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Enifa's Story

“People would say, ‘Look at her! Look at her! She can’t walk!’” Enifa’s mom, Cathy, shared that Enifa would put her hands under her bottom to carry her weight and move, scooting around the grounds of their village. “Inside she felt a … Read more

“People would say, ‘Look at her! Look at her! She can’t walk!’” Enifa’s mom, Cathy, shared that Enifa would put her hands under her bottom to carry her weight and move, scooting around the grounds of their village. “Inside she felt a lot of pain because of how cruel the people were, but she also found so much strength that existed within herself, and it was a gift from God.”

Enifa has been to CURE Malawi twice before, but wasn’t yet ready for her operation. She was last here mid-February for casting to prepare for her operation this week. Enifa has never walked before due to both of her knee contractures. Her mom Cathy shared, “She was born with the condition. The day after she was born, I took her to the hospital and they began casting her. We went for casting every week for four months, but every time she would switch casts I saw no improvement. After, they gave her shoe braces, but they didn’t work so I gave up. It was only last year I started seeking help again and took her back to the hospital.”

We asked Cathy what encouraged her to begin seeking assistance again and she replied, “I realized what I was denying my child of and that I had a conscience. I thought to myself, 'I can’t let her be like this forever.' It was a heavy burden to carry her to school every day and I had hope that she would walk one day.”

Cathy continued to tell us about how she came to CURE Malawi. “We went back to our hospital in Lilongwe and they told us the date the Beit CURE surgeons were coming. So we came and were admitted in December 2018. We arrived at the CURE hospital in December and were sent home because they were not ready to operate on Enifa. Then we came back again in February and were sent home again, but with a cast. I was frustrated and didn’t understand, but now today I finally understand. God is in control and I am hopeful and grateful to God.”

Enifa is having a TSF (Taylor Spatial Frame) frame placed on her left leg to begin straightening her leg, and will later have the right knee contracture corrected, as well as both of her equinas feet. Her mom asks for prayers that Enifa have, “reduced pain and that God will heal her and make her walk again!” Cathy ended by telling us she is incredibly encouraged seeing the other children in the hospital that have struggled like Enifa, and is grateful for what CURE Malawi is doing for many children. She left her community saying to the people, “Just watch! You’ll see her walk through God alone.”

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Latest Updates

3 days ago

Enifa and her grandmother are going home! It was like déjà vu seeing Enifa's grandmother jump with excitement to finally be going home, as Enifa's mom had done the same thing last time they were discharged from CURE Malawi. Enifa is not only so happy to be going home, but also to be frame free. She will be reviewed again at our mobile clinic near her home in September. Her grandmother lives in a different location so she'll be escorting Enifa home and staying with them for a bit to visit Enifa's newborn baby brother, Favour, who Storyteller Alexis was given the privilege to name, until she returns home to a different district. Enifa and her grandmother will be the most missed around the ward as Enifa has the sweetest and craziest faces and her grandmother is the loudest and most expressive guardian. Please keep them in your prayers as they journey home and Enifa continue to heal and walk! Photo of Enifa

Aug 14, 2019

Enifa says she likes butterflies, trees, and people and that's what she plans on doodling today in the playroom. She loves coming to "sukulu," which means "school," and is what the kids call the playroom. She's really great at her numbers one through twenty in English and the colors. We recently taught her the color "purple," but it was a little difficult to pronounce, so we ended up switching to "violet".

The doctors say Enifa is going to have her last frame turns today and her frame removed in the operating room tomorrow. Yay! Enifa's leg is straight and she's getting closer to going home and meeting her newly born baby brother Favour! Her grandmother says they'd like to go quickly, because grandma also has school to attend. She made us all laugh. Enifa's grandmother is always cracking jokes and can't wait to go home, but we sure will miss her when she does. Please keep Enifa in your prayers as she prepares for the operating room and patiently waits to go home soon. Photo of Enifa

Aug 09, 2019

Enifa has spent hours watching the Jesus film! She says it is her favorite movie especially the part when the children are welcomed to meet Jesus. Enifa has been working so hard doing her physical therapy. The doctor said she will have an x-ray taken this week, and they will see how her frame is doing. We pray that her bones will heal fast and that she will soon get into her second stage of cast. Photo of Enifa

