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  • Age8
  • Conditiona bone condition
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Saituna's Story

“After I saw how bad Saituna's leg has swollen, I was so afraid that my lovely daughter will lose her left leg,” Saituna's mother Adija told us, the fear evident in her eyes.

Saituna was born just like any other child, but this changed … Read more

“After I saw how bad Saituna's leg has swollen, I was so afraid that my lovely daughter will lose her left leg,” Saituna's mother Adija told us, the fear evident in her eyes.

Saituna was born just like any other child, but this changed one day while she was still young. Adija and Saituna were returning from working in the garden when Adija noticed Saituna's leg was slightly swollen. Adija initially thought that Saituna had been bitten by something, but the doctors at their local clinic soon ruled this out. In the meantime, Saituna's slight swelling had grown and began twisting her leg, causing her severe pain to the point where she struggled to walk. It wasn't long until Saituna dropped out of school due to the pain involved with walking there and back every day. Rumours swirled about her deformity and why she left, but Saituna was too focused on trying to make sense of her slowly twisting leg.

Thankfully, CURE Malawi hosted a mobile clinic in a city near where Saituna lives and she was able to be seen by our doctors. We were first able to tell her that her twisted leg is indeed treatable with surgery and then schedule her to be admitted to our hospital! With the help of Adija, Saituna has followed through with her appointment and is now here at CURE Malawi for her surgery. Our surgical staff will straighten out her leg, get her walking with ease again, relieving her mother's fears and getting Saituna back in school!

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Latest Updates

Nov 01, 2019

Healing brings new life, hope, joy and it unfolds all the hidden smiles! Today we are celebrating that Saituna, after serval months with the frame on her leg, is free! Saituna's leg has been successfully been corrected. Nurses, doctors, her mother (Adija), the physical therapy team...everyone is looking at a healing story of Saituna. This includes you all who have been praying and encouraging her. Saituna will go home with new hope in life and we are yet to hear more what God has to install for her future! For a few days, she will have bandages on her leg and they will be removed home. As Saituna will be preparing to return home, please pray for her and her family for safe travels. Photo of Saituna

Oct 31, 2019

Today is Saituna's last day with the metal frame! With a beautiful smile, Saituna said she can't wait for the doctors to remove the frame! It has been more than four months that Saituna has had this thing on her leg and it's finally coming off! Please help us to give her a round of applause and big shout as she starts her physical therapy! Photo of Saituna

Oct 30, 2019

Saituna is back here at CURE Malawi! She stopped by the Storyteller office first thing! Her giggles aren't as nonstop as they used to be, but we're sure she'll be back to her old self in no time. Saituna says, "Being home was really good." She came back sun-kissed with a beautiful complexion after spending most of her days outside. She also told us that she learned to walk with her frame and without crutches! Yay! "My leg is now straight, see!" she told us while showing us her leg now compared to her before pictures pulled up on the computer. The doctors will be planning what's next for Saituna this week. We're so glad to have this special kid back! Photo of Saituna

Aug 26, 2019

Tutu is finally going home tomorrow! The doctors reviewed her X-ray today and said she is good to go since she's been here so long. They won't be taking her frame off this time, but plan on doing it soon. We'll see Saituna again at our mobile clinic near her home in September, where she'll be scheduled for her frame removal. Please keep Saituna in your prayers while she makes the journey home, and that her mom is able to keep up with all the pin-site care! We sure will miss her! Photo of Saituna

Aug 22, 2019

On Monday this week, the doctors told Saituna she would be going home Saturday and she has not let that go. Her mom has worked so hard to learn the turns from the physio team and pin-site care from the nurses so that they can definitely go home. Everyday the both of them wave at us saying, "Bye bye! Bye bye!" as if they are leaving that very moment. That isn't the case, but you can see how hopeful they both are to return home after having been in the hospital for a while. Please keep Saituna and her mom in your prayers as they press on to learn frame turns and pin-site care so that they can go home this weekend! Photo of Saituna

Aug 19, 2019

Saituna got a balloon from the playroom this morning and is now having the best Monday! She's been told she can go home this weekend if things stay on track with pin-site care, turns and physical therapy. The physio team will be teaching her mom the turns this week so she can still get the rotation she needs for her leg when she goes home. We are going to miss all her constant giggles, but look forward to hearing them this week ahead! Photo of Saituna

