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The picture above is of CURE in Malawi. Everyone who serves with CURE in Malawi, from medical professionals to office staff, are dedicated to providing the highest quality medical and spiritual care to people who, without CURE, couldn't find it and couldn't afford it, just like Malita. To do that, we're inviting you to partner with us.

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Malita's Story

“The things that were breaking our family apart was that Malita couldn’t go to school. It was too crowded and kids would rush out of class and step on her. She couldn’t keep up. She had no future, but now we have hope she can go back to schoo… Read more

“The things that were breaking our family apart was that Malita couldn’t go to school. It was too crowded and kids would rush out of class and step on her. She couldn’t keep up. She had no future, but now we have hope she can go back to school and get her life on track,” Malita’s dad, Bokosi, shared Malita’s story with us, and how it has greatly impacted their family.

“She was born normal, but in 2014, she was out playing alone while her mom was working on the farm. A metal object pierced her leg from the side and it immediately began swelling. The swelling rose and it has been this way ever since. The situation is unexplainable; therefore we believe it must be witchcraft.”

Malita has come into our hospital this week with a deformed left leg, mainly her ankle and foot. She had a previous infection in 2014, and that same year had a sequestrectomy, which is the removal of dead spicules or portions of bone, at Nkhoma hospital near her village. The doctors plan to operate on her this week and will be placing a Taylor Spatial Frame (TSF) frame on her left leg to begin straightening her foot.

“We believe someone wished something evil over her, and we pray that it be removed since we don’t know where it has come from. Her friends are nice to her unless they get angry at each other, then they make fun of her disability and the parents have to get involved. Usually, it is okay,” Bokosi shared. He continued by telling us about how Malita’s disability has affected their family. “The biggest problem is that everything else stops because we needed to take care of her as a family. We all go to the hospital with her every time, so work stops, farming stops, and it becomes hard to provide.”

Bokosi says he found out about CURE Malawi from a CURE staff member he met at his local hospital, and that everything is as he expected, which makes him very happy. “When we were coming here, we put everything into God’s hands so that He works His blessings, and that even in the future Malita will stay blessed.” Bokosi is not only excited for Malita’s physical healing, but also her spiritual healing through the prayer and ministry offered here at CURE Malawi. “I pray that Malita and our family be protected against all witchcraft in the future and that anything evil from others be removed!”

Please keep Malita in your prayers as she receives both physical and spiritual healing at our hospital, and that God heal her in the very way He already has planned!

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Latest Updates

Nov 01, 2019

"I will go home with a new leg! My friends will wonder what happened and I will tell them, CURE has healed me and I can walk again with no pain and no shame," Malita said, sharing her excitement with. Malita will be leaving for home over the weekend. Thank you all so much for your prayers, support, and for being there for her. Bless you all! Photo of Malita

Oct 31, 2019

Malita walked with her metal frame for the last time today! The doctors say it's time for it come off and we're just as excited as she it! What a life transformation! Malita will be able to walk to school and help her family out around the house! Please join us in prayer for these final stages of her healing! Photo of Malita

Oct 30, 2019

Our sweet friend Malita is back in the hospital for her frame removal! She is so happy to see her leg straight and can't wait to see what it will look like after the frame is off. Malita will be having her frame taken off this week so please keep her in your prayers as she patiently waits and prepares! Photo of Malita

May 03, 2019

Friday is a day full of deep cleaning and discharges. Malita is finally going home this weekend and is so excited! She first has pin-site care with her dad and then physio today. She'll leave early tomorrow morning to go back to her home near Lilongwe, but is scheduled to come back to the hospital May 27th for another X-ray! Please keep Malita and her dad in your prayers as they travel home, and for Malita's healing to continue without any problems! Photo of Malita

Apr 30, 2019

Malita is our number one source of big smile pictures and today we tried something different. Malita is doing fine and slowly approaching the day of her discharge as her dad finished doing the turns on her frame and has only a few days more of wound cleaning to go now. She says she's excited to go home even though she has a had a good stay at the hospital and can't wait to come again, "She is happy here but at the same time, misses home and the family we left there," explains her father, Bokosi. Pray for Malita to keep her in God's healing hand and shower His love and blessings on her and her family! Photo of Malita

