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Rudo's Story

“Rudo was facing many challenges. People would say, ‘we cannot play with her because she is disabled.’ Both adults and children would chose not to associate with her because of her problem,” Rudo’s mom, Agness, shared.

Rudo has cav… Read more

“Rudo was facing many challenges. People would say, ‘we cannot play with her because she is disabled.’ Both adults and children would chose not to associate with her because of her problem,” Rudo’s mom, Agness, shared.

Rudo has cavovarus foot, a deformity that often results from an imbalance of muscle forces.

Agness says Rudo was born normal, and they didn’t notice her condition until her feet started bending at the age of three. She didn’t feel any pain for another few years, but her family had already started taking her to the hospital when they noticed Rudo was walking strangely. Agness shared, “The time the problem developed, I had already heard of CURE Malawi through the radio, but I failed to bring Rudo because I had no support back home.” She continued to tell us about the brokenness and unkindness in their community, and how it was not only challenging for Rudo, but also herself as a mother. “The adults and children would be unkind to our family because of Rudo’s disability. It was challenging for me to carry her everywhere; to church and to school.”

Rudo says, “I would sit down and when I would ask for help up, everyone would refuse to help me. They all isolated me.”

Rudo and her mom have high hopes for CURE, especially after witnessing other patient’s healings. Their greatest hope is to see Rudo walking normally. “I have high hopes my daughter will be walking well after CURE Malawi and have friends at school,” Agness expressed.

Rudo told us, “Even my teachers at school didn’t want to associate with me, but here I am receiving love and being included, especially by the teachers in the playroom. It has been so great.” Rudo’s best friend in the hospital ward, Esther, who is 6 years older than her, has been so kind to Rudo, assisting her up and down the stairs and throughout her time at the hospital every step of the way. “I am overwhelmed with happiness for Esther and the other kids like me here,” Rudo said.

Agness asked for prayers for Rudo’s quick recovery and for their entire family to have good health so that Rudo can continue with her education and be supported by her family. Please join us in keeping Rudo in prayer as she finds healing with us at CURE Malawi!

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Latest Updates

May 20, 2019

Rudo has been discharged! Before she left, we delivered your get well messages and she was so happy. She giggled as many of you mentioned how much you like her hair! She says, "Zikomo kwambiri!" which means "Thank you so much!"

Rudo had her last physio session where she walked around the room like a champ! She was really mad at her physiotherapist for not letting her take home a wheelchair, since she is suppose to be full weight bearing and other kids need them more. She said, "I want to go back to school and it's too far to walk like this." Unfortunately, even though she really tried, she couldn't get a wheelchair out of the physio department, but says she'll try walking to school on her casts anyways! Please keep Rudo in your prayers as she journeys home with her mama and continues healing. We look forward to seeing her again at our Lilongwe clinic in July! Photo of Rudo

May 16, 2019

Rudo's operation was a success and came out smiling. She slept the rest of the day and so did her mom. Looks like they were both exhausted! One from an operation and the other from worrying. We are glad they are both at rest and and Rudo is recovering well. The first thing Rudo did when popping her head out of her blanket that she was under from head to toe, was smile and say, "Annie!" She's fallen in love with the movie Annie and could rewatch it everyday it seems. Rudo is so funny and so sweet. Please continue to keep her in your prayers as she recovers! Photo of Rudo

May 16, 2019

Rudo and Christopher have become great friends here at the hospital. They love hanging out in the playroom, wheelchair races and playing with stuffed animals. Rudo was first on the list for surgery this morning and Christopher is patiently waiting for her to come out. Rudo's mom is also very nervous about this second operation, even though the first operation went well. Rudo has been so strong, but began crying as she went into the operating room which made her mom anxious. We reminded her and her mom that she is in great hands, not only of our surgeons, but also in the hands of Jesus. Please keep Rudo in your prayers as she receives treatment for her right cavovarus foot, and that she recovers well from her tendon transfer with her mom and her friend Christopher by her side! Photo of Rudo

May 13, 2019

Happy Monday! Rudo is having a great day. The doctors say she will be going into the operating room this week. Today she says she's excited for the playroom and told us, "I like the color pink!" When we asked her what subject in school she likes, she said mathematics. Rudo is looking forward to hanging out with her friends in the hospital this week as she prepares for operation number two! Please keep her in your prayers! Photo of Rudo

May 10, 2019

Rudo was suppose to be on her way home today, but her mom decided they want to stay at the hospital until the surgeons operate on Rudo's right foot, rather than coming back to the hospital later again. We are super excited to have Rudo with us longer. She is so sweet! She told us she is excited to go to the playroom today and loves going to "school" at the hospital. The doctors plan to operate on her next week! Please keep Rudo in your prayers as she prepares for her next operation. Photo of Rudo

May 09, 2019

Rudo's operation went very well the other day! The doctors did a tendon transfer in her left foot to help it straighten and for her to begin walking properly. For now she won't be weight bearing, but can start full weight bearing in six weeks. Rudo will be discharged tomorrow morning. We plan to see her again at our Lilongwe clinic in July! Please continue to keep Rudo in your prayers as she recovers! Photo of Rudo

May 07, 2019

Meet Rudo! This sweet girl has been waiting around in the hospital for over three weeks! She was sent for an MRI at another hospital and the doctors had been waiting on her results to see if they would be able to operate. Looks like they'll be operating today and Rudo will have her first operation for her cavovarus feet, an imbalance of muscle forces.

Here's an update on the past three weeks with Rudo! Rudo loves playing in the playroom, and Chifundo from our spiritual team, who she calls "teacher," is one of Rudo's favorite people in the hospital, along with her best friend Esther. Esther just left last week, which had Rudo a bit bummed, but they are both from Lilongwe and plan on seeing each other again back at home. Esther and Rudo did everything together like watch the film Annie (2014) which is now their favorite, coloring, braiding hair, and taking tours around the hospital. Rudo also loves Princess Sofia and is very close with her mom. She is always up for the challenge and even when walking up the stairs is super difficult for her and takes her a long time, she'll do it anyways just to show she can! Rudo has such a kind heart and loves to cuddle in close or hold your hand. We are so happy she is here at the hospital with us and can't wait for the healing God has in store for her! Please keep Rudo in your prayers during her first operation today! Photo of Rudo

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