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Mahmoud's Story

I didn’t notice Mahmoud’s disability when he was born. It wasn’t until months after that I realized his legs and ankles were swollen. I didn’t understand.” We sat with Mahmoud’s mother, Khadija, as she unloaded her heavy heart. “He is… Read more

I didn’t notice Mahmoud’s disability when he was born. It wasn’t until months after that I realized his legs and ankles were swollen. I didn’t understand.” We sat with Mahmoud’s mother, Khadija, as she unloaded her heavy heart. “He is only two years old. We first went to our district hospital in Zomba a few months after he was born. They couldn’t do anything there but refer us to Queens Hospital. We came to Queens and have been seeing a specialist there. They gave us supplements for Mahmoud’s rickets. His legs are not bending as bad as they were before, but they told us he also has a joint condition, so they referred us to Beit CURE.”

It turns out Mahmoud doesn’t simply have rickets or a joint condition, but has osteogenesis imperfecta, a brittle bone disease, causing his bones to break and fracture very easily. Lucky for Mahmoud, he is able to walk. For most cases, this is not an option. Mahmoud walks little amounts, fractures his bones, stops walking until he feels better, and then walks again until they re-fracture. Looking at Mahmoud’s X-ray, the doctors can see at least ten fractures that have occurred to the bones in his legs. Mahmoud will be going into surgery this week, where CURE Malawi’s surgeons will be placing rush rods in both of his femurs and tibias. He will also be having a tibial osteotomy.

Khadija and Mahmoud are both very nervous for his operation, but excited that they have finally found a solution. Khadija says, “He wants to be a futbol (soccer) player. He sees his two older brothers and friends playing all the time, but is to weak and cannot play with them. I hope that after CURE he will be able to play futbol(soccer).” Mahmoud began to chuckle and clap, as he absolutely loves soccer! Please keep Mahmoud in your prayers during his operation this week, and that God provide great healing for Mahmoud!

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Latest Updates

Mar 11, 2019

Mahmoud is in for physio today. He was suppose to continue his physiotherapy in Zomba, but his mom Khadija says they weren't quite sure how to help him there. It seems the physio team in Zomba didn't understand that Mahmoud is now walking. Our physiotherapist Diana says once they understand that, they should be able to assess Mahmoud moving forward. For now, we plan to see Mahmoud back here again on March 20th. Today he was using his legs in all sorts of ways, especially on his new little mouse riding toy. We love seeing all the progress this little one had made! Please continue to keep him in your prayers as he journeys toward full healing! Photo of Mahmoud

Mar 05, 2019

"Me! Me!" Mahmoud told Storyteller Alexis when she was taking another patient's photo. Mahmoud really wanted his picture today. He even waved for you all!

Mahmoud came in for clinic, and got his casts removed today. His mom, Khadija says recovery has been rough since the day they left the hospital, but this past week has been much better. "Mahmoud tells everyone, 'The doctors gave me these casts so I can run and play,' even though they are very heavy!" Khadija shared. She says Mahmoud has had a tough time sleeping because the casts are so uncomfortable, but we are hoping that his cast removal will change that. Mahmoud is ready to get used to his new legs! While waiting to be seen by the doctor, Mahmoud sang, "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and "The Alphabet." This little guy is so smart, and we are so happy to see him healing well! Please continue to keep Mahmoud in your prayers, and we look forward to seeing him again on July 1st! Photo of Mahmoud

Feb 08, 2019

Mahmoud has been discharged! He is excited to go home and play with his brother, as much as his mom is to go home and get some good sleep. Mahmoud is feeling much better but is still in a bit of pain, so please keep him in your prayers as he journeys home and that his pain would go away soon! Mahmoud's mom, Khadija, says, "CURE is such a good hospital. What it does, the people and staff; it's all so amazing." Mahmoud is scheduled for a review in four weeks and Khadija says, "By then he should be able to have more of a conversation with you!" Mahmoud is one of the most intelligent and mature two year olds we have ever met and we are excited for his return! Photo of Mahmoud

Feb 06, 2019

Mahmoud's operation was a success yesterday! Dr. Karolina placed rush rods in both his femurs and tibias to help support his bones, as well as preformed a tibial osteotomy. During ward rounds this morning, Mahmoud's mom Khadija said, "We didn't sleep last night. Mahmoud was up all night crying and is in a lot of pain. The nurses gave him an injection at 1am, and another at 6am." We gave Khadija a big hug and congratulated her for being "one trooper of a mother!" The doctors say if Mahmoud can sleep through this next night without any injections, they can go home tomorrow. Please pray that Mahmoud and Khadija get some sleep throughout today, as they are both very exhausted, and that Mahmoud is able to sleep tonight without so much pain! Photo of Mahmoud

Feb 05, 2019

Meet Mahmoud! He is only two years old and dreams of someday playing soccer with his two older brothers. Mahmoud just came in to CURE Malawi's hospital yesterday with his mom! Mahmoud has osteogenesis imperfecta, a brittle bone disease, and will be having his first operation today. Dr. Karolina will be placing rush rods in both of his little legs to help support his bones, so they don't continue to fracture. Please keep Mahmoud in your prayers, as he is very scared for surgery, and his mom to be at peace, as she is very nervous! Photo of Mahmoud

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