Aug 07, 2019

Enifa is pushing so hard and working to do her best in physical therapy. The doctors said she might have her frame removed in two weeks and then she will be in casts. Enifa has worked really hard over these last few weeks and her legs are getting so much better! We believe your prayers and encouragement are all part of her healing. Please continue loving Enifa with your prayers and support! Photo of Enifa

Aug 05, 2019

It's the first time we've seen Enifa's left leg without her AFO brace on it, and it looks so straight! Yay! We are glad to see Enifa healing well. The doctors decided not to take Enifa into surgery to fix the fracture in her right leg since it's already healing quickly on it's own and the frame is holding it in place. Enifa will have pin-site care again this morning and physio again this afternoon. She's not looking forward to either, but she is excited about her time in the playroom. Thanks for always keeping Enifa in your prayers! Photo of Enifa

Aug 01, 2019

Enifa is having a long day today. She had her surgery yesterday and is feeling it today. Thankfully she has those little cartoon selfie filters to take her mind off things! Your prayers and support really makes a huge difference, please keep remembering Enifa in them! Photo of Enifa

Jul 29, 2019

Enifa continues to smile in her beautiful polka-dot dress as the doctors tells her that she will go back into the operating room tomorrow to correct a fracture they found in her left leg. They will repair the fracture before continuing with her turns. She is such a trooper! Please continue to pray for Enifa as she prepares for another operation! Photo of Enifa

Jul 25, 2019

Yesterday, July 24th, 2019 was a day that Enifa will never forget - the day she took her first steps! After weeks and weeks of standing in between the wooden poles without out moving, Enifa finally took courage by the hand and started walking. She knew she could do it! When we said we'd give her lollipops before she started, she said, "I would like four and please wait until after I walk today." We were shocked by her confidence and so proud of the faith she had in herself. She definitely ended up with four lollipops in her hand. EVERY guardian from the kid's ward came running to see and watched as Enifa walked and walked. Bessie from physical therapy said, "It's the talk of the town!" Everyone was so proud. We told her to never forget the day July 24th. It's a very important day. Thank YOU for all your prayers for Enifa's fear to leave and for her to begin walking. Your prayers truly made all the difference! Photo of Enifa

Jul 24, 2019

Enifa is blowing bubbles outside today! It's so good to be in the sunshine. Physical therapy has still been a tremendous struggle for Enifa and she hasn't been able to take her first step yet. Dr. Lubega suggests we bribe her with chocolate, as it's been weeks of standing with lots of tears and no steps, but we know she can get there! Let's pray for Enifa to have no fear and believe that she can do it, just like everyone else does around her.

We also have some big news! Enifa says since her time in the hospital this time around, she's received Jesus! Yay Enifa and yay Jesus! We are so excited to know Enifa has not only found physical healing, but also spiritual healing. We can't thank you enough for your love, support and prayers for this sweet girl! Photo of Enifa

Jul 22, 2019

Enifa is hanging with her new friends watching TV today. She was the first one to the TV this morning when she saw the spiritual team was about to turn it on. She LOVES watching the Malawian gospel singers sing and dance. Enifa has been much calmer, but every now and then shows a little bit of her spunk. She says she hates physical therapy, but we know she is making tremendous progress and are so proud of her. Enifa will be continuing her pin-site care, frame turns, and physical therapy today so please continue to keep her in your prayers! Photo of Enifa

Jul 18, 2019

Enifa's grandmother has been sick this week and is finally on the upswing. Enifa wanted to snap a picture of her grandmother herself to show you who her biggest help in the hospital is. She really missed her mom, but her grandmother has been a great caretaker. Please pray for Enifa and she continues to heal with her loving grandmother by her side! Photo of Enifa

Jul 17, 2019

Enifa is helping out with her own frame turns today! Wow! She's come such a long way. Physical therapist Bessie has shown so much patience and compassion throughout Enifa's treatment. Even though the two have become good friends, Enifa still doesn't love her physical therapy exercises. Please keep her in your prayers! Photo of Enifa

Jul 15, 2019

We had a little chat with Enifa today and she was telling us that even though she is here with her granny, she still really misses her mom. She also told she feels pretty good, but she does have a little pain in her leg. Enifa has been a super strong young woman and we know she will be on her feet soon! Please continue to remember her in your prayers, both for her mom and for her healing. Photo of Enifa

Jul 10, 2019

Enifa wanted to show you ALL of her favorite faces today! There were a bunch of crazy faces made, but these were the favorite that she picked out to share with you!

