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Samuel's Story

“My family lives near a river and I love going out there and play. One day as we play with my four other friends, the crocodile attacked me. I do not remember what happened after that, but all that I remember was that I was in the hospital with m… Read more

“My family lives near a river and I love going out there and play. One day as we play with my four other friends, the crocodile attacked me. I do not remember what happened after that, but all that I remember was that I was in the hospital with my parents. My mother told explained everything to me and I was so shocked,” Said Samuel.

“I could not believe what happened to Samuel that day. Four of his friends came running with Samuel carried with so much bleeding. I cried because I thought Samuel was dead. One of the older boys in the group told me that they beat the crocodile with sticks and it took about an hour to rescue Samuel from the crocodile’s mouth. My heart was full of anger to think why did God allow this to happen to my lastborn child. His father and I with a few friends, we run to a nearby community hospital where Samuel was told he cannot be treated and was given an ambulance to go to a district hospital for help. We got a bed and stayed in the hospital for some weeks. After that, I was told that Samuel needs to go to a bigger hospital in town. The ambulance came and we made our way to Queens Hospital in Blantyre. My hope was now fading out to see how the hospitals are referring us to so many different hospitals for my son Samuel. Thankfully, Samuel was seen and he started receiving treatment. I could see his smile now and little by little my son's face was lighting up,” Said Samuel's mother, Mercy.

"I have not walked for so long and would love to walk by myself again. I know the doctors are doing what they know but I still feel so much pain. I believe that I will walk again because my mother tells me so. I want to go to school after my treatment and visit my friends who rescued me from the crocodile attack," Said Samuel.

"We have come so far away and this has been God, a month later at Queens, the doctors encouraged us to be seen by CURE doctors and I agreed. When we met CURE doctors, Samuel was transferred to CURE hospital where he will continue receiving his treatment. I have hope that Samuel will recover and that his dreams to be a social worker will come true," Said Mercy, mother to Samuel.

"God has been amazing and I know that those friends who helped me from the attack were given strength by God and that God has a plan for my life," Said Samuel.

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Latest Updates

Aug 15, 2019

Samuel is heading home! He had his operation where the surgeons grafted a small piece of bone into his leg which will help it regrow. It wasn't fun, but Samuel is so strong! Before being discharged, Dr. Lubega said, "This boy is super tough. They should have a national geographic documentary just on him and his recovery from the crocodile bite." We agree! Thanks for keeping Sam in your prayers as he remains brave while healing. We look forward to seeing him again in November! Photo of Samuel

Aug 05, 2019

Samuel is here for clinic today and he's first in line. Sam is quick to make new friends and has been chatting and laughing with the kids all around him. He told us that he'd really like to be admitted back into the hospital, and his dad is worried about one of the wounds around his frame. The doctor told us he'll definitely be admitted, so please continue to keep Sam in your prayers while he is with us at the hospital. Photo of Samuel

Jul 11, 2019

Sam was suppose to go home today, but him and his mom couldn't wait to go home, so they ended up working hard through physical therapy and leaving yesterday afternoon. They were just waiting on transport money to be sent from their family and then they were on their way. The physio team joked with them saying, "We will pray the transport money doesn't come through until tomorrow so you can stay with us one more day." They laughed, both saying, "No way, we are definitely leaving today!" We love how much they have missed home and pray they made it back safely! Please keep Sam in your prayers while he is healing at home. We look forward to seeing him again on August 5th! Photo of Samuel

Jul 10, 2019

Samuel is going home tomorrow! The doctors decided Sam's been in hospitals far too long, both ours and the slew of others, over this ordeal. They are letting him go home for 3-4 weeks until he needs to come back for the reconstruction of his leg. The nurses will be teaching Sam's mom how to manage his pinsite care at home. Both Sam and his mom are SO excited to finally be going home! Sam is really excited to see his friends that his mom says are "actually like his brothers." Sam and his mom can't thank you enough for all your prayers and support during his stay at CURE Malawi! Photo of Samuel

Jul 04, 2019

Samuel is all smiles today, but that's how he is everyday! The doctors have advised him to continue physical therapy and we are excited to watch his continued improvement. Today he plans on hanging out with his mom since the two of them are pretty close. He'll go to physical therapy in the afternoon and although it's painful, he's excited to practice walking again. Thanks for keeping Sam in your prayers! Photo of Samuel

Jul 03, 2019

God's healing is at work! Samuel, who thought he would never walk again after the crocodile bite, is now taking his first steps. "I am speechless. I don't know what to say to the CURE Malawi doctors and nurses who are always helping my son. Samuel walking again is a testimony to God's goodness" Mercy, Samuel's mother told us. Samuel is doing exercise today and his mother Mercy is so happy to see her son walking. Photo of Samuel

Jul 02, 2019

"Do you want a pillow fight? Cause I am ready for it," said Samuel. Unfortunately, we were not ready for a pillow fight and had to surrender. Samuel finds anything to play with and he has about four pillows in his bed. Samuel continues to get better each day and he is so happy today! His mother sends her thanks to you all for your constant prayers and get-well messages. Keep praying for Samuel as the doctors and nurses are helping him through this time! Photo of Samuel

Jun 28, 2019

Samuel is feeling super sleepy after his intensive operation yesterday. The surgeons cut off both ends of the broken bone where it had been infected and placed a temporary eight-inch block in between, connecting the broken bone. The doctors also adjusted his frame to keep the bone and block in place. Due to the strength of the bacteria that is infecting his leg from the crocodile bite, most antibiotics will not work, but the one we have him on currently is helping to kill the infection throughout his bones! If everything stays clean and the infection leaves, Samuel will be able to go home in about two weeks. If not, the process can take much longer. The surgeons hope for sooner rather than later so they can remove the cement block and replace it with a bone graft from his pelvis. Meanwhile, Samuel is enjoying his time playing with new friends at the hospital and participating in morning and evening prayer with the CURE Malawi community. Please join us in praying for Samuel, that he'll feel better soon and all infection be cast out in the name of Jesus! Photo of Samuel

Jun 26, 2019

Samuel is set to have his operation today! His mother Mercy asks for your prayers and as they're nervous about the whole ordeal. Ultimately, this surgery is nothing compared to what Smauel has already gone through, but the unknown is always scary and we get that! Photo of Samuel

Jun 21, 2019

Join us in welcoming Sam to CURE Malawi! Sam has recently been shuffled around a bunch of different hospitals, being treated for a crocodile attack. He's got a bad bite and infection on his right leg. Sam comes from an area with a big river. He was playing with his friends one day when he got attacked. Sam is a vey smily boy and he is here with his mother, Mercy. Photo of Samuel

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