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  • Conditiona bone condition
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Enifa's Story

We held the palm of Enifa’s right hand, full of calluses that tell her story, as her grandmother shared, “I hope that when Enifa and her brother Chisomo leave this hospital, they will be healed and leave their sticks behind.” Enifa and Chisom… Read more

We held the palm of Enifa’s right hand, full of calluses that tell her story, as her grandmother shared, “I hope that when Enifa and her brother Chisomo leave this hospital, they will be healed and leave their sticks behind.” Enifa and Chisomo’s grandmother, also named Enifa, brought both her grandchildren into CURE Malawi’s hospital this week full of hope.

Enifa started using her walking stick two years ago, when her family had first realized she had also developed the same disability as her older brother, Chisomo. “We didn’t see the condition when Enifa was born, but when she was five years old, her legs began bending and she complained often about pain.”

Both Enifa (7 years old) and her brother Chisomo (10 years old) have a condition called osteogenesis imperfecta, a bone disease they were genetically born with. Even though their family didn’t recognize the symptoms at birth, this is a condition they have always had, but over the years they physical appearance and bending of the bones have become more severe. The doctors will be operating on them each this week, placing rush rods and plates in their legs to help straighten them.

“We were ignorant with Chisomo. Our family lives in a small village, so even though his legs began bending when he was three, we didn’t take him to the village hospital until he was seven, just one year before Enifa,” Granny Enifa shared. She told us how the village hospital referred them to a bigger central hospital for physio sessions, and said that stretching and physiotherapy would be the answer for both of her grandchildren. Physiotherapy didn’t seem to solve anything, and the more they grew, the worse their legs continued to bend. The bigger hospital never referred them to CURE Malawi’s hospital, but when Granny Enifa heard from her sister about her sister’s child’s healing from his disability at CURE, quite like Enifa and Chisomo’s, the family saved money for transportation and brought Enifa and Chisomo directly to the clinic at our hospital.

“The community is supportive, but the kid’s mock and make fun of Chisomo and Enifa constantly. They come home so upset that they want to break their sticks and throw them away. School is very hard for them, but even if one knocks off early, they will always wait for the other to walk home with. They are close because they are siblings. They are closer because they share the same suffering.”

Granny Enifa says, “I have high hopes that Chisomo and Enifa will both find healing, walk properly and leave here without having to use their sticks anymore.” She continued, “Please pray for a quick recovery and that CURE keeps doing what they are doing so that other children can also be healed. I will make sure to tell others what CURE does because that is how I came to know CURE, and I know that when others see my grandchildren are changed, they will ask, and I will share.”

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Latest Updates

Apr 29, 2019

We missed Enifa's photo before she left early Saturday morning to take the train home. Not only did Enifa miss her photo, but also her brother Chisomo by a day! Enifa left early Saturday morning and Chisomo came into the hospital yesterday. It's funny how they didn't cross paths on their way to and from the hospital. Enifa looked much happier upon leaving the hospital, and physio says she is doing well! They plan to see her again in June. Thanks for keeping Enifa in your prayers!

Apr 25, 2019

Enifa is on her way to another day of physio, and today she's actually smiling. It's hard to get a smile out of Enifa, since she's usually feeling sad or in pain, but today is a great day! She asked that we take her photo while she was on her way up the ramp in her wheelchair going to her physiotherapy session, since she knew she would slowly be transitioning out of her wheelchair that she loves so much. The physio team is now having her work hard to start using crutches. Enifa will miss her wheelchair, and though she's scared, she's excited to start walking! Photo of Enifa

Apr 23, 2019

Enifa is here for clinic and physiotherapy. She has a physio session today and tomorrow and then will be discharged! She plans to leave Saturday and take the train since it's a cheaper form of transportation, which means she'll probably continue physio throughout the week. Her brother Chisomo will be coming on Sunday, so they will barely miss each other, which we all think is so funny! We are so happy to have sweet Enifa and her grandmother back in the hospital. Please continue to keep her in your prayers as she presses on and works hard at physio! Photo of Enifa

Apr 09, 2019

Enifa came in to the hospital yesterday evening and was seen at our clinic today! She was a week early, but the doctors removed her bandages and said that everything is looking really good! They sent her to our nurses to give her legs a good wash and rewrap them with new bandages. Enifa has been told to come back again in two weeks, where she will be admitted for physiotherapy. She's still really scared of anything hospital related and any bad news makes her cry, so please keep our sweet Enifa in your prayers as she journeys home and prepares to come back in two weeks! Photo of Enifa

Mar 15, 2019

Enifa has been discharged and is on her way home with her grandmother! She is still in a bit of pain, but doing much better than before! The doctors plan to see her again in four to six weeks. Her brother Chisomo has stayed back at the hospital with his uncle while he is still recovering from his recent operation. They wish they could journey home together, but Enifa is happy to be going and Chisomo is happy to stay so it works out great! Please keep Enifa in your prayers as she continues recovering and that she has a safe journey home! Photo of Enifa

Mar 11, 2019

Enifa is in the operating room! Dr. Flavia and Dr. Maina will place a two-hole plate in her femur, as well as preform a corrective osteotomy in her tibia where the bone is cut to change its alignment. This is Enifa's first operation and she was very nervous. Please keep her in your prayers while she is in the operating room, and that her grandmother be at peace as she anxiously awaits for Enifa. Photo of Enifa

Mar 07, 2019

Meet Enifa! She came into the hospital with her older brother Chisomo this week and will be having her first operation Monday. They both have a condition called osteogenesis imperfecta and Chisomo is in the operating room now, paving the way for Enifa. Enifa and Chisomo are very close as they have been through many hardships together and often are discriminated against in their community. Enifa cried and cried as Chisomo rolled into the operating room and she is still crying as she patiently waits for her brother to come out of surgery. We are so excited to have them both here at CURE Malawi and be a part of their healing. Please keep Enifa in your prayers as she prepares for surgery Monday and that Chisomo's surgery only encourages her that it will be okay! Photo of Enifa

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