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Lucius's Story

“When I walk long distances, my foot hurts so much and the next day I fail to walk. This result failure in class and I feel so much shame. I would love to have my foot corrected like Evance and that I would be able to walk without pain,” Said L… Read more

“When I walk long distances, my foot hurts so much and the next day I fail to walk. This result failure in class and I feel so much shame. I would love to have my foot corrected like Evance and that I would be able to walk without pain,” Said Lucius. Lucius came into our CURE Malawi hospital after hearing about CURE from one of our previous neglected clubfoot patients, Evance. When CURE Malawi took a team out to visit Evance's home, the husband of the chief in Evance's village, who also happens to be Lucius' teacher, brought Lucius, a future CURE patient at that time. They knew CURE was coming for a visit as Evance's mother had spread the news to her community. Lucius had known of Evance from his disability, even though they attended different schools.

"In the way Evance was; he was living in a troublesome way. He was not feeling comfortable even though he was playing with other friends, but he still had something that hindered him. Having seen him in the way he was today, I have seen that CURE is helping the disabilities. That is why I have brought it to myself to bring this one [Lucius], so that he can also have a change the way he [Evance] is," Lucius' teacher shared on CURE's visit to Evance's home.

Lucius, like Evance, has neglected clubfoot. Evance struggled with both feet, while Lucius suffers with his right foot. Lucius' family shared that they were ignorant to the possibility Lucius could ever be healed, but hearing Evance's story brought them and their community great hope. Shortly after CURE Malawi's visit to Evance's home where we met Lucius, Lucius came into our clinic at our hospital in Blantyre and was given an admission date in July. His father and teacher want him to finish school first, and for their family to make it through harvest season, as that is their best source of income. It will help them provide transportation for Lucius and help their family last throughout Lucius' long stay in the hospital. Lucius says his hope from CURE is to "finally be helped."
“When I heard and saw Evance with healed feet, I really wanted to come to CURE to get my foot done too! I want to have corrected foot like how they did for Evance,” Lucius has seen witness Evance healing and he looks so hungry for his healing too.

Lucius will have an ilizarov frame placed on his right foot to begin correction when he comes in July. His teacher and father say he is quite the social butterfly at school, so we are sure he'll be making lots of friends in the hospital. His favorite thing to do is ride his bicycle and he can't wait to ride it again with a corrected foot. Please pray for Lucius' as he wraps up school and prepares to come to the hospital in July, as well as his family during harvest season.

After Lucius' teacher and Evance's neighbor had fully witnessed the change of Evance with hope for the change of Lucius, he ended with, "I can now say CURE is helping the disabilities; is really helping the disabilities. Everything is possible with CURE."
“Living a life with this deformity is really a big challenge, at school, some students would make fun on how I walk. Having a normal foot, corrected and able to do anything like other children in my village would be a great gift. I believe in prayer and I think God will heal me through CURE doctors” Lucius sharing to us about living with a deformed foot and hoping for a healing.

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Latest Updates

Aug 09, 2019

Lucius has finally gone home! We will see him again next month. We pray that as Lucius spends time at home, Jesus will continue to heal him.

Aug 07, 2019

Lucius had his cast reinforced and after observing him today and tomorrow, Dr. Lubega and his team will decide if he can go home. This morning, Lucius was in pain and not so happy. The spiritual team encouraged and prayed with his grandmother and with Lucius. "The healing that I have seen in my grandson is like (no) other!" she said. "I have never seen such an amazing and caring hospital like CURE. God bless you all!" Thank you so much for your prayers and support in helping change Lucius's life. This will never be forgotten! Photo of Lucius

Aug 05, 2019

Can you see it? It's a smile! Although Lucius did not go home over the weekend, he is still smiling because he is in awe of the difference his first surgery has already made in his life. The doctors decided that they want to take him back into surgery to achieve better rotation on his foot before recasting him and sending him home. Please continue to pray for Lucius as he undergoes another surgery this week. Photo of Lucius

Aug 02, 2019

Lucius is snuggled up in his blanket this morning. The doctors told him they got enough correction from his surgery and they will be able to discharge him today after physical therapy. Lucius will then go home over the weekend after he receives his discharge note today so please join us in praying for his recovery, first physical therapy session, and then journey home! Photo of Lucius

Aug 01, 2019

Lucius had his first operation and he's feeling pretty great! The surgeons didn't place a frame on him yet since this was the first time his foot had ever been operated on. Instead, they did a triple arthrodesis, in which the surgeons began to correct to his deformity by fusing the three main joints in his foot. Lucius was then casted and will have a cast change in a week. Please keep him in your prayers while her recovers and starts physical therapy! Photo of Lucius

Jul 29, 2019

Lucuis has finally arrived here at CURE Malawi for his surgery date. He has finished school and is ready for his first operation. Lucuis has never had an operation on his foot before, so the surgeons will need to release the soft tissue before placing his frame. Lucius' grandmother, who came with him, fell sick this morning and Lucuis ended up having to look after her instead of the other way around. He'll be having another guardian come and swap places with her so he can have his operation this week. Please keep Lucius in your prayers as he prepares for his upcoming operation and that his grandmother feel better soon! Photo of Lucius

Mar 26, 2019

Meet Lucius! We are so excited to finally have him at our CURE Malawi hospital! We first met Lucius when visiting a previous neglected clubfoot patient, Evance, in his home village just north of Blantyre. Lucius is also from a village in a district not too far from Evance. Knowing that CURE was coming to visit Evance and his family, Lucius' dad and his teacher brought him to Evance's home when CURE was visiting. After witnessing the change to Evance's feet, life and family, Lucius desired the same.

Lucius arrived at our CURE Malawi hospital with his dad (right) and teacher (left) and has received his admission form to come back for his first operation on July 28th! He wanted to finish out his term at school first since it will be a long time in the hospital, and his family wanted to make it through harvest season, so they didn't miss out on their best time of work to help provide for their family while Lucius is away. We can't wait until Lucius is back for his surgery! Please keep him in your prayers as he finishes classes and prepares for his operation over the next few months! Photo of Lucius

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