Aug 15, 2019

"Please come and visit us tomorrow, and I will show you how my leg has healed so fast!" Saituna told us. This smily girl has been doing awesome and her leg has got less than a month until it should be fully straight! Saituna was so happy to hear your prayers and get-well messages, however, she says she wants all of you to come and visit her here at CURE Malawi so she can thank you herself! Photo of Saituna

Aug 14, 2019

Saituna is having the best time drawing today! She'll be continuing with her frame turns, pin-site care, and physical therapy exercises. The best part of physical therapy is that it's right by the CUREkids office where she knows we'll let her watch videos of safari animals on our phones. Anything to make physical therapy a little more exciting! We are so happy to see Saituna healing well. Thank you for all of your prayers! Photo of Saituna

Aug 09, 2019

Saituna has been having a great time at CURE Malawi! And late last week, the doctors said she will have x-rays taken this week to check on her bones and decide what should be done next. Photo of Saituna

Aug 07, 2019

Saituna has been in the hospital for several weeks now and that is a long time. However, we are so thankful for the prayers and encouragement that you send her! Saituna has been doing physical therapy today with Chisomo since they both have frames. Though Saituna was feeling shy, she loves pictures! She is still using her crutches. Her mother is doing her best to always be there for Saituna since frames are painful at times. Please keep praying for Saituna and her mother! Photo of Saituna

Aug 05, 2019

Saituna has discovered her passion for art as she joyfully colors in her new coloring book donated last week by some generous visitors. Today she will be continuing her frame turns and pin-site care, so please pray for the pain to be minimal as her leg continues to get straighter and stronger. Photo of Saituna

Aug 01, 2019

We got to use our phone to show Saituna some silly selfie filters today’s and she has both a great laugh and a great smile. They really show her joy without words! In less fun news, Saituna was in some pain last night. Thankfully, the nurses came and gave her some painkillers and Saituna is feeling a lot better today. Her physical therapists are happy with how she is progressing with her exercises and the courage she has. Thank you all for the prayers and support. Photo of Saituna

Jul 30, 2019

Saituna is in physical therapy working hard today! She cried for a good hour, refusing to walk before the physio team asked the storytellers to come over and help encourage her. The two teams together got her up walking from the poles to the metal walker and even smiling! Once Saituna made it past the fear of walking again, she became a pro! We are so excited to see Saituna up, moving and smiling, and to see how encouraging Saituna together helped her make great progress. Thank you for prayer and rooting for Saituna so she can find the healing she needs! Photo of Saituna

Jul 29, 2019

Saituna has the biggest smile in the ward. She absolutely loves to smile and get her photo taken every day! Dr. Lubega is planning to change out a part of Saituna's frame sometime this week which will allow us to get more rotation in order to better correct her left leg. She will also begin turns on her frame on Thursday. Please continue to pray for Saituna as she prepares for her upcoming procedure! Photo of Saituna

Jul 26, 2019

Saituna gave us a thumbs up during ward rounds this morning and was happy as can be. The doctors joked with her saying it was as if she didn't even have an operation. She was so giddy and silly! Saituna is looking forward to the free meals today because as always, she is SUPER hungry! This girl loves her nshima. She'll be walking on the wooden poles during physical therapy today and says she's not too scared to start walking. Thanks you for praying for sweet Saituna! Her and her mom are so grateful. Photo of Saituna

Jul 25, 2019

Saituna had her operation this morning and is already out eating nshima (a local Malawian meal staple). She was really hungry having to wait all day, and now that she has food in her stomach, she's feeling much better. The surgeons did a procedure where they took out a wedge of bone from her leg which gave them enough space to fix the angle of her bone. To finish off, they placed a frame on her leg which will be a bit bulky for her, but will hold her bones properly in place as she heals! It was a big surgery so there's going to be some serious discomfort, even with pain meds, over the next few days. Please keep Saituna in your prayers as she recovers! Photo of Saituna

Jul 24, 2019

It's been scheduled! Saituna is having her operation tomorrow where she'll be having a frame placed on her left leg. She isn't too bothered by surgery yet, but her mom knows as it gets closer she'll get more nervous. Saituna says she is really enjoying the hospital, playtime and making new friends. Please keep her in your prayers as she prepares for surgery tomorrow! Photo of Saituna

Jul 22, 2019

Meet Saituna! She just came into the hospital this week with a smile that lights up the kid's ward. Please keep sweet Saituna in your prayers as she prepares for her operation this week! Photo of Saituna

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