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Madalitso's Story

"My mother told me that one day I will be able to achieve whatever I want in life to be. I didn't believe her because to be teacher, you have to be able to walk and I couldn't do that," Madalitso shared with us.

Madalitso, or Mada as his fr… Read more

"My mother told me that one day I will be able to achieve whatever I want in life to be. I didn't believe her because to be teacher, you have to be able to walk and I couldn't do that," Madalitso shared with us.

Madalitso, or Mada as his friends call him, was born with a condition called clubfoot where both of his feet turn inward, making it painful when he walks. His parents noticed his feet as soon as he was born and they took him to their local hospital at the first chance they got. This hospital referred them to another where Mada started to receive a non-invasive treatment for his clubfoot. The only problem was this treatment required weekly trips to the hospital for several months. Mada's family made the first few appointments but the money to travel to the far away hospital soon ran out and they had to stop. Since then, Mada has just done his best to work with the feet he's got.

Life has been really difficult for both Mada and his parents. He has managed to go to school, but returned home every day with bitterness in his heart due to the rejection and bullying he experienced there. At home, his family tried to lighten his load by giving him easier chores, but "his heart to help and give a hand could not be stopped," Milika, Mada's mother, laughs - the sparkle in her eye shows her admiration for her son's determination to be helpful.

Mada's life changed when some missionaries arrived in their village to drill a well. Curiosity won over Mada and he went to check out the strange scene. It was then the missionaries saw Mada's feet and told his family about us here at CURE Malawi.

Mada is now here with us and will have his feet corrected. We are so grateful how God has arranged all the logistics to make this possible!

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"I know you cannot tell if I am smiling or not, but I AM!" Mada joked with us! His readjustment of the frame operation went well. Thank you so much for your prayers and support for Mada! Photo of Madalitso

2 days ago

Mada is going to the OR! Today our CURE Malawi doctors are taking Mada into the OR to adjust the frame. Jimmy, our Spiritual Director encourages and listens to how Mada feels about the operation. Lately, Mada has been in so much pain and has not been happy. Please continue to pray for him. Photo of Madalitso

3 days ago

Mada is going into the OR tomorrow! The doctor said that his frame needs a slight adjustment and this can only be done while Mada is sleeping soundly while under anesthesia. Mada is nervous to go down in the OR again, so we pray for peace over him as he goes through this step. Photo of Madalitso

Jul 07, 2020

Madalitso has been playing with his buddy Pemphero this morning. Meanwhile, our medical team––doctors, nurses, and physical therapy––are still helping Mada maneuver the external fixator. This past week, Mada told us his favorite color––red––as it represents the heart! Mada has been here for some time so we ask that you pray for his long time wish to be able to go home. Photo of Madalitso

Jul 03, 2020

Madalitso (Mada) is doing really well! Though physical therapy has not been easy for him, we believe that with your prayers, Mada will get through this. Our CURE Malawi doctors recommended that he does more exercises. Mada has been in bed resting to get ready for his exercises in the afternoon. Please keep him in your prayers. Photo of Madalitso

Jul 02, 2020

Our CURE doctors think that we still need to keep Mada here for a few days. But Mada’s faith is so strong that regardless of how long it takes for his feet to get fully corrected, he will put on a pair of shoes one day! Mada holds a small-sized pair of shoes hoping for his future healing. Please help us pray in faith with Mada and support him in his healing journey! Photo of Madalitso

Jul 01, 2020

Even though it is freezing cold here at CURE Malawi, Mada insisted that we take him to the swing. He had so much fun! We still need to keep an eye out of Mada’s healing progress as we clean the surgical site as needed. Please continue to keep him in your prayers! We understand that being at the hospital for a long time can be tiring, but we are trying our best to find ways to make him feel close to home! Photo of Madalitso

Jun 30, 2020

Mada has been watching The Jesus' movie and it has been his favorite show on screen! Mada's doctor encouraged him to be patient since he still has a few weeks to go until his frame is ready to be removed. Mada will be hanging out with us at the hospital as he waits. Please continue to keep him in your prayers! Photo of Madalitso

Jun 29, 2020

Mada has an awesome smile that it is irresistible! His healing is slowly, but heading in the right direction. Please keep praying for him. Photo of Madalitso

Jun 26, 2020

Madalitso is a super strong young man! We know it's not the most fun thing but because you are praying and encouraging him, Mada is able to stay strong! Our CURE Malawi doctors are going to keep him here for a while to keep an eye on his frame. Please continue praying for Mada. Photo of Madalitso

Jun 25, 2020

It is winter in Malawi, the cold wind kept all our kids in bed to be warm! Madalitso is doing really well and his doctor said they will continue slowly turning the frame on his foot. Though it is very painful, Mada is a brave boy-withstanding it all for his good! Please keep praying for him. Photo of Madalitso

Jun 24, 2020

Our CUREkids team in Malawi had a short break and during it, Madalitso had his operation! Our CURE Malawi doctors have put metal frame that will help Mada's foot slowly straighten. This process takes a few months to get full correction, but it gets the best results! We will keep you informed on Mada's progress. Please keep him in your prayers as he is going through a healing process! Photo of Madalitso

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