURE Malawi doctors will see this boy on Monday to see how his wound is healing up! Photo of Laurent

Oct 14, 2020

Thumbs up! Laurent continues to be a cheerful boy and his smiles are adorable. Laurent who had his surgery this week, will be seen again by our CURE Malawi doctors regularly. Please continue to pray for this sweet little man's successful healing! Photo of Laurent

Oct 13, 2020

Guess who is back in the ward––Laurent! Thank you so much for your prayers! Laurent who was in the OR yesterday had a very successful operation and he is already running up and down! His wound will be checked next week and he'll continue to stay with us here at CURE Malawi. Photo of Laurent

Oct 12, 2020

Laurent is in the OR as we speak! Our CURE Malawi doctor is working on his arm to become straight again. After the operation, Laurent's arm will be wrapped in a bandage to keep him safe. Please pray for a smooth healing after surgery! Photo of Laurent

Oct 12, 2020

Welcome Laurent! He is here with his mother Triza! Laurent's arm was burned in hot water. He was seen at another local hospital and after his burns were healed, Laurent was referred to our CURE Malawi hospital. Today, our CURE Malawi doctors is going to take Laurent into the OR. Please pray for a successful and smooth procedure! Photo of Laurent

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