Enifa is enjoying her time in the hospital, making new friends and hanging out with old ones. She loves the playroom and the morning crafts. She'll be continuing her frame turns, physical therapy, and pin-site care regularly until she has her frame removed, but it will take some time. We love having this spunky girl with us in the hospital and thank you for all of your prayers and support! Photo of Enifa

Jul 04, 2019

Unfortunately, Enifa's surgery was postponed until tomorrow. The surgeons have a few cases of frames on their hands and needed more time to build the perfect frame for Enifa's right leg. While most of us would see this as a set back, Enifa sees it as a chance to spend another day in the playroom. She is here at CURE Malawi with her grandmother, since her mom is due to have a baby any day now. Enifa doesn't quite understand that she is going to be a big sister very soon, but we are sure she'll be excited when she finds out. Please keep Enifa and the surgeons in your prayers as they prepare for tomorrow's operation, as well as Enifa's mom as she is soon to deliver! Photo of Enifa

Jul 03, 2019

Enifa is our old friend and we've missed her! She is going to have her next operation tomorrow. She is going to have frames put on her legs which will help us achieve the next phase of correction. "I cannot remember when I was here at CURE Malawi, but I know I have grown. I am a big girl now!" Enifa tells us proudly and marveling at her progress. Photo of Enifa

May 10, 2019

We wanted to share with you all a photo of Enifa with her masterpiece the last time she was with us! We're looking forward to seeing her progress when she comes back for her review in a couple of weeks! Photo of Enifa

Apr 18, 2019

Remember how Enifa was suppose to be discharged yesterday? She was planning to leave early this morning, but the doctors decided to review her X-ray one last time before she left and saw a fracture! It seems this happened towards the end of the frame program. All of a sudden, Enifa was in a surgery gown and ready to go back into the operating room. The surgeons will be casting her left leg and creating a window on the side of the cast for wound dressings. Her mom is a little bummed not to be leaving, but is okay with leaving tomorrow as long as Enifa is feeling better. Please keep Enifa in your prayers today as the doctors fix her fracture, and that she and her mom make it home to their family safely for Easter! Photo of Enifa

Apr 17, 2019

Enifa is being discharged today! She's still in pain after surgery, but she should be feeling better and silly again soon! Here is a photo of her from her physio session two days ago before her operation yesterday. She put the metal clips used for her bandage wrap in her hair. She is too funny! We are going to miss Enifa while she's gone, but she will be back in four weeks for the operation on her right knee. For now, she's been advised to continue wound dressings and physiotherapy at home until we see her in May. Please keep Enifa and her mom in your prayers for their safe travels! Photo of Enifa

Apr 16, 2019

Enifa is in the operating room having her frame removed today! We could tell she was a little anxious, but she told us, "No, I'm not scared," with a soft smile. When walking into Enifa's operation, we saw a C-Arm (X-ray machine), which is quite unusual for a frame removal. Dr. Flavia laughed as we walked in, trying to gather the words as to why Enifa had to have an X-ray at that time. "I'll explain, I'll explain!" she chuckled. It seems the wires the surgeons used for Enifa's frame were so small that it left the bolts behind when pulling the wires out of her leg. Dr. Flavia said, "Luckily, she's so tiny it's easy to find the bolts in the X-ray and pull them out."

We are so happy all the bolts and wires are out of Enifa's leg and she is frame free now. Before finishing the operation, Dr. Flavia stretched out Enifa's left knee for some pre-physio! Please keep Enifa in your prayers as she recovers this afternoon! Photo of Enifa

Apr 15, 2019

Enifa is workin' it at physio today! This girl is never not making funny faces. She had pin-site care this morning and there were many tears, but the closer it gets to the end, the more painful it all becomes. Yes, that's right! Enifa is at the end of her pin-site care for her left knee. She will be going to the operating room and having her frame removed tomorrow. When the doctors shared the news, her mom jumped up with joy and went around hugging the doctors and other guardians. It was such a beautiful moment! Please continue to keep Enifa in your prayers and she prepares for the operating room tomorrow! Photo of Enifa