Apr 29, 2019

Malita is having a great Monday! Her friend Spiwe left over the weekend and she was really bummed, but the doctors told Malita and her dad today they can go home this week! First, the doctors just need to check her program. Malita has LOVED the hospital and will miss it a lot, but is excited to finally go home and see her family. Please keep Malita in your prayers as she continues recovering here with us at the hospital before she heads home! Photo of Malita

Apr 25, 2019

We showed Malita CURE International's Instagram story (@cureintl) from yesterday, featuring Malita! She couldn't believe how many of you followed the page and saw her story! She is so excited to read all the get-well messages coming in from you and wanted to thank you for keeping up with her journey here at CURE Malawi!

Apr 25, 2019

Malita is doing a great job managing her pain and herself in the CURE Malawi ward! Her father tells us how she only cried for two days after the operation and hasn't let out a whimper since, her father is very proud of her! "Dad, have we really been here for almost a month?" Malita asks her father, and he tells her that they are going home soon and she understandingly nods her head. Malita's father, Bokosi, tells us how brave and patient she has been all along, only complaining that the frame is heavy. Please pray for Malita as she pushes on in her journey of healing! Photo of Malita

Apr 23, 2019

Malita and Physiotherapist Bessie are having the best time at physio today!

Storyteller Alexis: "Bessie! Malita is smiling during her exercises!"

Physiotherapist Bessie: "I guess I must be doing something right!"

Malita is really enjoying her time in the hospital and loved receiving a little chocolate bunny for Easter this past weekend, as she had to stay in the hospital over the holiday. She says the chocolate bunny made it worth it! Thanks for keeping our sweet Malita in your prayers during her time with us at CURE Malawi! Photo of Malita

Apr 17, 2019

We found Malita playing a game of 'bawo' alone. It's a board game meant for two players. Malita seems to be doing great and her father, who is in the hospital with her, tells us she has been peaceful and hasn't been complaining about anything lately. Since progress is positive with Malita, the doctor says she has to be given pain meds only when she needs them and not as a daily dosage anymore. They will continue with daily care and they will do lengthening and they will start frame corrections today. Please pray for Malita so her healing is timely and also spiritual, thank you! Photo of Malita

Apr 15, 2019

Malita is having a fantastic day! Her dad bought her an orange from the market and not only does she love eating it, but also playing with it! She peeled her slices and pretended they were a mustache, her mouth and her eyebrows. Malita says she really loves oranges, and we are glad to see she is keeping herself entertained, happy and filling her body with healthy food while she's staying in bed these days. Malita will be continuing her frame turns today and thanks you for keeping her in your prayers! Photo of Malita

Apr 11, 2019

Malita was in the operation room today for her first procedure today! The surgeons had three procedures to do on her while in there; osteotomy, TSF and corticotomy. These procedures are basically where her bones are deliberately cut in order align and lengthen them. Please keep her in prayers throughout the procedures she has to endure and the healing process that is ahead of her. Photo of Malita

Apr 09, 2019

It's Malita again! She was being a little shy and a bit quiet during our little chat. She was able to tell us about her younger sister, Kafanisi, who is just six years old and how they do almost everything together, from drawing water, to going to school. She likes to play Hop-Scotch a lot and one of her favourite things to eat is fried eggs. Her favourite place in the hospital so far is the playroom where she has learned how to draw trees today. Malita is waiting to go into her first operation this week and needs your prayers! We're praying for both spiritual and physical healing and for her to know God's love throughout the process! Photo of Malita

Apr 08, 2019

Meet Malita! She came into CURE Malawi's hospital yesterday with her dad, Bokosi, who loves her SO much! Malita has a deformed leg, and is seeking both physical and spiritual healing. Her dad Bokosi told us, “When we were coming here, we put everything into God’s hands so that He works His blessings, and that even in the future Malita will stay blessed.” Please keep this sweet girl in your prayers as she prepares for her first operation this week! Photo of Malita

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