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Mwayiwawo's Story

“When Mwayiwawo was born, my thoughts were as simple as, ‘this is how God created him to be,’” Prisca, Mwayiwawo’s mom, shared about her son. This is the first time they have come to our CURE Malawi hospital, and though very nervous, they… Read more

“When Mwayiwawo was born, my thoughts were as simple as, ‘this is how God created him to be,’” Prisca, Mwayiwawo’s mom, shared about her son. This is the first time they have come to our CURE Malawi hospital, and though very nervous, they are excited to be here.

“When we first went to our local hospital they told me to come back in a month. When I came back in a month, they told me to come back in five months, and when I came back in five months, they said to come in a year. After arriving back in a year, the doctors from Beit CURE were there and they gave us an admission sheet to come to the hospital.”

Mwayiwawo has just arrived to our hospital this week with bilateral radial clubhand. The doctors reviewed his X-rays and saw that he is missing his radial bone in both of his forearms. They will be creating a plan for Mwayiwawo, and are very excited for his surgery in the operating room this week.

Prisca told us that Mwayiwawo crawls abnormally. Even with his deformed hands, he pushes himself across the floor, since it’s easier to scoot than it is to put all the weight on his arms. “He can only walk two to three steps since his is still little. As of now, he can hold things in his hands firmly, but he is too young to write, so coming here, we hope that his hands will be fixed before he gets to that point.”

Prisca asks for prayers for Mwayiwawo’s operations here at CURE Malawi and for his future education. The surgeons will be first operating on his right hand and later on his left. Please join us in keeping Mwayiwawo and Prisca in your prayers during there time here at CURE Malawi!

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Latest Updates

Jul 24, 2019

This is Mwayiwawo's "I'm going home today" face! He is so excited and so is his mom. His wound inspection went very well and his hand is healing properly. The doctors say they will see him again in September at the mobile clinic near his home. The physical therapy team gave him a night and day splint for his left wrist. We are so excited to see Mwayiwawo happy and healing! Thanks for the love while he's been in the hospital and please continue to keep him in your prayers while he heals at home! Photo of Mwayiwawo

Jul 22, 2019

Mwayiwawo may look serious, but overall he's having a very happy day! He's been bouncing around the kid's ward smiling and dancing with his mama. He is still a little camera shy, but slowly becoming more comfortable. Mwayiwawo will have a wound inspection tomorrow and has been advised to continue elevating his hand. If the wound inspection goes well, the physical therapy team will make him a hand splint and he'll be on his way home this week! Photo of Mwayiwawo

Jul 19, 2019

We asked Mwayiwawo's mother Prisca if Mwayiwawo had a good night's rest last night after his surgery and she told us there was no problem. Today, the two of them spent their time in bed, resting and making sure Mwayiwawo keeps his arm elevated to keep the post-op swelling down. We also had a chance to read your get-well messages to them. Prisca says thank you so much for the prayers and encouragement that you are sharing with her and Mwayiwawo. Thank you so much and bless you! Photo of Mwayiwawo

Jul 18, 2019

Mwayiwawo is in the operating room for his second surgery! The surgeons are working on his left hand this time around. It will be a long operation and his mom is a bit worried, but much more at peace since she has seen the improvement of his right hand after his first operation. Please keep Mwayiwawo and his mom in your prayers while he is in the operating room today! Photo of Mwayiwawo

Jul 17, 2019

"I am so happy that my son is going to the operating room tomorrow!" Mwayiwawo's mother Prisca told us joyfully. It's an amazing feeling when something you've been hoping and praying for finally arrives. Mwayiwawo will go in for his right hand this time. Please pray for a successful surgery and smooth healing! Photo of Mwayiwawo

Jul 16, 2019

Mwayiwawo is back and will be going to the OR this week for the next procedure on his left hand. Even though he's been here before, he's still a little nervous about the whole ordeal. His mom Prisca is a little more excited to be back because it means her beautiful son is one step closer to being healed! Photo of Mwayiwawo

Apr 15, 2019

Mwayiwawo was SO happy to hear he's going home today! He had a wound inspection this morning and the doctors said everything is looking great! They have discharged him and plan to see Mwayiwawo again at the Lilongwe clinic in July where they will plan for him to come back to the hospital to operate on his left hand. Thanks for keeping up with Mwayiwawo during his time here at our CURE Malawi hospital. Please continue to keep him in your prayers as his right hand heals and as he journeys back home with his mom! Photo of Mwayiwawo

Apr 12, 2019

Mwayiwawo is funny again today and feeling much better after his surgery! It's been hard for his mom to get through the past two days, but we took a deep breath with her, exhaling with a smile as Mwayiwawo giggled. He loved playing with Storyteller Alexis' camera and making sure the strap was wrapped properly around his neck, along with using his mom's phone to pretend to call people around the kid's ward. His favorite word is "doooo," and he appreciates when people pucker their lips and repeat that same word back to him! This little guy is too funny! The doctors sent Mwayiwawo for a wound inspection this morning and will be creating a plan for Mwayiwawo's left hand on Monday. They will also being creating a splint for his right hand to help his healing progress. Thank you for you love, support and prayers during Mwayiwawo's time here at CURE Malawi! Photo of Mwayiwawo

Apr 11, 2019

Mwayiwawo went into his first operation yesterday. His mom was really worried, but everything turned out just fine! Our surgeons placed two wires through his pointer finger and middle finger on his right hand. The wires went through his fingers and into his wrist, joining the bones and positioning his hand properly, which is called radialization. The surgeons didn't have to do anything about the missing radius bone in his forearm, as this will give him the stability he needs to use his hands correctly. Please keep Mwayiwawo in your prayers are he recovers! Photo of Mwayiwawo

Apr 09, 2019

Mwayiwawo is such a sweet child, he was especially giggly today! He laughed and tried to mimic every face we made at him - especially the lip movements. He was probably trying to say "you are funny!" from all the baby talk he was giving us today. Please keep him in your prayers as he goes into his first operation this week! Photo of Mwayiwawo

Apr 08, 2019

Meet Mwayiwawo! He came in the hospital yesterday with bilateral radial clubhands and is missing the radius bones in both of his forearms. He loves to play soccer even though he does not walk yet. His mom Prisca says he stands, kicks the ball, falls, kicks the ball, scoots, and kicks the ball all day long. He has a seven year old older sister, Loveness, that he loves to play with and is waiting for him back home. We ask that you keep him and his worried mother in your prayers as he heads into his first operation this week. Photo of Mwayiwawo

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