Apr 12, 2019

"Let me take a picture of you on the camera, you're always taking pictures of me," she said as she grabbed the camera and took a few shots of our Storyteller and of her immediate surroundings. Enifa was in a chatty mood today and even more sassy in our chat! She has been in the hospital for a while now, she came through CURE Malawi's doors with bilateral knee contracture and has gone through two procedures so far - a cast and one operation that put a frame on her left knee. Today Enifa was scheduled to have her x-ray taken and there are plans to have her frame removed on either Monday or Tuesday. Until then, they will continue with daily care and turns on her Taylor Spatial Frame (TSF). She dearly misses home and can't wait to see her little brother, in the meantime she has been creating a strong relationship with our Storyteller Lexi. Pray for her successful operating theatre procedure next week when she gets her frame removed! We prayerfully look forward to her walking and having a bright future! Photo of Enifa

Apr 10, 2019

Looking glamorous today Enifa! Draped in a long black robe with white embroidery that fits her perfectly, Enifa posed for the camera to show how much she loves her new outfit. She had her wounds cleaned this morning and came out with dry eyes, she’s been crying less and less throughout all the procedures she has to go through which is a good sign of healing. Keep her in your prayers so she has steadfast healing and a closer relationship to our loving God! Photo of Enifa

Apr 09, 2019

You can clearly see the difference in Enifa's facial expression, she’s more radiant and easier to talk to today. We found her happily assembling a car from Lego building blocks even though we couldn’t see the tires, she says the playroom is her absolute favorite place in the hospital and will miss it! She showed us what she learned in the morning session. Thank you for praying for Enifa always! Photo of Enifa

Apr 05, 2019

Enifa is having a great Friday with her mom! She's been a little down lately as the pain of pin-site care and physio intensifies. Regardless, she's always up for making funny faces and giggling. The doctors are planning to have Enifa build her muscles which will help lengthen her legs a bit in the process. Thanks for always keeping Enifa in your prayers! Photo of Enifa

Apr 01, 2019

Enifa is making cross-eyed faces during pin-site care today! This is a girl of many talents. Last week, Enifa showed us how she can roll her tongue and today she showed us how she can make her eye wander in and out. Enifa is super happy and not in too much pain! She even likes helping the physiotherapists exercise her own leg throughout her daily physio sessions. Thanks for keeping Enifa in your prayers as she continues her journey with us at CURE Malawi! Photo of Enifa

Mar 28, 2019

Today, Enifa wanted to show you her favorite friend Tigger! She loves to hug him really tight and bounce him up and down on her bed! Enifa will be continuing her pin-site care this morning and she plans to watch The Jesus Film on the television later today! Thanks for the continued encouragement as Enifa keeps pushing through her pin-site care and physical therapy sessions! Photo of Enifa

Mar 26, 2019

Enifa is in for physio today! Her mom says Enifa hasn't been in too much pain for her pin-site care or physiotherapy sessions so far this week. Enifa is always smiling and hanging out with her Tigger stuffed animal. Unfortunately, she couldn't bring Tigger to physio, but she looks forward to returning to her bed and playing with Tigger again after physio. Thanks for keeping Enifa in your prayers and encouraging her on her journey! Photo of Enifa

Mar 25, 2019

It's Monday! Here's to a new week! Enifa is feeling much better after the weekend. She loves playing with the Tigger stuffed animal that she found in the playroom. She put Tigger on her back, wrapping him in African chitenge fabric, and said she is his "new mom." We also found out Enifa can roll her tongue! She wanted to see if anyone else can roll their tongue like her. So far, she's the only kid in the ward who can, but the tally is still in progress. She'll let you know the results when we find out!

Enifa has been advised to start her pin-site care today. Please keep her in your prayers as she begins and continues healing here with us at CURE Malawi! Photo of Enifa

Mar 22, 2019

Enifa is in a lot of pain after her surgery yesterday! Her hero of a mother, Cathy, is taking great care of her. She is by her side every minute and ready to wipe Enifa's face with her sweat rag from either sweat or tears. It will definitely take some time for Enifa to get use to her new frame and the new position of her left leg, but we hope she starts feeling much better by tomorrow. She is so brave! Please keep her in your prayers while she recovers and that her pain lessens, as well as her mother as she continues to take care of Enifa! Photo of Enifa

Mar 21, 2019

Meet Enifa! She's been to our hospital twice before, but wasn't yet ready for surgery. Looks like today is the day! Enifa will be having her first operation in which the surgeons will be putting a TSF frame on her left leg to begin straightening out her knee contracture. She is a little nervous, but very hopeful. Please keep Enifa and her mom in your prayers while Enifa is in the operating room! Photo of Enifa

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